Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well Who Would Have Thought It?

After Hitler showed the way with sterilisation and mass murder, and the Americans and Swedes with sterilisation of the mentally ill, Britain had it own ways and means of dealing with the chronically 'dangerous'.
Of course, the Labour Party hated the Thatcherists for closing and destroying all the asylums, the less to threaten incorrigibles with.
Maggie is my favourite aunty.
I particularly get the bit about the people being locked up sane and going mad later. I was locked up twice and escaped three times.
Eventually I threatened them with court action if they didn't fuck off. They let me go.
But then, I'm an 'unmutual' .

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Govmunt.

The game goes on.
As more and more people become less and less interested in what is jokingly referred to as 'democracy', sorry, 'our' democracy, the govmunt comes up with ever more absurd ways of engaging our interest, like a fat, ugly fan-dancer ignoring the jeers and cat-calls and filibustering with grimly cold determination, seeming never to shed any clothing or move any fan that isn't immediately replaced without showing us anything interesting.
The game goes on.
The govmunt steals and bribes; it steals our money then tells us it's ours. Then they pay some of it back out as bribes, and tells us it's theirs.
Wha? Are we really stupid enough to stand for this crap?
But, the game goes on, and the balls are kept in play by the armies of hangers on and fellow travellers who wish to promote their particular comfy lives at the expense of *nobody* ie the few producers struggling on, with the wisdom of centuries at their disposal from the screeching public schoolboys to the inverted snobs from comprehensives, all seeking to get that final revenge on the 'unmutuals', the few kids they saw who didn't care for them or their petty enthusiasms, the true people who denied them the sympathy they whined for, the sympathy for their mistaken creeds, that lifeblood of the weak, somebody to talk to who listens without conversing.

So these people struggle into positions of responsibility or public profile, playing the game so that they can really feel conformal, and then screeching to a captive audience that finally has to listen.
And television dies. And radio dies. And newspapers die. And the music industry dies.
Because these bastards have nothing to say worth listening to.
Next, the game moves to the internet.
The monkeys are going to get their filthy paws on that by way of licensing it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


After the music companies ignored a world crying out for the Biggles movie soundtrack, which has been unobtainable for 22 years, I found a BitTorrent enabler called 'Mininova'.
When there's something you need....when you are all alone....when you're desperate.....look for mininova.
It won't be hard to find.
Oh yes.
I now have Biggles.

If You Do One Thing Today.......

Read this; the History of Solidarnosc.


I've got my doubts about the New York News now, too.
I couldn't open an account with them.
And they were displaying some crappy TV License Fee advert.
International persecution more like.

They Deprive Us Of Teach!

Who still wants to pretend education is not political?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beefed Up

Under 'Canadian Bacon' you will see that I have beefed up my Canadian coverage with the Globe & Mail, another chance for a serious mainstream paper to prove its worth.
However, I'm keeping the Toronto Sun; whatever would we do without Sunshine Girls to laff at?

Normal Service Is Resumed.

Under 'Pond Life' (as in 'The Other Side Of The'), you will find the New York Daily News. Welcome aboard!

I Deprive You Of Speech.

The comrades at New York Times have censored me. I was using my real name at the time, so I guess they know me, although they would never admit it short of being strapped to a chair and beaten around the head with a broken bottle.
Anyway, I've shown them the door, and like the London Times and the Telegraph, they have been ejected from my site.
It's the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy all over again.

Dem Bones Dem Bones...

Just watched the Prisoner, the final episode.
A final, murderous gun battle, set to 'All You Need Is Love' by the Beatles!
Get hep, man.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Resistance Is Not Futile!

Read this about the Poles who won through after fifty years.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some More Pictures From Flower City.

This is a picture of a picture; Steve Kubby, a contender for the presidential candidacy on behalf of the Libertarian Party.
They chose a 'safe pair of hands', ie they sold out.
Alaskan Beer. Absolutely gorgeous.

The windows on the left are the front wall of Lolli's Castagnola Restaurant. The view is free, the food is excellent, and it doesn't cost the earth to eat there. The Alaskan beer was in the bar, along wiht ten or twelve others.

You can't quite make this sign out, but it said 'S&M Shellfish, dominating Bay area seafood since 1968'.

Leaving Fisherman's Wharf behind.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge on the South side.Coming back under from the Pacific.

On The Other Hand...

Yesterday, when the BBC cancelled 'Monk' in favour of golf (groop!), the damned ITV channel had the inspired foresight to show a superb comedy.
"Mystery Men".
Either you saw it or you didn't, but it was something else.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

From Bloomberg Television.

"The best things in life aren't things."
-Art Buchwald.

Funny That.

Looking up Billy Joel on wikipedia, I noted the description of his 1989 tour dates in Moscow, and thought no more of it until I saw a children's programme on ITV1.
The girl was being pushy and putting herself forward for the 'grande finale' singing spot of the show.
She spoke with a fake American accent.
She was watched by the 'cool' kids, one of whom(of course) was black with dreadlocked hair. The others just stood in sunglasses and hats, watching her efforts with disparaging head-shakes.
This was clearly some Soviet idea of 'cool', where it is the duty of the 'cool' to sneer and put down other people, especially if they are American, especially if they are making a sincere effort.

