Saturday, December 31, 2005

Winter For Poland.

This is how it is done.
Go to work as normal.
Arrive at the loading point at the time specified.
The loaders are riotous;"You told us the wrong time, we've been waiting an hour!"
Scream and shout, hurl the cargo, slam the doors, threaten complaints to the boss.
This leaves me unmoved.
Then the lady approaches, the 'quiet voice of reason'.
"What time will you be here tomorrow?"
"Ring me tomorrow at eight."

More screaming blue murder from the 'aggreaved' one.
I depart.

They don't ring at 8;they ring at 9.
(You wasted one of our hours we will waste one of yours.)
But I have merely been working, not listening for my phone.
I arrive at the transfer point at 1001, 1 minute late.
The ring leader is back to 'normal'.
Then the lady arrives, with 3 times as much scrap cargo for me to take back as usual.
(You will do as we say, or equivalent, even if you don't know it!)

Pretty concerted for a random spat.
Wouldn't you agree?

Yeah.They really got me figured.
But let's face it-Dangerous Liaisons was fiction set in the 18th Century, right?
Or was that just a little back-projection to convince anybody with a few,remaining, hidden illusions of honour that it was ever thus?
Give up your sentiment, 'get real'.

How do we reply?
"Fuck off, you two-faced pile of decomposition!"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sometimes It's The Price Of Liberty!

After Oliver Letwind let one go over 'poverty' and poverty redistribution, the Conservative(Parliamentary) Party has decided to sign up Robert Geldof as it's 'world' policy planner.This is not a physical or political world-this is the world of 'global' issues, and they are seeking to appear to be engaging with the mob of protestor-globalist-savages through the person of a scruffy, miserable old git.
Well, thanks for deciding that scavenging yobs are representative of a 'generation'. A world built around them is not a place I wish to live.

He in turn has said that if he finds membership of this group to be bogus, he will say so.

In other words the superannuated old fart has realised that he is being pimped for an entirely spurious purpose, and has decided to blackmail them over the use of his 'image'.

I wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole.
Either the 'Icon' or the 'Policy Group'.
Welcome to the New Conservatives, the fag-end answer to New Labour.

"Oh if only we can reach power, we will change things; it just means we have to tell a few lies at the moment."
So why should anyone cast a vote for you mate? They've got a bunch of bullshitters already.
I've seen the real face of politics at a local level, and people are polite but they are definitely enemies who give no quarter except under wincing stress from head office.
But these people are not in charge and haven't been since the early eighties.
Today we have a stomach-turning, spineless mob of power-chasers, who buy their politics like they buy a tie.
And all that they will 'win' is more and more control in ever more vicious ways of fewer and fewer real things, and evermore resentful people.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just Sitting and Watching.

There was not a lot going on in Leeds this afternoon. The banks were shut. Carpe Diem was shut.
So, I walked over to the Victoria Hotel and had a pint of Monkswood Slaughter, which, at 6%, was reasonably strong.
There wasn't much going on there, so I walked down the street to the Portland; not much going on there either, but you can sit in the big, picture windows and watch the world go by.
So I did, with three pints of Greene King Abbott ale.
After the first, as I was staring at the Leeds General Infirmary on the other side of Great George Street, I noticed a hatch open on the roof.
An open hatch?
Damp is the first problem. But later on they'll get pigeons, and pigeons drop tons of crap which attracts insects and othe poisonous pests.
So I wandered over and told them.
Should be sorted just as soon as they can get someone up there.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Sales Get Earlier.

A day in York with the family. I bought some excellent stuff and took in the sights.

Above is a contemporary statue of Emperor Constantine; back when York was the Roman Army Legionary Fortress of Eboracum, he was here when he heard the news of his elevation to Roman Emperor.

Back into a more recent time, and here is a picture of the Grand Hall of the ancient Company of Merchant Adventurers. These are Yorkshire businessmen who have by their records become respected in general society.

In one of the more Medieval areas near a neighbourhood called The Shambles is the Olde Star Inne, a 17th century pub buried up an alley off the street. The main sign spans it to catch passers-by who would otherwise have, well, passed by. Pretty much of a tourist attraction, but a fair place nevertheless and very convenient for the shopping. I'd prefer to head towards the Vale and pop into a real ale 'engineering' pub called the Barnes Wallace.
It isn't in York, I haven't been there yet but I hope to report on it in 2006.

