Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Long Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away......(They're Here!)

I was called over to Pinky's study for a word.
He'd tried to sound menacing(I can't believe he is capable of that tone of voice and hasn't had his face smashed in. I suppose he only uses it with helpless people such as employees).

Anyway, when I got there......
He poured me the usual, 'friendly' beer, then began his machinations.
By the number of repetitions in his speech, he was clearly searching for something, some fleeting feeling, a feeling of grievance, manufactured for sure, but enough to convince him he existed (for a short while).

Apparently he was upset.
For the past few months he had been slandering my work and telling me to look for another job.

So I did.
I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, so I enquired about a medical device company in Canada.
They were owned by a US company.
The head of the US company clearly had a problem with the fact that I hadn't revealed where I worked, so he tracked me down.

Pinky was very upset. Because I'd done as he said and applied for jobs.

Apparently he imagined I'd been presenting myself as an official of PinkyCo(I was, but I hadn't).

Three or four times he said he would 'give me a written warning'.
It was this repetition that warned me he is clinically insane.

So I humoured him.

He talked slanderously about how my (late) father had once 'tricked' him.He had been the Director of a research charity.
Dad had been the chairman, and had forced him to choose between his 'old' company and the charity.
He had been rapidly bankrupting them.
Funnily enough the 'old' company was in the same line of business as the charity.(Funnily enough, PinkyCo used the name of the charity as a disguise in some of its dealings.I believe that the charity didn't know about this.)

Do the maths.

Anyway, he went on about how he 'should have sacked me already because my work was no good' and so on.

Under this welter of viciousness, I determined to do one thing and one thing only:keep my oath.

In 1990 I had taken a personal oath of non-violence.
Pinky owed his continuing health to this.

One thing I noticed was the references he made to my personal motives, as though to imply that they were worthy of guilt, and this part was the hardest.
He claimed I was 'using him'(Inversion).
He claimed I 'would do anything to get to Canada, and that I hated England.'
(Well, boo-fuckin'-hoo baby.)
He asked me if I had considered resigning.
So that was what he was after.Ruin my dreams without having to pay statutory redundancy.

The next day I offered to resign and walked off the job.

He came grovelling for some reason a couple of days later.
By then, I knew he was evil.

Coming Soon- "On The Nature Of Pinky"

Pinky-the man, the legend.
Coming soon, the first part of an in-depth expose on the nature of the beast, and the values it represents.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The 19th Century and The Victorians.

Who were the 'Victorians'?
Winston Churchill was a Victorian.
Adolf Hitler was a Victorian.
Mahatma Ghandi was a Victorian.
My grandfather was a carpenter who built aircraft in the first World War;he was born in Victorian times.
All of the IRA were Victorians when they broke Ireland out of the UK.
Nearly everybody in 1914 was a Victorian.

The Victorians shook the world. But that was just at the end of the Victorian era.
The 19th century was 37 years old when Victoria came to the throne; at that time the Royal family didn't matter much.What mattered was the steady erosion of religious prejudice in Britain, by people such as the Duke Of Wellington, the prime minister now that he had retired from the Army, the 'Sepoy General' who had been disappointed in the Napoleon he defeated. He passed the Emancipation Act which allowed Catholics back into public office.

This was a 'velvet revolution' which averted a real one.
And that is the real story of the Victorians, people who fought for freedom all through that century, sometimes with guns, sometimes with words.

Marx was a Victorian; as was Engels.

Every commonplace in the modern idiom is due to the Victorians.
But we don't think of it that way.
Because-the Victorians have been buried, and all these iconic figures represented as being in opposition to the age or appropriated by and for later times.

In other words, there has been a huge conspiracy, a fraud to divest an age and culture of all its assets.

And leave us with a cardboard dummy representing the projections of the children of a later age, resenting the fact that adults once walked this land.
So what, today, is a 'Victorian' supposed to mean?
A collection of inversions.
Dogmatic(in an age of freedom)
Ignorant(in the birth of science)
Poor(in the age of planetary conquest)
Mortal(in the biggest population explosion ever)
Miserable(in the age of America)
Hypocritical(in the defining time of integrity)
Repressed(in the explosion of Romantic Art)
Silent(in the age of Romantic Music)
Suffering(in the invention of popular dance)

...and so on.
Hey kids!Never mind all these idiots!Look at Marx!

