Monday, December 29, 2008

Hell No!

Cheer up, Mike and Missus Mike!
Granted the stupid worm-food creeps are getting you down, granted that people are feeling depressed and suicidal, maybe even crazy, never, never, never, never, never help the bastards by topping yourself.
They are the ones who deserve it, not you.
If it really comes to life or death, turn that frown upside down and go down fighting!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Virgin Megastores have gone bust.
10 years ago I rang them up and wrote to them, suggesting they have an instore selection system where people could burn any CD they like.
"Pooh pooh! Too much trouble! We'd never get the rights sorted out!"
Couple of weeks ago, Amazon rolled out it's MP3 download service, which is more or less what I suggested.
Virgin is out of business.
Serves them bloody right! Incompetent morons.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sponsor's Christmas Message

Miserable Earthlings!

Their Christmas is no match for the feasting on our home planet; the emotions they feel when celebrating are but a tenth of the emotions we feel when eating our roast Narchek.

Their puny Turkeys are totally inadequate when compared to Zombezian Battle Nurks, which we hunt for sport.

Religion? Ha!

The ceremonies of the Ascent of Cistar make their carol singing sound like the strangulated whining of an inferior brand of dog!

Armour Brand is the only one suitable for intergalactic travelodges!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friends Notwithstanding

Enough from SJP for the time-being.
My new Windows computer has a big hard disk and the capability for 7.1 sound, so I'm starting to put my music onto it.
Been using the Linux box for years, but the hardware isn't 7.1 and the disk isn't quite so big.
I'm duplicating the rip. I've got to say again, I'm quite pleased with Vista. The fanatic sheep at the San Francisco Chronicle were bleating about windows; to a man they waffled on about Firefox and Mac. But the fact is that Vista matched Linux for security in a recent test where the fashionista Mac failed.
And Firefox is, well, crap. It crashes every five minutes on Linux and sometimes takes the whole Desktop with it.
Anyway, I turned my Vista on at 6 tonight, and by 6:03 it was downloading the patch for the security scare that everybody was on about.
Meanwhile back in the SFC, I got a lot of thumbs down ratings from idiots who couldn't stand to hear the realities. They wanted to abuse people with their totally undeserved sense of superiority (for using Firefox), so that they could call windows users 'sheeple' and 'uneducated'.

Of course, there is actually nobody more ignorant than somebody who uses a delusion of superiority to spout abuse.
It was these people who were the mob, these people who were ignorant, and frankly they are doing a great disservice to Microsoft because they are, quite simply, mediocrities.

Monday, December 15, 2008

As Promised

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

The Fault Game.

The ability to blame is no substitute for ability.

Vista and Ubuntu Networking

Nobody had the answer. Not the full answer.

Get some from here: CUPS Printers

But first, get this bit done:

Neither has the full answer.

The lower has the basics.

You will need WINS to make it work.

And here is the devilish detail.

You need to get on Vista, go into Networks.

Click on your LAN.

Go to properties.

Find IPv4, select, and click properties.

Add WINS server with your Ubuntu IP address.

Click okay all the way down.

Network will open up automatically, and add printer will find your Ubuntu printer and then you can follow the route to install drivers. But only from the Vista end:( 

Then print away.

Beautiful job.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm writing this from my new computer.
It's an Inspiron 530; Core Duo 2.5 Gig, 2 Gig RAM and a 320 Gig hard drive.
The standard operating system is Vista.
I've heard all the stories, relentlessly, month after month, year in year out, all saying they wouldn't use Vista if they were paid.
I've read the articles about how Microsoft is trying to avert a public relations disaster and spending millions on advertising rather than improving software.
I've seen the accounts of people downgrading to XP.

The facts are different however.
Microsoft isn't spending millions fixing the software, because frankly it isn't broken.

The people downgrading to XP are idiots.
Compared to Vista, XP is total shite.
I got my system at nine.
I had it running by half-past; I had Visual Studio Express installed and working by twelve, along with OpenOffice.
And that included my trip to town for brunch and beers.
By two, I had rebuilt my new commercial product in VS9, and it ran faultlessly for an hour, passing every test I could throw at it.

Which was not true of XP.

It has operated seamlessly and without faltering all day. XP would have hung. Linux would have asked for my passwords a dozen times at least, and a few creaks and cracks would have shown around the edges, although my hardware setup isn't half as good for Linux. But then, they say it doesn't need to be.