Finally some views of the Minster as the Sun broke through at 230 pm.
The Minster was severely damaged by fire in 1984. Repaired.
Previously millions were spent underpinning it while massive concrete foundations were inserted in the 1970's.
This was because the Saxon foundations, made of wood, were finally eroding after 1200 years, and this was made visible by heavy traffic pounding away outside.
This was remedied and the traffic was kept out afterwards.
The concrete meant that new crypts were added and these were turned into a tour-way under the church where layers of archeological structure are on display to visitors, including Roman foundations from the time it was part of the Forum.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

On This Special Day....

...sympathy for the devil.
Look at the cheeky chappy in the photo. Seems to be having a good time, like me with my new stereo and my big bottle of scotch.
We have to be very careful.
If we relax for an instant and take all this religion stuff seriously, there is a danger.
The danger?
The lifeforms that infest the area between understanding and perception that exists in so many people will see things like yesterday's Christmas message, and think that they have finally figured us out.
They will see the usual icons, the commonplace roadsigns indicating a low-risk route to their unsavoury ends, and think that they can proceed to function in their usual, disingenuous way, stifling our ambitions, spirits and lives without our even realising it.
If they can do that without realising it themselves, so much the better for them.
Do they get a kick out of it?
Hell, no.
They get a feeling of affirmation from seeing us reduced to a similar unfeeling, anti-moral state, a state of dazed anaesthetic stupidity, an artificial stupidity that gives the lie to any intellect we may have achieved from time to time.
Sum it up?
Sure. We can work. Even work well. But we better keep it a secret and god help us if we admit to enjoying it.
So next time some pastorised individual starts telling you that unworldliness is a 'good', and you don't contradict him, remember the bum who comes in on a Monday morning and tells you how miserable work is.
They are working together.
And if we can't, don't see over their heads, we won't have anywhere left to work, whether we admit to enjoying it or not.

So remember.
A devil is for life, not just for Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christian Pragmatism.

This apparently coloured statue is actually a plain wooden carving of Jesus of Nazareth in his death agony.
It's inside a chapel in Leeds where I found myself with an old friend and his family.
I am not religious, but spending an hour among ancient ceremonies does tend to make me think, slowly and carefully without any snap rejections.
For example, they sang Christmas Carols; one was by Wesley, which is not traditional for Catholics you would think. As I browsed the hymn book, reading lyrics, I found a hymn written by a Roman in the sixth century and translated from the Latin.

That's quite a tradition, a living tradition. While I read that they sang an old Testament Hebrew prayer(in English).
The Roman hymn was strident; the traditions of Rome were present in the talk of celestial battle and victory song; not at all like the moral crusading of the eighteenth and nineteenth centruies, or the insipid grovelling of the twentieth.

I realised a few things about Christianity and Catholicism in particular.
The Roman Church has been the guardian of the link with ancient classical history;the Christian beliefs have fallen throughout the Dark Ages like rain from the sky, making everybody under it wet with faith but not actually challenging directly; washing but not flooding.
Catholicism destroyed and immortalised Rome both at once, and today we turn our backs on all of Christendom only if we want to build temporarily.
There is just too much wisdom incorporated into this system, even today, to cast it aside lightly.

Take me. I'm not a Christian. I don't praise charity. I don't forgive. I don't give people much of a chance for redemption, because I believe what they say when they say it.

Does this mean Christianity doesn't know right from wrong?
The first Christians risked their lives going out into the shadowlands of Europe, preaching and dying.
Any one man would either die or hate-and fight.
This would doom the bearers of the message to being regarded as rivals,competitors, men who were no better than they ought to be.
So, as a tiny minority in a world of savagery, what did they do?
They offered redemption and forgiveness.
Conversion may not always be sincere, but if you kill everybody who's left?
Thus they established the basic psychology of discussion instead of war, when war was far too easy.
At least to start with.
Invasions came and went; invasions designed to destroy Christendom.
Physically they were saved by the Bulgars and the Russians and men like Charlemaine, but they were sidestepping direct involvement. They therefore introduced the concept of 'unworldliness' to avoid being destroyed by any one putsch. Clever.(But later this was subverted to become an virtue in itself, which is altogether not a message worth spreading to the world.)