The Cold War is over, the Russians won. They got more freedom, we got the Soviet apparatus infesting every child's future.
In another generation everything we designed so much hardware for, spent so much money and effort on, and defended so hard for, will be lost.
Due to the sneaking bastards of the internal fifth column, the fifth column grown in state nurseries during the 70s and 80s, like incubated disease ready to be released on our world.

It's happened. They're here. And in control.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Fear - Thermonuclear protection

"Never any doubt that the government would support Fanny and Freddy" - Berry.
Is that doubt, or hope?
What do they try and pretend? The gumment is riding to the rescue.
What is the reality?
The gumment is holding America up at gunpoint and forcing it to give its money to a bunch of imbeciles, their families, and their hangers-on.
But this is only a crime to pay for the fraud the imbeciles have already committed.

Apparently this will save the 'economy'.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back.

Good old Belly-laugh!

Wanton Senselessness?Here's The Proof!

Leeds given £2.3 million to study road charging. Only I was there 18 months ago; 18 months ago, Leeds ripped out the infrastructure that had been used to experiment with road charging for ten years previously, literally by the root.
They tore out every stanchion, removed every camera, from all the Southern approaches to the city.
That should have been the end of it, but now? Full reverse! Put it all back! Joined up government!

Visit Friendly Britain, Land of Human Sacrifice.

So here's the situation.
For many years, if the psychotic terrorists tried to conquer their neighbours Noriega-fashion, using noise (not Rock music - that can be listened to all day) then eventually the police could confiscate their weapons.

However, just a couple of months ago, the police were stripped of the power to close down noise.
So when some piece of shit turns up its oversized industrial 'boom' speakers and makes your one and only home into the trunk-space of a 'tuned' car, rendering it uninhabitable, there is absolutely nothing you or anyone can do, except try to work it out.

Obviously, this is what some of them are hoping for, so they blitz you for five hours every night after work, knowing that short of punching their lights out (and risking arrest for assault, and a criminal record) there is very little left to do.

Fortunately there is an option in rented property. If you can get the signatures of three neighbours and make a complaint to the landlord, they are obliged to threaten them with eviction.
This is one of those surviving idiosynchrasies of British law.
Don't count on it existing too much longer.
Due to no actual cogent purpose that I can detect, to achieve nothing whatever by way of power or political dominance, we are being progressively disarmed and placed at the mercy of these bastards.

My only imagined reason is that the people who make policy are like Tracy Emin and her 'art'.
It is the same strand of wanton senselessness, and in the service of the same idleness masquerading as purpose.
And these swine are PROSPERING today as never before.
Thanks Tony!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fred's On Form again

Not for the squeamish

What's This?

Hard work never killed anybody.....?

Happy Thoughts

Just changed my desktop background - to the original Catwoman, Julie Newmar.
It's a picture of the old girl as she appeared in the original TV series, in her famous Cat suit.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't Forget The Real Heroes.

This picture courtesy of Photobucket.com

Millions of people are being threatened with violence because they want to live.
Dozens are being murdered.
I saw one called, simply, 'Gambo', on TV tonight. He didn't look like a fool.
But they got him anyway. He was murdered by Mugarbage thugs.
He was one of me.
I could have bought the man a beer in happier times.
Dead, because of that evil regime in Zimbabwe.
And dead, because he had the touch of a man like me about him.
It's no accident. This is what the bastards really want.

It's also the reason the Western governments are dragging their feet.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oh, And by the way...

I was in San Francisco recently!


I no longer watch the (cancelled) Futurama due to slanderous remarks about the late Ayn Rand.
The same is true of South Park, no matter how many times they try to deny that they said what they said.
It smacks of cowardice, and most attacks of this type are cowardly anyway.

I can't watch the Simpson's either, since the episode screened today where they visit Toronto; they are shown visiting a building titled 'Dodgers Of Foreign Wars'.
Since the producers of the Simpsons are unlikely to be supporters of Bush, they must simply be stirring up muck against Canadians with the trailer-park demographic over the fact that Canada didn't go to Iraq.
But they are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan, and while we're on the subject of 'dodgers', the Canadians were fighting the Germans in 1939, while the US was still doubling its gold reserves from British arms contracts and sitting at home without fighting anybody.
They only fought the Japanese when attacked, and the Germans declared war on the USA, not vice versa.

So it looks like American media slags are re-writing history again.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Pull The Other One, Mate.

It's got fucking bells on!
In a perfect example of a communist technique documented by Ayn Rand in her analysis of the Berkeley University rebellion of the sixties, a Yorkshire MP has attempted to compare the Muslims of Britain to the Pre-War Jews of Europe; never mind that yesterday some mental case of a judge, sorry, High Court Judge, said that Britain should accept Sharia Law.
Did I say 'never mind'?
Actually this is no coincidence.
This is how they work. They see a perceived weakness, as the judge represents, and they attack.
Always using lies.