Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is my first directly imported video.

So, you 'import' the video, sort out the positions and then publish.
This one is about the typical tribal scum being turned out by our useless schools.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blow Main Ballast. Surface, Surface.

I have been invited to join this blog.
I am happy to oblige following my stint as the author of Society Matters between 2002 and 2006, and now again as the author of the resuscitated Society Matters since 2010.

It has been a long voyage, and now instead of torpedoes I shall be firing cruise missiles.

At those pesky Albans. Sorry, Albanians.

Welcome Back!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bam Bam - Don't Do That.

President Bam Bam doesn't throw tantrums anymore.
He understands them too well, so well in fact that he has gone beyond throwing the toys out of the pram, and is now patient to the point of throwing nanny off a cliff.

But only when he is big enough.
And he's getting bigger.

Last week, he witnessed with some satisfaction, the tantrums he thought the American People were throwing.
They didn't faze him, because he wrote the book on tantrums, and thought he knew it all.
He is now the big kid, and he feels oddly validated by the outrage of America, because he can't see the difference between genuine outrage and his own feelings of entitlment; with a tight-mouthed sullenness, he thinks he's only doing to America what America did to him when it didn't listen to his demands over the years.

Bam Bam is getting revenge, and it is this feeling of validation which steadies both the ship and its crew, as they sail America into the shoals.

This mystery, the mystery of his brass-faced confidence, is the spell of oddity which held so many people under its spell.
His detachment is his charisma, and his insanity.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What A Difference A Gesture Makes.

Like a Marine with his rifle, like a Seer looking for an omen; when I was in Hell, I'd look around my ravaged surroundings and see my router, showing four, blue lights of health.

They would tell me that the world was still there, and still might care, that it was still within reach.

Those four blue lights led to a feeling, a kind of desperate hope; hope that somebody, somewhere, might still be able to care, even to trade for me, so that I could be delivered from the jaws of evil.

Sitting down in my new home tonight, with Stolen Prayer by Alice Cooper playing in my ears, and my third Small Beer, cold and refreshing, the four blue lights caught my eye.

Just for a moment the memory came back, the desperation.

It's less than a month.
But soon even the flashbacks will disappear.

The Human spirit is indomitable.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New York Daily News

is an altruist rag, and has been removed from 'interests'.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Are These People?

I've just spent eight hours trying to make something called 'Qt' work on Windows and on Linux.
It is supposed to be open source, so they can give a version away free.
However, there are dozens of versions and subversions, and nobody on the net has any clear ideas about making them work.

Most of the alleged help is fatuous, and the general idea is that you buy support for this useless non-product from the manufacturer, or else rebuild your entire system from the ground up, in order to get the simplest 'Hello World' project to work.

It is supposed to be a GUI API, but the libraries don't link in any version, and the include files are riven with spaghetti-like dependencies that cannot be resolved.

I've used Gtk and Fox, they worked fine. But Qt is a god-awful abortion, and I will cheer when it is no longer made.