Sunday, July 31, 2005

You Too?

I still haven't found what I'm looking for......

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Looking forward to that first Molson

Things will just have to go on.....but I saw a vision today in the 'hood.

A woman who appeared one day in 1999 and seemed to be saying "Sorehead,I am for you...",like in the classic Star Trek episode.

She was here again today, back in the 'hood, like a messenger from the gods telling me to relax and enjoy the ride.

And if she burned me up, I know she would enjoy it.

In the meantime:

"I'm a driver, I'm a winner, things are going to change, I can feel it!"

Something else Leeds is known for.

These are the Kaiserchiefs.

They are a band from Leeds, Yorkshire, where most people don't dream of building bombs.
They have a debut album, 'Employment', which contains music reminiscent of Punk/New Wave crossover in the early eighties.

They are currently touring the US.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Play Hard...

Too much like hard work.

I mean, okay, so I ran out of Tetleys Bitter, and there was not a drop to be found in the shop.

But who would have thought that Budweiser(American-type) would be that awful?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Work Hard.......

Play Hard.
It's all the same to me.

Except that I got a pay rise, so I might have to make another realisation!

I can go to the ball!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Heroes And Villains.

Take a good look at this man.
His name was Isembard Kingdom Brunel.
He built everything.

Can you imagine this man, pictured in front of his Great Eastern, being told that his design belonged to the company, and that he was no longer required; that the double-monocoque box-section hull was going to be sold to Hearst Shipping, so that Great Eastern could shut down and the manager could live off the profits?

Can you see him accepting that?
Can you see anybody in the Victorian age accepting that?
But modern mediocrities like to think of themselves as the inheritors of the Victorian 'upper crust'.
They anxiously try to buy the favour of the rich by adopting all the paraphernalia of rich men's sports and pastimes, in the miserable hope that they will garner 'good name' and praise for the qualities they treat like the Sacred Conch.
"I'm boss so you have to do as I say!"

Brunel gained his engineering degree in Paris.
If you remember, Paris had just settled a long account with such bastards.
But he came back to England to work.
And the English let him be.
He set his fee, did his work and was recognised.

But the modern English don't know any longer how to see a good thing. They only want to get the lion's share with a hyena's attitude.
This expertise and Brunel's can't co-exist in one country.
So there is a cultural Chinese Wall to stop the two types recognising one another until too late.
But it doesn't work.
So British Engineering is fighting a guerilla war for survival; but nobody is making 'it' or anything else any more.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

By The Way.....

By the way, I didn't mention that Cain's funny mood happened at the end of my last holiday.
Like the January 1st move.
Bit of a giveaway, what?
That ain't nice....

Now That's What I Call A Plane....

That there's the type I flew. Looks 'right', don't it? Can't beat holding your destiny in your left hand while the ground falls away; but enough of that.

Decided to do some gift shopping today, so there was no money left to go up to the Stray.(For a drink).

Watched the TV.
In Britain we have terrestrial Digital TV.
On the MM(men&motors) channel was the Professionals. It was an interesting episode. All about somebody putting the screws on a man of principle who held evidence of wrongdoing. They went for his one weakness, his daughter.
That was the plot.
The bad guys lost.
Anyway it made me think. I had some evidence on a disk. The disk disappeared from my study.
But Pinky & Perky, like pigs in shit, couldn't help spreading more evidence with everything they said or did.
So it's not a problem.
But the parallels with the Professionals(and mum) made me think my reactions were quite normal after all.
I mean, big money is at stake.
But the bastards have been pushing me for a long,long time.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

New British TV Series......

Said the old man(once a Hitler Youth),
"They were elegant, very elegant. They only told us a little of the picture at a time so that we didn't know what they were doing to us...."

Talk about gratuitous evil.

There is a still some of it about.

Remind you of anyone? It reminds me of Pinky and Perky.

Saturday's Here!

It's bath time!

Yes, it's my day off!

Let's hope the boss doesn't look behind him and see my steam.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Of course......

Naturally, I work within the law, acquaintances or not.
What would you have me do? A criminal conviction would stop me from going anywhere interesting.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Future Pinky-Perfect.