I won't be replacing Linux.
But 99% of the talk about Vista is cobblers.
It is a good product.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

State The Obvious If You Aren't A Goldfish

The stock market boom of the eighties lasted right up until the 'Dotcom' bubble collapsed in 2000.

But wait.

What happened in the eighties?

Maggie and Ronnie brewed up some Capitalism.


What happened in 1997?

That's right! The 'Third Way'.

And three years later after their numerous looting attacks on the wealth of nations, the markets fell and never recovered.

After a further 8 years of the 'Third Way', we see the greatest financial disaster since 1929.

What has failed, and what nobody has the guts to say, is The Third Way.

Yet again, socialism, whatever it's outer shell may resemble, has pauperised all of us.

And yet again, the fact is being covered up.

God help them, they are even appealing to the socialists for help!

When your house is burning down, you don't call an arsonist to put out the flames.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"Pump billions into the economy"

What part of that rubbish is English?


They really think that they control something physical, yet arbitrary, which can be 'pumped'.

One thing's for sure. It isn't money.


This must be the preferred expression for amounts, an expression that conjures the comforting sound of the big guns, the legions, the host, hammering our fears back into the grave.

Where we all go eventually.


Apparently there is a shortage of 'billions', somewhere, which only these heroic lawyers of legal action can rectify.


The economy is a statistical unit of what amounts to the total productiveness of the population of the country, insofar as it expresses our legally extracted information concerning our lives.

But the monkeys think it's a real thing that drives people, not vice versa(real people driving a fictional statistic).

And there we have it.

The supermen are turning the world upside down to ward off death.

How much is a mortgage on a mud hut? And will it keep out the monkey-men's spear?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Telegraph's MATT comes through again.

Anybody remember the 70's Smirnoff Cinema Advertisement?

Once Bitten

With the best will in the world, some crud gets through, and so it was for me when I bought my third e-bay computer.

It was a Dell Optiplex 270, comparable to my usual device.

The cooling fans don't work.

So, that's that.

I stripped out the memory and parked the carcass in a corner.

My main box is now super-equipped, with all the memory it needs, a strong processor and good old Linux.

However, I really need a Windows computer for preparing new products which will work on everybody elses Windows boxes.

So I took the plunge. I went to Dell, and bought my first ever new computer.

It cost £292.

For that, I get: Pentium Dual Core 2.5 GHz; 2 GB RAM; 320 GB hard drive.It comes with Vista, a keyboard and a mouse.

And if I need to, I can blat it back to XP Pro.

I think that is quite good value.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Beware The Experts.

There is a secret culture in many countries, old culture, old countries.

It is quite precise in its application, violating us with almost scientific delicacy, keeping the sane mad and the loonies on the path.

It is practised by the powerful, from within the cages they haven't quite managed to destroy, the cages we tried to put them in many years ago.

They don't mouth quite so many platitudes these days, because their confidence is growing, or at least their insolence is; they control us through the application of torture, the torture allowed by the rules that were set years ago and they haven't quite got round to abolishing yet.

The rule for torture in England is 'White Noise'. This has long been the standard form of 'pshychological' torture that people such as Special Branch and MI5 have been allowed to practise in their lairs.

What isn't so widely known is that it is spread out into the wider world, like wiretapping, by agents who may or may not belong to agencies, or by agents who are just psychopathological sadists. 

These 'people'(I use the term loosely) are quite happy to go about our business, doing whatever they can to break us down and turn us into productive little drones who see nothing to object to in the daily diet of inhuman sewage that passes for 'life' here.

In America, the Government used Rock Music to destroy General Noriega.

Here little fellows with big sounds use 'White Noise' to rule our roosts and prevent us from ever coming to.

White Noise is a loose term also. It can be anything from the rumble of air-conditioning to a constant background like distant gunfire.

It is used against us when we eat, sleep, watch TV, write, but especially to prevent us from thinking or feeling anything that might remind us we are men.

Because when that happens, we either break free and leave(together with our taxable productiveness) or crack up and go stark, raving mad; at which time they criminalise us or just kill us.

It is a dangerous game sometimes.

The Daddy of all Daddies

This from the excellent Randolph Hearst Paper in San Francisco.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Animal Farm

Just been watching the BBC4 series on Versailles.

Apparently when the owner indulged in vainglorious spectaculars, he was the subject of a Revolution and was put to death.

Now they do it all the time, and the poor French people are supposed to feel 'patriotism'.

Such is progress, eh?

Monday, December 01, 2008


Check out AAFreeTibet (on the left) for David Millipede's latest atrocity.