At all points as Christianity and particularly the Roman tradition matured, steps were taken to ensure that the message went on, through individual integrity and example. This message?
What was it that they didn't want us to forget?
Never mind the assessments.That Jesus died for us, that sinners would be redeemed etc etc.

The main point is this: A godly,individual man was persecuted to his death for speaking his mind.
In remembering this fact, we see the presentation of an evidence that resonates the innate sense of justice of Aristotle's ordinary people, a fact that Ayn Rand considered including in the climax of The Fountainhead, that paeon to atheist life.

This is the subversion and essential success of Christianity.

Happy Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2005

British Culture

Happy Christmas from the people you just have to pay for!

People ask me what I don't like about London.
In 1979 I was in a dole office in Yorkshire, trying to apply for some help.
I was sitting around for a long time, and a middle-aged bloke in a flat cap came over and said "What's the matter son?Won't they give you any money?"
Point was, total strangers in 'working class' Yorkshire gave a damn.

Spool forward to the BBC(London) flagship comedy programme, DeadRingers.
Tonight it was inspired, showing witty, sophisticated and biting parody of the BBC, 'reality' TV and various other personages;they even impersonated the queen in Wndsor and fooled some tourists into thinking she was really walking the Corgi in front of the castle.

I relaxed.
I thought this was a quality programme from the BBC(against the grain).
Then came another sketch.
The man dressed and acted like Alan Sugar(the businessman).
They invited real people for a job interview.
They read out their real CV's(resumes).
The actor said 'I see you worked at McDonalds' to which the candidate answered in the affirmative.
Then came the joke.We want someone who can drive.To the North Pole!And doesn't mind working with elves!
Oh, ha ha! Too bloody funny.
Close up of the candidates face.

He is crying.
These sadistic little freaks have totally gutted somebody who was trying to get a better job.

And the filthy little shits actually showed it on national television.

Now you know what passes for comedy here.
Immolation?Ho ho ho!
Embarrassment?Push it to the max!

Now.I've got to say it.
I'd like to make these bastards cry.

Saxomophone! Saxomophone!

Who is this?
Wham's Andrew Ridgely in (much) later life?
Or is this the answer to an old question:What exactly did happen to Gary Gilmour's eyes?
(Looking through Gary Gilmour's eyes, looking through Gary Gilmour's eyes..)

Anyway, never trust a man who's eyes are too close together.

And now we come to the First Annual Owlsarentwise Christmas Quiz: can anybody tell me who the eyes really belong to?

They Will Come This Time,I Think....

This Summer British aircraft bombed Berlin;

"....if they send one or two letters, we will send a thousand kilograms of letters, ten thousand kilograms of letters! If they mention our actions, we will bring lawsuits and wipe their blogs of the face of the earth!
Mister Sorehead asks "Where are they?"
Wir Kommen! Wir Kommen!"

This was the speech Herr Pinky made in the Riechstag last night.

In other news, a large tranche of debt has been eliminated by the conversion of national reserves into industrial production. Mister Sorehead said:"At least we work for a living, unlike that charity case to the East."
Reconnaisance reports that enemy forces are being gathered for an offensive in the New Year.
The Prime Minister reports that our defences are in an advanced state of preparation, and ammunition has been stockpiled in the Western approach ports for use in any possible defensive conflict.
The air force has not detected any activity over the enemy coast for some weeks now, but in view of the rejection of Herr Pinky's final ultimmatum, and the guarantees it offered, it can only be assumed that large scale preparations are underway.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

A-Hunting We Will Go.....

for good beer and a chance to rest.

We arrive in the car park where my little camera can't quite capture the details of the signage.
Suffice to say, the permanent beer is Theakstons so it is painted up.

Note the landing lights around the entrance to the Inn; presuably these help guide the low-flying beer fanatics in on dull days. (I have to say the Old Men weren't at their table today, but there were some serious beeries and a few gits as well as a ridiculously sexy beer-maiden enjoying a pint with her friends.)
Start with a pint of Rooster's; typically they serve Rooster's Yankee, but today it was Leghorn, a rich,pale ale of 4.3% strength.
I got curious about Abbeydale 'Last Rites';the gravestone on the sign says 'ABV 11%', which makes this beer as strong as wine. Unless the staff knows you they won't give you more than a half pint in one go. I was curious about the flavour but couldn't drink a whole one, so they gave me a spirit-glass to taste. It was warm, glowing, honeyed richness; an absolute delight, in fact.