At the moment Pinky is a bum living a rich man's life in a rich man's house.
Somehow the mortgage was paid and he owned the place.

They are both pillocks of the local community, together with their son, Noddy, who is being bred to regard himself in the light of some psychotic 'emperor' fantasy; no need to ask where he gets it from, it runs in the family.
It is time they were 'sectioned' and Noddy was put into care before the damage is irretrievable.

Then again, who cares? Let them end up in a hostel.

If any will have them.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Voter apathy!

I thought the incompetents were going to take a shower on this one, but look who's laughing now.

Vote Now!

How much should I make Pinky pay for not linking up this site?
You tell me!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Now now, calm down, calm down.

I'll be the first to admit that certain historical situations have given me paranoid tendencies.
These are not generally a problem-one relative suggests I should take up am-dram, which is a fine idea since paranoia is closely linked to being a drama queen.
But while certain things aren't likely,they are possible, so precautions are wise.

Cain-o is probably nothing more than an anti-social git who likes to get in on the act.
He's from London and London is full to the brim with them.
Everybody else in London is trying to get revenge(one stage too late) on them, and all I ever did was spend all my time trying to get a moment's peace by not getting caught in the crossfire.

I was in that hell-hole for ten years.
Hence the paranoid tendencies.
And the intense dislike of the place.

Pinky could be having a quiet word. I don't know. Another health service job came to me this morning, so it can't be very widespread.
Anyway, we shouldn't be distracted from the true villany here.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Let me tell you about my mother.

One day I was sitting in a pub in a Yorkshire village close to where my mum lives.
I was drinking a pint.
Along came the publican, Cain.
He talks.
Then out of nowhere, he says "How's your mother?"
I say she's fine.
"Where does she live again?"(He looks confused)"Up by the 'Education Close' isn't it?"
So I answer.
Anyway,it isn't for another couple of hours that I realise something is very wrong with this.
But I take it easy.
The next week I go back to the pub.
"Has anybody else been asking after my mother?"
"The queen,the Archbishop!"
Not helpful.
Obviously Cain is up to something.
Now I don't know whether it's him, or somebody else, like Pinky, or both.

I could be wrong.
But I don't care.

And so, after deliberation, I decided to start this blog.

Which brings us up to the present day.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Troublemakers-constructive solutions.

In November 2004 I met a young woman in a bar. Her name was Jane and she just came up, borrowed my ash tray and started talking.
She got beaten up by a boyfriend.
She had to have her ribs bandaged.
They sent her to see a psychiatrist after this.
The psychiatrist tried it on with her.

To cut a long story short, the psychiatrist was fired and lives on state benefits in a small studio somewhere.
She is a student.

I told someone and they said "she sounds like a troublemaker. Don't get involved".

Well I didn't have the time. But I would have in a minute. I even gave her a phone number.
Anyway, here I am, looking for trouble.
I'm a troublemaker.

'Society' doesn't like 'troublemakers'.
Maybe we should all be registered?
That would be a start.......

.......where would it end?

And when will it?

Back to business.

Soon after the last letter I added this:
Mr. Johnny Neuron,

Dear Mr. Neuron,

As my name is on the patent now, I see no reason to remove it.

Obviously the Pinkys had tried to use my removal as a threat but thought better of it.

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt

And shortly afterwards I decided to resend all my letters for the purposes of archiving; using Mr.Neuron's first name and Recorded Delivery.

Mr. Johnny Neuron,

Dear Johnny,

Just in case any of my previous communications go astray, here are some copies.

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'd fly myself.....

Only I never flew Transatlantic types before.
And have you seen the stewardesses on budget airlines?
Never mind the Captains.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The moment one realises one can't afford a proper holiday this year; and whose fault is that?

Monday, July 11, 2005

No longer smiling

Freddy Kruger said that Pinky & Perky would claim that any silence on my part amounted to an abandonent of my claim. I would have 'just gone away'.
So, the very next day I wrote this letter to Johnny Neuron:

Mr. Johnny Neuron,


Dear Mr. Neuron,

I must not write letters solely for my own amusement, so here is a follow-up to our recent correspondence.

I do not recognise any claim to my Intellectual Property Rights without appropriate, mutually agreeable recompense in the usual manner.