I mean, come on.
Pull the other one,eh?
What the hell do these ancient teenagers take us for?

And poor sods like John Major tried to return us to this age with woefully light references such as 'back to basics', a Victorian defence which had already been outmaneouvred by everybody from Dickens to Zola.
So now we have a latter day giggle-fest, with the difference that they finally feel safe from adult intervention.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Democracy Is Not Liberty

Try telling these people there is such a thing as too much freedom; I'll bet nobody dared.

The sole justification for the state is the protection of Freedom.
No state in the modern world actually does this, but to a degree there are some that still take freedom seriously.
Democracy is the sort of dimwit's answer to questions that really don't need to be answered, such as 'self-determination' for non-entities that actually have no self, such as Sudetenland or the Eurozone. Democracy is some sort of avowedly imperfect method for imposing the bleats of a majority of sheep on the lives of all the sheep.
Our rulers(both statutory and fairly secret) live on the sidelines, tipping the balance when it suits them and they are able, riding out the little groundswells in their luxury land-yachts, and playing their games while laughing at the futility of this illusory system of imposition.
Occasionally a Hitler or Mussolini will come along and threaten the status quo, but this is usually not a reality unless they use reassuring appeasement to reach strength first.

It is a shame, but it really looks as though the mad bastards of the axis actually cleared out some of the rulers(for little reason and no gain)only to create a deficit into which unexpurgated elites from foreign lands could infiltrate.
But not for long, as there was still sufficient gravitas in the application of new Constitutions to Germany and Japan as to provide some sort of vague guarantee of independence, a role for those country's own people in their own countries.

In the balance was(and is) the struggle between those who have sincere feelings of sympathy for freedom, and those who definitely don't.

There has to be a difference between legitimacy and illegitemacy, between the present, invalid but more valid state, and the various groups of fairly secret pretenders.
There is one thing and one thing only that distinguishes these groups from a generally free for all power struggle; possession and control of the law.

The Law is what defines the State, and the State is supposed to be the rock, the rallying point around which people can unite to defend their Liberty. Not 'liberties'. Liberty.
Today the state is withering fast, even as it arrogates more and more bad law for the purposes of capturing the imaginary imagination of progressively more stupid segments of the public.

Until it decides to allow the Liberty that every right-minded Human Being wants, then it will continue to fade and will cause the fairly secrets to gain in power and influence, until the day comes when we reach 1933 all over again.

This is inevitable.The SA and the Communists forced Hindenburg to choose a 'Germanic' strong man then; some other groups will threaten coups-d'Etats in some other way in the future, possibly the near future, and institutions like Labour(New),Conservative(Cameron)and Liberal Democrat(headless chicken subject to internal power struggles) won't be capable of stopping it or even willing to recognise it.
Nobody will be shot(except Brazilian electricians)(what do we really know about that man?), they will simply be replaced.

The state will be aggrandised and eroded at the same time, and Liberty will disappear.

Hang It All, Sorehead....

...we only want to do what's best for everybody!

You can't make an omellette without breaking eggs, and we can do without your constant sniping from the sidelines.
We're only trying to save our business.

What business?Well....

So they, more or less, go on trying to justify their position of priviledge(rule) by saying:
1)It is for the good of 'the people';
2)It is for 'our good';
3)They had no choice;
4)They want what's best for all.

Not good.
Not that they'd give it up.Used to be part of 'noblesse oblige', the old feudal system dressed up as a dynamic social system, the description applied to 'old' Tories(who mostly had no tie at all for it, a bit like your neighbour calling you 'grandpa'),the priviledge tag implying temporary and interchangeable advantage, the rest being quietly and actively forgotten so as to leave a static, stagnant cess-pool of a society where the ruled get weaker and the rulers get stronger.

Heck, it's a natural order;and then look what happens. It's in the photo.

