Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Tricks on TV.

Turn on the TV. Within 30 seconds your tired of it.
So, you start tuning around to try to find something that doesn't bore to offensive, impossible to watch, levels.
You find a list show. Top 100....
Today, it's Top 100 Couples We Love To Hate.

Actually, these people they are trying to lynch are actually mostly completely forgotten. But they nevertheless pretend we are interested, and we endure the talking heads and crummy library shots until we reach the stage of actively disliking what we see.

But here's the trick.

We don't hate the TV company, or the programme, because there may be just one couple we remember with distaste, and want to see again, to see where they appear in the list.

So our hatred of the crap programme is sublimated to hatred of the couples.

And lo and behold, we think we've seen something good.

But we haven't, it isn't, and after one or two such programmes, we return to avoiding them at all costs and switching round again.

Why do they bother? Why is television so chronically flatulent and flabby that it must go on all the time, pumping shit out at all hours? It isn't television entertainment any more. It's a tool of mental illness.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Little Pig Killed The Market.

Gordon Brown put a 'big three' points on the agenda today.

1)Agree a strategy

2)Organize a worldwide financial stimulus

and last but not least,

3)An end to Tax Havens.

As power plays go, it is pretty transparent. Don't you just love the way this criminal thug puts the tax-haveny bit at the end?

Still, at least they reported it.

It was ever the complaint of socialists that the rest of the world didn't practise what the socialists preached, and that is why we're all alive.

But Gordon 'The Moron' Brown is aiming to change all that, once and for all, and bring about worldwide socialist hegemony.

The Russians couldn't do it alone; Brown was one of their 'useful idiots' back in the day, as all of New Labour was, most of them with MI5 files.

They have penetrated good and proper, and now we're all getting screwed.

1960 Deville as in Mad Men

Boring! New!

Some Government Spending works!

But not because the government did the spending.
Today I went to sign on to the unemployment benefit office, so I can receive my pittance from the monopoly state insurance scheme.
They said "Why don't you try the job search consoles while you're waiting?"
I remembered these from the nineties.
Advanced, but not terribly useful.
So I had a go.
Within twenty seconds, I had over a hundred Software jobs on multiple screens.
Touch screen, with a GUI that I completely approve of as meeting my standards of simplicity and transparency.
Three of them were worth an application.
So I hit the print button, and a long piece of paper rolled out of a slot, cut to exactly the right length, with the job details on.
The contact methods were all customised too.

They haven't necessarily spent all that wasted money on this. But what they have spent has been spent well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time's Passin'


90210 is so, like, shite!

I'm going to write an episode.

Tiffani brings her boyfriend, Luke, back to the apartment, but her roommate, Eric, is snogging Robersha on the Davenport.


She is so freaked out, she tries to look shocked! Then Eric and Robersha stand up, looking embarrassed and rearranging their barely disturbed clothing.

"How could you!", says Tiffani."I trusted you!"

"Aw, fuck off and mind your own fucking business." says Eric.

"Why do you think they call me Psychedelic Eric?"

"Yeah, but I've got my squeeze and you've got yours!"

"And this is a problem, why?" Says Robersha.


Pan camera round to each of their faces in turn, as each one says 'Er.....'

Run credits and title music.

Don't forget folks, this is 'all new'!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Zombies. Everywhere you look.

Truly there are zombies in Britain.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Even Bloomberg Is Going Mad.

On Bloomberg TV last week was a 'pundit' who was offering his expert advice on the alleged benefits of the 'stimulus package'.

He claimed that it took four dollars of debt to produce one dollar of growth (an utter absurdity), and so the trillion dollars would produce about $250 billions of growth, or about 2% of US GDP.

This insanity is a self-referencing non-sequiteur. If it were true, debt would be sufficient to account for all growth. The insanity that this represents is beyond parody; in fact, growth comes from moneys which are generated additional to costs, and debt has nothing to do with this, except that debt allows the redistribution of money from one group of spending to another.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alban's Fat Wife Disgusts Me.