As I have already explained, these rights remain intact and undiluted by any action on the part of *******.
I signed the ‘£10 document’ under duress, so it is automatically invalid.

My invention was conceived during free time in the year 2000, and it was Mr. Jock who provided me with an application to which it was relevant.

I have no objection at all to transferring American Rights, provided I receive an acceptable recompense from ******* or their collaborators.

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt

Back to business as usual.

I asked Freddy Kruger what he thought.....

...and he told me.

Pinky not amused!

Pinky not amused. Still, he's wearing his rubber pants, just in case eh?
This was Mr.Neuron's response.
Are there any polite words to describe this piece of shit?
But I managed to find some.

Mr. Johnny Neuron,


Dear Mr.Neuron,

I found your recent letter to be most amusing.

You claim to have received my letters to Pinky & Perky, as well as the one I wrote to you.
You have singularly failed to address any of the points I made, so I suggest you actually try to read them before writing to me.

I am still not going to sign anything, so here is the next question:

Why tell me?

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt

I'm not at all sure this is the way to do business, but I have to wonder:will they now see any benefit from using my name?
As for duress, read the contract. It's all there.

Much appreciated

Silly little fellow.

Back in 1999, I had a problem with somebody who was making silent telephone calls. I thought it might be somebody I'd had an argument with at work, and as I was at university, already having the worst possible time, and I was rather fragile, I had told Pinky about it.
I couldn't quite understand why he wanted to meet the person I suspected; but he couldn't help but notice the nervous effect.

Of course,these calls came back in March 2005. I supposed it was Pinky, up to some minor mischief.
I went straight to the authorities, who stopped it. I found it funny.
It is very amusing to imagine Pinky as some sort of cartoon villain, getting more and more frustrated as he has less and less effect.
Anyway, it was probably call centres somewhere doing a batch dial and not having enough operators to deal.
Except my telephone number is ex-directory.

Anyway, in due course Johnny Neuron replied. But he replied also to my letter of the 10th January, the one putting Pinky and Perky in the picture:

For the attention of Pinky– Director
For the attention of Perky – Director
For the attention of the directors of ******* Ltd.

10th January 2005

Dear Pinky,

I can wait for an appropriate approach no longer, and, I am sure, you would wish to be given every opportunity before the deadline you set out.

I am not prepared to permit the use of my name on your patents unless there is significant material gain offered in exchange.

At that time, and not before, I will be happy to lend my signature to the documents you have supplied.

However, if, as you stated in our telephone conversation last month, the lack of my signature is ‘no skin off your nose’, then I am sure no offer is necessary or will indeed be forthcoming.

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt

Not a bad little business letter.
Most amusing in fact.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Alive and well in Gloucester

Johnny Neuron.

Bared teeth

I thought about this letter. I thought about it so long, that the deadline came and went.
I thought the Patent Lawyer, Johnny Neuron,might not have been told the true situation.
So I sent him a letter:
Veruca Salt
Mr. Johnny Neuron

Dear Mr.Neuron,

I found your recent letter to be most interesting.

I have a question arising from the list of names associated with the patent.
To my knowledge, the device was invented by Mr.Jock and myself, with some additional input from Professor Plum.

Mr and Mrs. Pinky contributed nothing, as far as I am aware.

In order for their names to appear, they must have filled in form 7/77 and supplied it to the patent office.

My questions are, did they, and may I see a copy? Apparently I should have seen one already.

This not being the case, I have to ask, by what right do their names appear on the patent?
Just asking.

BTW, I have enclosed a copy of the form 7/77 to jog your memory.

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt

A little later, this came.

Bombing starts in 30 minutes.

Wonder if Ronnie found a similar joke to amuse him?

What are these guys ON?

This arrived late January. They didn't waste much time,the poor loonies. Note the underlining of the deadline,as if their silly bit of paper amounted to some kind of threat.
The other documents were the contract for the American rights offering me $1(US!).

Sending it by Recorded Delivery was a purely gratuitous insult to my integrity.
They probably wanted to play tit-for-tat yet again for my sending the claim to their solicitor.


Saturday, July 09, 2005


This is Pinky. As played by Richard Attenborough!