Then ever so quietly, we need power, we need to rule(so that this never happens again, because we love you).
As the years pass, louder and louder.

But war has changed things.History has taught them a lesson.

Now it's a game!
And they only get violent in extremis.
And only against individuals, not races!
That would be racist, and Big Brother says thats evil!

They'll tolerate almost anything. As long as they may rule.Ever so gently. But rule.
Because, as we all heard, 'power is an aphrodysiac', and they must get their jollies, get their leg-over every now and again, when they meet the deadness in the eye of some coiffured bitch that they just have to stain.

Because she's playing the game too.(Not on the game, that's too straight).

It's like a children's party where they all share the cake when they've been invited, and every other adult gets zip-actually has his cake taken off him by these ageing tots, who run around out of sight of the press and the truth, getting older, bolder and dirtier.

But their cunning is the cunning of the ages.

Still, their viciousness is youthful, eh?

Happy Happy Happy.............Fear.

What's worse? A still tongue? Or people who won't hear?

If you still your tongue, there remains the possibility that people would listen if you actually spoke.
This is comforting. It allows the illusion of the best of outcomes in the best of worlds to go untested, and if you are happy with this it can only be because you are unable to care, whether through fear or indifference.
But how can this be happiness?

It isn't.
You will try and strive and work and hoard your spiritual goods against all examination.
Then the day will come when you wish to take them aside and look at them.

And you may experience a moment of happiness.
Then you will be conscious of everything you have allowed to go unchallenged.
And you will be afraid.

Will you speak then?At last?

The other possibility is that you put silence to flight and try other people.
They will listen(maybe).They will look at your credentials(none), and decide that you aren't 'qualified' to speak.
So you will come to realise that there is no reason to speak if other people are the reason.
So you speak to hear your own reality made real.

And that is a powerful drug.
You will speak.You will be ignored.
Then, one day, after you have been speaking so long that you realise other people are irritated by the lack of silence, something will rush at your head out of the dark air, and you will wonder what.
It may leave a mark on your mind.
It may silence you.
It may make you change the subject.

It may anger you.
Anger is a fine thing when expressed. But we have laws for that. So it becomes a disease, something which clogs the arteries of the mind and leads to moral seizure that makes it impossible to continue.

At this stage the wise man takes a rest and allows the fuse to fizzle out.

The wise man also remembers.

When he continues, he will see the 'creature of the dark' again and again.
This must be the psychological mirror that reflected the image of the Vampire and other monsters.

But a pattern will emerge, for the creatures, despite their 'sophistication', are not necessarily all that bright.
The pattern will imply the existence of something apart from the random, something cruising through the social fog like the Bismarck in 1941.

And, if you have a scientist's mind, you can test for the existence and behaviour of this enemy; being wary all the time not to be too much of a nuisance. For if they notice you they will also consider their options and the nocturnal visitation will accelerate.

Now comes the crux of the matter, all the knowledge of modus operandi, the reluctance of their persecution, the fastidiousness of their abuse; if you are small they will ignore you.
If you are not too small they will approach, to either subborn you or intimidate you.
At which stage you will realise the essential truth: the Gods first drive mad those whom they wish to destroy;but these are far from gods.
They are crappy, evil, fallible little people and where people are concerned, every evil has a point of delivery.

The journey continues. You learn what sort of people these are. And then the fun begins. You tell the world.

That's A Stretch.

What's that,Pinky?
Sorehead's been in contact with MI5?
Your Sorehead?

How funny!
Let's see.
Let him know you know.
He'll assume you're one of them!
That'll help the Fairly Secret Army no end!

Well, sorry to tell you this Pinky.
But if you were in any way legitimately connected, I would question their judgement so much I would never have dealings with them again.
And that was even before you tried to rip everybody off.

They All Said I Was Mad!

Sadly, this photo of the front page is all I can get;the online Sunday Express is subscription only.
But I can certainly give you a precis:
Matthew Mellon was arrested by Scotland Yard on charges of illegal bugging(wiretaps) and hacking.
He was betrayed by an employee of BT who contacted police.
They uncovered a 'bizarre' network of illegal wiretapping and hacking which involved private detectives and private police numbers, selling access to information to rivals for a fee.