Then I finished with a pint of ordinary 3.8% Theakston's Best Bitter.
Did I say 'ordinary'?
I meant 'excellent'; since the Theakston brothers bought their brewery back from Scottish& Newcastle Breweries, the quality of the 'best bitter' has been exceptional. Like Last Rites 'lite'.


..on The Daily Show, our new guest presenter Matt Tse Tung chats to guest Michael Moore.

Herro! Tonight I tell mister Moore to take a long march and lose a few pounds for charity.
Why, thank you Matt, I might just do that. But these people, these people, they just sit on their comfy chairs and get fatter while the poor get thinner.

What you think about Chinee nuclear deterrant reaching America pretty damn soon?

These people, these people...oh...fine I guess. Anything pointing at Flint Michigan?

Onry 'paper tigers'.

Not that I'm arguing. It's Bush's fault. He wants to bomb your oil.

Wha?You some kind of retard?

These people, these people...hey stop laughing, I'm trying to look seriously outraged!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Shut up ya slit eyed bastard.

Ho!This person,this person racialist!Ha ha ha ha ha !

Take a long walk off a short pier!

Arready took long walk; conquered China!

That's nothing! These people, the corporations, they export jobs to China!

Yes. Thanks very much!

Why you....

Bring it on!

Yo mama!

Security!Send mister Moore to retraining camp near Beijing.

Now you're talking!That's what we need over here...hey, let go my arms!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Well,Yer'Onner,It Was Like This.....

"Mr.Sorehead.....why did you make threats against the directors and employees of PinkyCo?"
"I didn't."
"Do you admit posting this message?"
"Is it not a threat?"
"No it is not. At the time of posting I was being enraged by various untraceable acts of intimidation. So I posted a warning in a place I knew to be known by Mr.Pinky, stating that if attacked I would defend myself."
"Isn't that a threat?"
"Only if Pinky arrogated the right to attack me. Are you saying that he has that right?"
"As for employees, I didn't mention any and thought he no longer had any. This means that if he is complaining he had the implied intention of sending clandestine 'employees' against me."
"I maintain that this was a threat!"
"Okay, mister lawyer-man, if this was a threat, when did Pinky hear about it according to the letter you sent me?"
"When was it published?"
"So he only got threatened ten months later after he sent someone to look for trouble?"
(No answer.)
"Not a very effective threat was it?"
(No answer.)
"Doesn't mention anybody in particular,does it?"
"Isn't it true that this lawsuit was trumped up on the thinnest of excuses to try and frighten me into abandoning my Intellectual Property claim?"
(No answer)
"That this prosecution is malicious and vexatious?"
"Not at all."
"Looking at the publication dates, there is a striking correlation between these and the dates of these letters attempting to inveigle and defraud me out of my property. Don't you think I was being provoked? And, incidentally, the intimidations which I was being subjected to stopped every time I made them public. And I blamed no-one at all, just stated facts."

And so on and so forth.
I do hope this little fiction isn't prejudicial.

On R&R From Keepin' Russia...

Outside-the shape of things to come if your town bans cars and establishes a 'pedestrian precinct' like Leeds did back in the early seventies. Note the Christmas decorations(all citizens of Mongo rejoice-on pain of death). The area was extensively redeveloped when the Yorkshire Post moved down the road in the mid 60's, so not all of the buildings are old and there are plenty of car parks. Quite cheap too.

Inside-the Pleasure Palace comes to my table.
Top-right, a pint of fresh Tetleys.
On the left, a good book and my mobile phone.
In the centre an ash tray, for people who smoke, because we still can if we want;
and, finally, a huge plate of Nachos smothered in Salsa, Cheddar and Sour Cream.
$5 CN, $4 US, £2.75.
Nacho nacho man...
Couldn't finish them, they were too much for me to eat.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This Is Not Just A Good Thing....

This is a superb thing!
It is a film, a German film called 'Downfall'.
It is about the last days of Nazism in Berlin, and is utterly convincing; it shows heroism, villainy, the worst excesses of Nazism and the bravery and despair of the ordinary people.