Friday, July 08, 2005


Why would anyone cave in to the demands of a couple of little people hovering close to bankruptcy?
Because he fell for just one more trick.
The problem was that they could probably raise enough money to start an action. They wouldn't finish it.
But they would cause the savings of their victim to be absorbed. Thus ending any ambitions he may have had for his little bit of hard-earned money.
They probably thought they had nothing to lose, but some sort of 'gambling superiority' to prove, that illusion being more important to them than anything else, as it would provide the motive power to go on with their spree.

If only the Pinkys of this world were so visible,eh?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

An aside

Nevertheless, we shall overcome. Whether our enemies are the murderers of 37 people, or merely crooks, we shall all overcome!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back soon!

Curiouser and curiouser

As I'm signing in, the cursor jumps off the password box and causes one to type the word in the user name box. Funny bug that. It exposed the first three letters of my password on three different, successive occasions.
Great way to hack someone's blog, eh?
I just change the password every time it gets dangerous.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Watch this space

Chronic behavioural flaws become boring

It wasn't long after this vicious skirmish that they stopped communicating directly.
For some peculiar reason unknown to me they asked their Patent Lawyer to start issuing requests(demands?) that I supply further signatures for an American Patent agreement.

Obviously,they weren't feeling nearly as generous as before.
This time all my American Rights were to be surrendered for the sum of 1(one) dollar US,or a grand total of $1.

Now this was not particularly appealing, as Pinky had estimated the market value of the device at £100 million. I think that may have been £100 million a year.
So, you see, $1 was not really an appealing quantity.

I can't help but think that in the muck that swirls around the study of Pinky Manor, there were two illusions.
First,that there was some sort of residual goodwill.
Second, that threats would intimidate me.
Most likely the two were interchangeable and mixable in their minds, one being the cause of the other.
It's been a while since I've heard all that 'way of the world' bullshit, and it arouses nothing but contempt in me.
True, in the time spent since my redundancy I have gained 'friends in low places'; the only real argument, and the only time to take notice, is when this 'way of the world' nonsense takes on the physical form of a threat.
Violence in other words.
Most practitioners hope that reputation is enough.
Some of them really practise violence.
Pinky and Perky show willing, but they don't really have the class it takes to be truly dangerous.
In any case, I won't sign.

Actually it is safer for me if I don't, since they can't afford to do anything drastic while they still need my signature.
If I pick up anything particularly close to home, I am quite capable of reciprocating.
But enough of that.
When I return, I will show you some more pictures of documents. And some nice examples of how not to write a business letter. But writing for enjoyment?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Why the fuss?

What was the point?
Well, as my colleague Freddy Kruger pointed out, if an investor buys the rights, the vendor will have to prove that they belong to him.
This is Due Diligence.
An outstanding claim, no matter how weak, torpedos that.
My claim torpedos that.

These people attempted to obtain 'ownership' by threat and fraud.
They tried to ram their miserable plot down my throat and then make me call it justice.

All they had to do was make a deal.
I'd be quite happy with steady residuals and an apartment in downtown.
But they can't take five minutes to sort things out. Too simple, and not nearly as complex as their obscene vendetta.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

And to top it all:it was half-day early closing

Now to business.
I was not going to wait for this solicitor character to start. I checked up on him with Freddy Kruger, and discovered that he was in fact a highly reputable professional with little inclination for shenannigans.
I rung his office and got palmed off by a secretary.
He must have been primed, or they were lying and he had never heard of me.
So I wrote to him.
I told him some truth.
Veruca Salt


For the attention of J**** O*******,
C/o *********,


Dear Mr. *********,

I have sent you a copy of a letter I sent to one of your clients a short while ago.
I am doing this because I have learned from a third party that you are a reliable and upright professional who can be depended upon to maintain proper archives and records.

The letter concerns a claim regarding some Intellectual Property.

Oddly enough, because I am working six days a week and have very little money, and am unable to engage a solicitor of my own on a formal basis, I posted this letter on a public website with the names removed( except the company name), to have it witnessed.

A mislaid letter can easily be denied, but one in the public arena can be pointed out should the need arise.

Curiously, the other party concerned, claims to have discovered this letter on or shortly before New Year’s Day, and demanded to have it removed from this free, public site.
They cited the possibility of action on your part.