Seventeen men and one woman have been charged with criminal offences.
The 18 will appear in court on charges of accessing confidential NHS files for the purposes of blackmail, modifying computer material and falsifying invoices.
Other charges include conducting surveillance on Law Enforcement agencies and witnesses.

Fairly Secret Army.


Now, for the record(in case of blackmail)I have been suspicious of many things over the last fifteen years, and twice confined to Roundhay Wing of Leeds Hospital until I took my medicine, although on the second occasion (1999), I found enough code violations to threaten them with closure so they let me go.
In 1999 I contacted MI5 on confidential business; I also took my first holiday to Canada and the USA, as things were altogether intolerable for me in this country.
My phone was interfered with, as when I tried to ring Manchester airport I received a load of gobbledegook followed by the message from Pinky's answering machine.
He also suggested that my cheap flight(Royal, as it was) was 'thanks to MI5'.

Of course with the 'madness' and the 'medication' etc I was supposed to bury all this and forget about it.
Fact is, I assume my land line is bugged.
I actually hear it bleep off around 930pm most nights as the buggers have enough and hang up.

It's funny how you can get a grim satisfaction from yanking people's chains.

I think it has to be a 'fairly secret army', since MI5 are professionals who need a reason to bug people.
Fact is, I say more of interest publicly than I ever do in private, so it is extremely unlikely that Law Enforcement would waste 6 years, and repeated authorisations from the Home Secretary and thousands of man-hours, when there are bad guys to be caught.

So it could only be the actually mad.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Drama And The Queen.

This 'ere is Peter Tatchell.
He protests about Bush.
He protests about Israel.
But sometimes, he protests about Zimbabwe.
Even about protesting.

He was the gay Labourite who went up against fellow election-virgin Liberal, Simon Hughes, in Bermondsey many years ago.

Bermondsey was where I acquired my ability to be an awkward sod, especially when working, never letting the bastards get to me.
Destry riding again?
Could be.
I learned from master bastards, seventy year-old guys who'd been in the Navy, or the Army, or gangs, or deserted. They taught me how to swear a blue streak without actually being vulgar.
Bermondsey used to be London's Hell's Kitchen. They were rough times. But the old men were okay. It was the present generation I couldn't stand.
Anyway, Peter lost the election and became a loose cannon; Hughes went on to be favourite for the leadership of the Lib-Dems, until, that is, last week, when he(belatedly after 20 years) finally admitted he was also a homosexual.

Thing about Tatchell, he isn't afraid to have a go.
When Mugabe visited London a few years ago, he got into his limo, sat beside him and performed a citizen's arrest.
The guards beat him up, and he got arrested.
It was a brilliant way to demonstrate the utter bullshit that surrounds British Law.
It seems that anything can be ratified then ignored for the sake of a quiet life.
But Peter won't keep quiet.

Anyway, that's the last you'll hear from me about him.
His methods are great, but too much of his politics are beyond the pale.

Cracked Up Crackers And The Event Horizon

We aren't supposed to notice.
Bad things are supposed to 'happen'.
Sometimes they just do.
Others they just don't.

Today I have a slightly bruised left hand, and a badly cut, bruised and swollen left ankle.

Last night I had an accident.
"I just can't understand how it happened."

And that is supposed to put me to bed. All tucked up and sleeping soundly again, not a care in the world.
And no more of these nasty little articles eh?

Today I have a slightly bruised left hand, and a badly cut, bruised and swollen left ankle.

They hurt. The cut is deep. It was caused by a pallet falling on my leg.
All my fault of course, since I pulled it off the pile and it fell on me.

But the man I tripped over was six feet away.

When I looked.

But I wasn't looking behind me when he was closer.

It's not a serious physical threat.
It's a 'cracker'.

There is violence involved. The violence is supposed to be invisible, the injuries (avowedly) self-inflicted, the effect purely due to the subconscious detection of 'something not quite right', overruled by the conscious decision to call it an accident.