If at all possible, try to see this film.
I can see it because of digital television here in the UK.
I won't give any credit to Blair for this revolutionary change, since it would have happened anyway due to the pressures of businesses developing digital technology, but I am glad I can see films like this one.
Oh, and I hope they don't ever dub it into English. Subtitles leave the acting intact.

Global Edition....Commundy Central

Hello, and welcome to tonight's edition of the Daily Show. I'm your host, Leon Trotsky, and tonight welcome guest former president Jimmy Carter!

Okay mr. Carter, you can stop smiling now.
Okay, so you'd rather smile. No matter.
Now mister Carter, what's it like being regarded as the scourge of the right?

"Well, Leon, I'll tell you a little known fact: last week in my carpentry shop I made a toast rack."

Whee-ew, a toast rack. Pretty much of a hard-hitting response to people who say you're useless,eh?
Still smiling eh?
I said:"Pretty much.....

"Well now Leon, when somebody says I savaged them like a dead sheep, I have an answer".


"Last week I made a toast rack...sorry, I mean 'Baaaaa'".

And of course, you won the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Sure did. And that don't pay peanuts. Of course, if one of the Bush's had won it, we'd all be saying it was awarded by the inventor of the first high-explosive, Alfred Nobel......"

Thank you and good night mr Carter!

"..dynamite arguably made the first World War possible and led to the deaths of millions..."

Thank you and goodnight mister Carter!

"which makes the Peace Prize a 'Peace' of crap....."

Mister Carter,shut up!

"..but I was landed with it."

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for watching. President Jimmy Carter, scourge of the right!
Oh, yes he is!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Day Off In Leeds.

Holiday shopping in Leeds;

This was the scene at Prohibition, my favourite cocktail bar, at 12 am. I had a 'B-53', which is a B52 with the Grand Marnier replaced by Cointreau.
Very nice.

Then on to Carpe Diem, by the back door, naturally.

Two pints of Tetleys later and down the street.

Lower Briggate;the little white building right of centre is the Viaduct Pub. The Viaduct is a temple for Leeds United fans, the last bastion of rough-housing in a colony of gay pride.

The last two pictures show the interior of the Corn Exchange, the farming commodity market that ceased trading some years ago.
It is now home to dozens of boutique shops.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just Pointless

What are Pinky and Perky trying to achieve?
Of me.
Of the 'world' through people like me.
They have been doing this for years. Obviously they were just tuned out as static, which drove them, goaded them to ever greater atrocity.
What these morons hope to achieve is a precarious state in their victims, a dependency somewhere between consciousness and mental collapse, something they are actually prepared to litigate to achieve.
This is how much their evil, obsessive perversion means to them.

Well, they are already in hell.
I won't waste my piss trying to extinguish the flames.
God help them if gets to court.
They are consumed by lies without being consummate liars.

To quote that bore, Elvis Costello, they are the fag-ends of the aristocracy, except the 'aristocracy' would never stoop to such levels of filth; that is the overweening level of Pinky and Perky's ambition.
To reach that level, to bask in the approval of people they cringingly hold to be their superiors, while feeling contempt for them.
They are latter-day Uriah Heaps.

Not To Put Too Fine A Point On It...

I only mention the bite for two reasons; first I have never been bitten before, not in 40 years, and now it happens.
Nothing to see here.
Secondly, the words which I posted which either a) put my mind at rest or b)put someone else in fear of discovery, are the very words which these creeps are misrepresenting to secure their removal.
Which is suspicious.
I was awakened one night last week by an old, very old, familiar feeling from years ago, the feeling of being under threat.
Analysis of my feelings is what led me to realise they are making a move on me, whether or not I know when and how.

Curiouser and curiouser.

It is true that since I posted up a commentary on the various 'accidents' assailing me, there has been a fall-off in the occurrences.
It's almost as though somebody got a fright.
Meanwhile, after I told PinkyCo to 'fuck off'(actually demanded their apology),I got out of my car last Saturday to go to the shop; as I pulled up, I saw a little boy/girl holding a Doberman.