Obviously, once I had enquired into your professional status, the need for public display vanished and I was happy to oblige their demands in every detail, even to the extent of contacting ‘google’, the search company, to request that they purged their ‘cache’ records.

I don’t know whether your clients are aware of this, as they appear to have blocked e-mail access(possibly).
Please accept this copy of the original letter for your own records with my compliments.

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt,

I still have not heard from this person.
Meanwhile, I heard from Perky.
Please accept my apologies if you have received returned emails that have been previously been sent by you to me on the *******************email address. I have recently purchased some anti spam software which returns all spam sent to the above email address to its originator. In previous emails that you have sent, you must have used the word spam either one or more times in your subject header and as such your email address was included as a sender of spam.

I have since deleted the return instruction from outlook express and you should not receive any more returned emails from me.

Apologies once again.


I'm sure they were surprised that I had contacted their solicitor.
I doubt that they were pleased that he now represented an official record of my letter, better than any website.
It is not possible to say whether the 'spam' nonsense was a lie or incompetence.
Apparently she needed an engineer after all.

Fathers of Invention

My dead father was the one who unwittingly introduced Pinky to me.
Pinky had been involved in a seeingly deliberate bankruptcy, and father had forced him to resign-no inkling of criminality-just forced him to resign,in case.
Pinky stayed real friendly-like, but didn't come to the funeral.
He actually said that my dad had played a dirty trick on him.
So his concern with me could well have been some sort of sick revenge trip.
I think it quite possible.
Anyway, my dad found Pinky amusing, and told me "He drives everybody who works with him,and his wives, completely mad.They have to leave."
So, I thought to myself, 'no biggy' and paid little critical attention to the little fart.
But I always had an uneasy feeling of caution. Any friend of dad's had to be a wrong-un.
Now I realise that they do, quite literally, practise the dark art of driving people insane.
Both Pinky and Perky, which is why there is no divorce in any sense.
My colleagues realised it months before I did.
Fact of the matter is, they can't drive you mad. Only you or I can drive ourselves mad.
And that is what continuing silence would represent for me. They make people drive themselves mad.
And that is what this site is about. The line from Respect, as sung by Aretha Franklin. Can't quite quote it, but listen to the song and you'll get it.
In my experience, forcing people like that to confront their own truth is the best defence,offence and revenge(if you can be bothered).
In my case, promoting the truth of this situation is theraputic. The alternative would be truly insufferable.
Heck, if this place got shut down I'd just start another!

Blofeld Attempts an Assassination

I had been visiting a Canadian political site on a regular basis.
A couple of times I had sounded off.
I'd posted up their e-mail and my letter, the former for mockery, the latter for witness value.
On January 1st 2005, this came:
Dear Veruca

I have this morning completed the download from the above named site of all the slanderous comments that you have made with regard to Pinky, myself and ******. This information has been emailed to J***** O***** our solicitors for review and you will be hearing from him in due course.

In the meantime, I ask that as of today the 1st January 2005 (or within the next five days thereon until the 6th January 2005) you remove all comments relating to Pinky, myself and ****** from the M********* website and that you refrain from making any further comments, statements or accusations with refererence to the said parties.

I have also written an email to the M********** website with regard to this matter as will J******** O****** on his return to work.

Yours sincerely


Naturally I was shocked and reacted.

As follows:

I did not mention anyone by name.
Your increasing desperation shows that you have been behaving throughout with malicious deliberation.
This is not a game of tit for tat.
I have several attempted frauds on paper and should you take any action I will do my best to have you and your entire outfit classed under law as Vexatious Litigants.

I was not pleased with this. After all,I hadn't let them rile me in three years, why start now.

The reply came quickly. Nya nya ny nya nya!(Sacred conch again):

You are very wrong in your opinions about us Veruca. Pinky has continually tried to help you since your employment at the NHRF and throughout your time at the University, Tissuemed and *******. Both work related and with regard to your medical situation.

We are merely trying our best to save our company and as such we can do without your malicious comments which are publicly viewed and if I can find them by doing a simple search then no doubt potential investors can too.