And I'm not the only one.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Alban Is An Idiot

And I mean that most sincerely folks, I really do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As Irish As Wellington(s)

Sad farewell to P.McG.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MadMen is back.

Watched MadMen tonight, and I'm happy to say it went very well, apart from underwritten children's dialogue.


On TV and in the papers, Staffordshire NHS has killed 1200 patients through incompetence and shoddy practise allegedly resulting from trying to meet government targets.

Scrap the NHS now!

Monday, March 16, 2009

So There I Was....

Minding me own business, and that Roland Beamont parks his bleedin' TSR2 in me front room.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Altruism is always referred to as if it were a belief system, an idea which is one among many, and is available to us as a potential choice for a code by which to live our lives.
This is rubbish.

Altruism best describes a psychosis, an actual and commmonplace mental illness that takes the form of psychological dependence on other people for a sense of existence.

The sense of existence is revealed to the sufferer as a sequence of psychological mechanisms which implement emotional responses and thus perpetuate an illusion of life.
The altruist illness requires the subconscious and unchecked, obsessive delusion that all behaviour is socially orientated.
While essential humanity stops this from reaching psychotic episodic levels sometimes, commonly it doesn't, and entire belief systems of delusional type are built up around the impulses generated.

The altruisitic belief in social metaphysical reality is thus, through the subconscious guidance of rationalising thought processes, able to produce complex and express theoretical systems promoting the value of overt altruism.

Thus, a mental illness, typically caused by lack of employment, the lack of independent experience and the cowardice inherent in group behaviour, leads to such things as Marxism and Christianity.

However, it is the exploiters of the illness, such as Marx and the church leaders, who have sought to acquire political power by expressing theories and moralities which lend psychological validation to the altruist psychotic. For this reason alone, without further examination, their claims of humanitarian benevolence may safely be disregarded.
Any person who seeks to exploit the mentally ill is the most evil of individuals.

I look forward to the day when altruism is recognised as a treatable mental disease.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Merging With Thoughts You'd Never Dare To Dream.

This line from a Tubeway Army song of the late seventies summarises the state in which huge numbers of the people in this country live.
For example, I took a day off from spending money today, and so I didn't go out.
And my neighbour didn't go out either. As if he was afraid I'd get some privacy, something I thrive on but something which terrifies him.
He stayed in all day, and tried to 'relate' to any random noise coming from my flat, like some sort of leech or poison ivy, sucking the life out of a host which isn't actually there.
If only it was. Then he would have something to resent, something to energise his dead body into pretending that it was alive, a way of leaning up against something else like a poorly built shanty.

There are millions of creatures like this in Britain; they have no self, no mind, just a collection of gelatinous reactions like something bred in a Petrie Dish.
The reason why Howard Roark was so quiet was that he had never had sufficient privacy to allow himself to express.
Because a Human Being expresses things of value, things which are immediately attacked in the attempt to bury them under the weight of fraudulent assertion, the assertion that the expressions were for anybody's benefit but his own.

Well get this, altruists: they aren't for you!

Good News!

From the Toronto Star of all places; safe smoking!

Alive alive-oh!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


London on the eighties was fun. Finding a place to live was often hell, but at work we had fun.

There were masses of big office builds then, and I worked on a few of them. London trades were booming, and loadsamoney was real.

I was watching the Daily Mirror advert today, where the tic-tac man at the race course is given subtitles, saying 'I dance like this at weddings'.

It reminded me of a goofball, a right lads lad we had working for us on the partitioners team; one day Kate Bush was playing on the radio, and he and his mates all started dancing like Kate Bush. It was bloody funny. It still gives me a good feeling now.

Or another time when an old Sparks and his apprectice were told to 'shape up', so they started doing star jumps - the kid jumped up and down and the oldster flung his arms out. They split it between them, they were a team.

A little later I cut my hand, and the old timer showed me how to make a dressing out of a cigarette paper.

Glorious. God, I love work.