I didn't pay any attention. Especially to the dog as I have no problem with them.
The kid was muttering something and staring. So what?
As I walked by, an elderly-looking couple in a 4X4 drove by. They tooted their horn and the kid gave a wave. Then, when I wasn't looking. the dog attacked.
I laughed.
Then it bit me.
A woman came out of the shop. She had a dirty look on her face which vanished when I started to swear blue-murder.
I went in the shop, thinking nothing of it. They disappeared.
I lifted my trouser leg and saw bruising and blood. So I called the police, but there was nothing they could do without names. (Except there is a police surveillance camera right by the shop;I hope it was looking).

Anyway, this is my leg a week later, after Anti-Tetanus, Anti-Biotics and two Iodine dressings.

Merry Christmas from Team Sorehead!

It's hot.
Damned hot.
But the time has come to stop the motor, engage the brake and brush the flies off the molten Bully-Beef.
Jerry may have Gazala, but next year will be a different story.
Carry on, chaps!
(Oh, and this is the '1000' celebration picture promised).

Tadcaster Revisited.

After Myles Bradley's message about the true nature of the Old Brewery, I conducted some research.
Evidently he was right. The Old Brewery doesn't have 'John Smiths' plastered all over it, and it isn't the building pictured.
But according to my local Sam Smith's publican, it is right next door to the brewery I pictured, not a half-mile away.
I went for a look and couldn't find any evidence anywhere, except that the building I pictured has 'Established 1758' carved into it in big letters.
More research necessary before I can get an authentic picture.

Meanwhile we can agree on the quality of Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bitter.
As evidenced by the picture at the top.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

You Saw It Here First!

Two new ideas for pop groups.
1) A new Punk/Metal group, with skinhead followers.

Dog Patrol.

2)An upper-class rap group, talking about daddy's money and Lamborghinis from mummy at Christmas.

Premier Crew

Friday, December 16, 2005

Oh The Humanity....

Who would have thought that one fatal flaw could lead to such a spectacular end? Hindenburg Limited was never going to fly.

Of course there are always survivors.
Preparations for the first wave of raiders begin soon.

Job's A Good 'Un.

Early this morning we crossed the magic 1000 barrier.
Going supersonic baby!

Meanwhile feast your eyes on this mint R80 BMW.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Comedy Left Of Central

Hello, and welcome to the Daily Show with Leon Trotsky.
Today on the anti-Bush section, we look at an actual time that Bush volunteered to answer audience questions; we pick up on the question asked by our Communist stooge, and then cut Bush's answer out altogether, so that he is damned by the question, regardless of his answer.

We call this 'alternative';it is,of course, the alternative to justice, impartiality and any pretence at being amusing.
I will then put big, simple, simpleton expressions on my face, throw my hands in the air and scream a few sneering words about Bush, to maintain my record as a 'raconteur'.

Thanks for watching.
Tomorrow Jon Stewart is back from holidays; I will welcome him back with a few chords of 'Back In The USSR', but not the whole song as it is reactionary.

Jon will take over again.

You won't notice any difference.

I have to go now.My head aches. Rub it with a few ice cubes, that's what I'll do.

What's This?

What kind of tank is the one in the miniature above?
Answers on a postcard to:'It Must Be Bleedin' Obvious', 'Ten Rillington Place', The Past, Great Britain.
I'll try to get a bigger picture when the crusade reaches its 1000th new visitor.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Days That Shook The World.

There is a very interesting BBC digital service programme called 'Days That Shook The World'.
Today was the execution of the Causescus in 1989 in Romania.
There ws a lot of archive footage.
Apparently the soldiers didn't wait for the order to shoot. They just lost their tempers and opened up.
Over a hundred bullet holes were found in the walls.
The Causescus came across as two old people who couldn't comprehend that they were going to die.

Anyway, withing six months a rat called Ilionescu came to power; he reinstated the Securitat, and supressed all opposition. Brutally.
I guess you can't 'just cage a bird and expect it to fly free',eh?

It Finally Happened.

This is a picture of a Reliant Robin three-wheel car, captured in the wild.
Incredibly, the engine is in the front, over the single, undriven steering undercarriage wheel.
It drives the rear wheels.
Back when I was a kid it was common to see 'Bubble Cars' made by Heinkel and Messerschmidt.
These were much smaller, but also much more rational, with two wheels at the front and the rear wheel driven by a rear engine.
Far more dynamically sound.

Anyway, Messerschmidt is now part of helicopter company MBB. Don't know what happened to Heinkel.
Reliant is definitely still around.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here It Is.