Furthermore, you have published letters that we have sent to you on the website which include my name, Pinky's name and *******. You have also referred to us many times throughout a period of two years by using scornful words. There is no increasing desperation with me or any malicious deliberation. You should choose your words more carefully Veruca.!

The comments I made in my earlier email still stand.

Yours sincerely


'Many times' in two years? Not true. 'Scorn'?Sorry massuh!

Medical condition?Nice try,bitch.

Anyway, I didn't know the law, couldn't afford to ask again, and the moderator of M***** asked me to avoid the subject.

So I struck my comments.

But it didn't stop there. When I tried to inform Perky of my co-operation, I found my e-mail blocked.

So I used a reserve.

She simply asked for my signature again(' you need to do this, Veruca')

Then she blocked that one too.

Demands with menaces anyone?

I was most amused!

So, in the fullness of time and on the advice of my mate Freddy Kruger(another victim),I went to a Central City Solicitor, Duke, for advice.
I wrote a letter.
I got a letter back, and a phone call.
The letter stated that the 'contract' was invalid as it was signed under duress.
The law on duress trumps contract law.
Also(phone call), when I mentioned that they had threatened to take my name off the Patents, Duke laughed.
"They would be very stupid if they did that, suicidally stupid. Under American law, you would become an 'undisclosed inventor', and would be able to issue licenses for the technology with complete indemnity against the Patent owner."
I sent him a bottle of Champagne and wrote the following letter.
Veruca Salt

For the attention of Pinky – Director
For the attention of Perky – Director
For the attention of the directors of ******* Ltd.

27th December 2004


Having received independent advice, I am now in a position to provide a response.

I have been advised that the document allegedly transferring my rights to my inventions is both redundant and ineffective.
It would be redundant for work carried out as part of my normal duties.
Otherwise it would be overturned due to the law on duress.
As I have already mentioned, I developed my solutions to the problem of non-battery powered implanted sensors four years ago, long before I worked for *******.

This is why I was able to answer Mr.Pinky's questions immediately, at the beginning of the project.

Thus, for the invention of the implantable sensor, my rights remain fully intact and can only be acquired by mutually acceptable bargain.

I am returning the ten pound cheque which you gave to me in attempted exchange for my rights to my inventions
This letter is for the record.

As for the inventions, I will now be specific:
1) The soluble frame for bio-prosthetic freesewn valves.
2) The Piezo-electric sensor implant for use in association with valves.
3) The software suite for use in valve QA, and
4) The Piezo-electric pump-storage power source
Only number one would be regarded as the property of ******* under normal legal definition.

This letter has been copied and witnessed.
Please accept this copy for your own records with my compliments.

Yours Sincerely,

Veruca Salt,
BSc(Eng), MSc(Eng) , MSc(Eng)

Pinky and Perky didn't like this one bit.
In fact, if the letter arrived on the 28th, and they attacked on New Year's Day, they must have been spying on me for a while and plotting how to spoil my holiday.
I 'witnessed' the letter on another website.
Rather obviously, hurting e means more to both of them than any fame and fortune.
As will become evident.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Identity Confirmed

If there were any lingering doubts as to the truly wretched moral stature of Pinky and Perky, it was eliminated in the next few days.
First came yet another phone call from Pinky.
He said something unpleasant under cover of 'humour', as usual, although I could sense the gritted teeth.
Then he said,"I'm going to send you a Patent Cooperation Treaty.We'd be obliged if you sign it and return it as soon as possible. Of course if you want to be totally vindictive(italics mine),it's no skin off our nose. We'll just take your name off the patent."
The letter duly arrived.
Then this e-mail:Dear Veruca

Further to my letter of the 17th November 04 and your discussions with Pinky and subsequent
telephone message, I would be grateful if you could confirm that you will be signing and sending
back to me the Patent Cooperation Treaty form. It is in your interest to sign it given that without signing
it you will not be able to include reference to any patents on your cv and also your name will not be included
on any subsequent patent amendments or new patents relating to the microchip project. Both Pinky and I agreed
that we would maintain your name on all patents relating to the microchip, but without signing the form that we sent
to you, this will not be possible. We have already filed the PCT and have been given several days to forward any related documentation, one of which is the PCT form that I sent to you. I must also remind you that previously you assigned all rights to ******* and have signed a document stating this for which we paid you £10.