To all those jolly good English people who aren't cunts.
We know who they are, but we will say nothing.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Friday, March 06, 2009

No Surprises There.

They murdered Morgan's wife.
They probably meant to.
They probably won't do anything about it.
Because they would probably do the same to any of us if we get out of line.


This Is True.

The British electorate returns to the Labour Party like a dog to its vomit.

What Gives?

I asked for the documents from the Irish Embassy three weeks ago.
They said they'd put them in the post.
They haven't arrived.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Shame, The Shame..

So the Movies For Men channel was showing an old history of Winston Churchill. It was okay until they got to the bit where WSC addresses both houses of Congress.
Then I remembered that Brown-job was 'only the 5th Prime Minister' to do so.

I couldn't watch any more. The thought of that gobshite Brown being compared by the corrupt Americans to WSC in order to synthesise 'good repute' for the miserable bastard was too much.

If Callaghan had asked for it he would have been laughed out of Washington, and Callaghan was twice the man Brown-job isn't.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I just can't watch MadMen any more.
Too many terrible continuity mistakes are completely wasting everybody's efforts.
It is set in 1961.
Last week I heard somebody say 'hit the ground running'.
I remember that phrase. I think it appeared in the eighties.
Then today, Mrs. Draper tells her son to leave the 'stereo' alone. Now I know for a fact that while we were not rich, we didn't get a stereo record player till 1976, and my parents were so alien to it they went around for three years calling it a 'steer-ee-o' and placing a speaker in each room to 'spread the sound out'.
I don't recall my parents being especially thick, but then again.
So Mr. Draper would not say 'hit the ground running', and Mrs. Draper would probably say 'phonograph' or radio because that is what they were in 1961.

It is bad writing. Couldn't these kids take time to ask somebody who was actually alive?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Pots calling kettles black?

The ITV journaholic was spitting with viciousness, referring to the 'old boys network' when conducting the nightly 1984-style official hate minute against hero, Fred Goodwin.

Of course, television is all merit, right? There's no old boys network in television at all, now, is there?

Ever tried getting a job at a TV company?

The first thing they ask is, 'do you have any relatives working for us?'

Monday, March 02, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

How could anybody vote for Labour, the four-time losers? How? What is wrong with people? How?
In 1945 they kept Britain on rationing for nearly ten years, said 'no more war' and went into Greece, Palestine and Korea.
In 1965 they destroyed what was left of the aircraft industry, destroyed the steel industry, destroyed the car-makers, destroyed the few rich people in the country, destroyed the pound;
in 1975 they destroyed the entire national wealth and went to the IMF for help.
In 1997 to today, they have pauperised millions of pensioners, created a huge fake economy, destroyed the City of London(the last world-class bit of big British industry) and introduced to the world the 'policies' which have caused global economic collapse.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Seeing Another Atrocity - As You Do.

So, needing a pint of milk I went to the newsagents.
The cornflakes with fresh full cream were delicious, thank you, but not so delicious were the Morale Conditioners at work on the front pages of the Sunday rags.
'MI5' (no less ) is reportedly worried about the possibility of riots in the Summer over Bank Bonuses being too large.
This is sick bullshit, designed to mobilise the so-called 'free' press against any working man who has the guts to stand up against the evil, thieving, bullying thugs that impersonate the government in this devastated country; they are using the press as another agency of policy to intimidate the population and particularly the City ( which was for 20 years the saviour of the economy until the bastards milked it to death), so that we will accept any or all of the nasty surprises they have planned for us, under the guise of 'emergency'.

MI5 should definitely be concerned - as they were over Harold Wilson last time it was tried.


Arbitrary dictatorship without limiting principles.

Tetley's Tinned Bitter.

Full Flavour Tetleys in cans; I used to drink it by the gallon.
Since then I've had a couple of months off, only drinking real beer in pubs.
Tried Tetleys tinnies again yesterday; god how awful my stomach feels.

Tetley's; goes well with food.
In either direction.

Gordon the Moron speaks?