Please let me know either way as to whether you will be returning the form as I** L****** is holding the documentation hoping that your form will be returned. We cant allow him to wait much longer as we will miss our deadline.

Yours sincerely


Let's examine this on a line-by-line basis;'it is in my interest'(not theirs).

I will not be able to include reference on my CV(resume)? How would they know what I put on my CV? I wrote the bloody patents, I can claim anything I like.They would have to explain why my name was gone.

But they were counting on my honour, or more correctly their 'sacred conch' idea of my honour.

Apart from anything else, I already had two patent references from University work years before(ANY patents!).

Then the reinforcement of the lie about my rights.

Finally an appeal to 'sympathy' more in hope than anything else. This is the way garbage does business.

Another final phone call,attemptingn to 'persuade' me to sign.

"Any questions,just ask IL(their patent attorney)."

I replied,"Just the same I think I'll get some independent advice on this. That's the way business is done after all..."

I distinctly heard Pinky growl before he put the phone down.

Nevertheless Normal

I had little concern with the identity of my muggers at that time.
I started working for an agency, doing all those interesting little jobs.
I asked Perky for her reference; Pinky gave it, yet another little message being sent by the creep that they were all one.
So, no more 'good cop' illusions then.
But I got the reference.
The day after, I sent that letter to an employment tribunal. The first payment was now two weeks overdue.
Same old lies.
After a while the tribunal contacted Pinky & Perky Enterprises, and they replied that they would 'dispute' the claim. In writing.
Just as I was in a fuming rage at home, and determining to crush them like a rotten egg, the conciliator rang saying they had agreed to pay.

But first they had to 'show a little defiance'. Yet more mischief from these snot-nosed little savages.

They paid on November 25th.

And they never forgave me.
Tough shit.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Praising with Faint Damnation

Of course, by now and for several months past, I had been aware that Pinky and Perky were living out a charade.
Emperor Pinky had simply woken up one morning and thought(if that is the correct name for his mental processes),'the time has come'.
So I didn't 'discuss' my 'redundancy', I didn't try to think of ways of preserving my 'job', I was simply relieved that the game was over.

Now to repair the damage done by being with these bastards.
A tree which grows under a stone is still a tree,but it is warped.
They had been trying to warp me. They were famous for doing this, but nobody had ever connected this behaviour with general criminality, myself included.

Anyway, a couple of days after I left, Pinky's phone calls began.
I was not ready to withstand any more pressure from them, so I went on holiday; but not before being 'advised' about my CV.
Just Pinky's way of appearing 'concerned' while actually making a subtle psychological threat about references.
Just to maintain control.
Meanwhile, in the last couple of days before I left, 'riches and fame' had turned into 'if you were twenty years younger another job would be easy', and 'you'd better hang onto that Council Flat of yours', and 'it is a pity you don't like academia'.
More filth by way of attempting to demoralise.

As Proper as a Poker Up The Arse

You probably can't read this hypocritical excresence as shown, so try printing or saving to your home location and loading into an image editor.

The Clouds Gather

A couple of weeks later, I was made aware of Pinky's antipathy toward Jock.
If you remember, Jock was the originator of the idea.
I was told various stories of his underhandedness, and how he had tried to take more than his fair share.
I reacted, quite naturally,by saying "But it was his idea!"
Pinky told me he hoped Jock would 'just go away'.
Two weeks later I was informed that I was to be made redundant.

There is a certain look that somebody has when listening to themselves, listening to see if they sound convincing and to see if they can convince theselves.
As Pinky told me of the 'difficulties' of the 'company', caused by Jock, and how they would be 'unable to justify an engineer'(when they were about to sell an engineering project), I was to be made redundant by the 17th September 2004.

Unless I could think of a way to preserve my job.(Loyalty becomes immolation).

They made the foolish mistake of giving me a letter. It was designed to preserve their delusions of businesslike behaviour.

On the second to last day, Pinky primed a tame contact to say he had no time for my demonstration(of 'old' technology,which was all I was supposed to admit to).
On the final day, Perky said 'if there is anything we can do, a reference, anything except money.Which we will pay in part by Friday'.

The letter follows.