I'll keep my eye on Mister Wint.
Something tells me it won't be happening again.


I eat Washington Reds for breakfast!
They are, of course, apples from the home of the Big Apple.
Personally I prefer Canadian Red Macs, as they have more flavour and an easier bite.And now another warning.
Don't spend too much or too little time sleeping.
You'll be a long time dead.
And if you are ever in Wakefield, Yorkshire, you can be buried by a genuine Victorian mourner.
And taken to interment in this fine old horse-drawn hearst.
Frankly I hope for only one condition when I am buried.

I have to be buried in California.
(Cardboard coffin fine).

Friday, January 27, 2006

Civilisation?What Do You Mean, Civilisation?

What on Earth are we talking about? Induction?What?

Here in England a comon occurence is walking into a doorway when somebody is coming out.
They say 'sorry'. You say 'sorry'.
Both people apologise.
Neither has done anything wrong.

You express an opinion.
A communist expresses an opinion.
You 'bump' into one another.
He says 'sorry'.
He is in the wrong, so his apology leaves him with a sense of virtue, mis-translated, but a sense of virtue nonetheless.
You apologise.
But when you do, you apologise for yourself, for the right, for the world.
You trash your soul and mind.

This is habit.
This is induction.

We all lose. But you are the first to feel it.

Rewind to the nineteenth century.
This is a time they try to bury even more comprehensively than the Conservative revolution of the 1970s.
It must never be allowed to return.
So it is presented as far distant, unreachably so.

But look at the photo.
They are executed Communards.
The Communards established a rebel republic in Paris in 1871 at the height of the Franco-Prussian war.

And all their techniques were the same.

They established a 'Public Safety Committee', which murdered innocent citizens who disagreed with them.
They 'wept' at the harshness of their own 'justice'.

They really, really didn't want to murder people. But the insistent demands for freedom(bastards,eh?) made it inevitable.

Since 1945, we have been treated to a New Way.
'There must be another way'.
They do the same things, for the same reasons, but the murder is psychological(except when unavoidable) and this means that we are not massacred.
Which is a Greater Good (for a Greater Number), apparently.

Only the stink of their mental ammonia makes them able to bear their own stench.

But we don't notice. Because we are supposed to have had our noses bloodied if ever we raise our heads too high to take a look.

Marxism and Inductive Coercion

The dialectic process has been described (yesterday) as a chronic social interaction that violates by mere persistence.

In other words, for a Marxist, the battle is never lost so long as we keep talking.
A quiet Marxist is someone who doesn't really understand where his own loyalty lies. He may wake up one day and clear his head of all that nonsense, rejoining the human race, at which stage, ironically, the tolerance true Marxists demand and crave will once again be an option.

What is 'Inductive Coercion' then?
Well, it is a sort of bastard offshoot of 'leading by example'; in their imaginations there is a sort of chain of consequence in discussion which has nothing to do with what is being said, but instead follows a dependence/codependence model, so that, for example, if the Marxist apologises(deliberately) they hope that their opponent will also apologise.

But here is the trick.
To meet in the middle, the Marxist only has to temporarily adjust the degree of principle to which he adheres, while his opponent must actually violate theirs.
Which leaves only a matter of time before ultimate Marxist victory.

Of course, and this is where they become 'fairly secret', if principles are adhered to all to strongly, the possibility of executive action will cross their minds.
Thus induction will be exposed as pure coercion if unsuccessful.

By the way, any cry that this is all theoretical and that we should concern ourselves with 'practical politics' is a call for direct revolutionary action.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pliss...What Iss 'Insidious'?

Bless 'em.
What do they do?
What is 'insidious'?
Why do they 'bend over backwards'?

Consult the manual.
The communist instruction book.
What is the 'Dialectic Process'?

Well, okay. Take it at face value, work it out.
The dialectic process is a sequence of chronic social interaction, one that by its very existence represents an impertinence, a 'pressure' causing us to forget our words, to cease creating, to become muscle-fodder for our dependencies, our dependencies being the agents of social change(or more correctly, today, agents of social status quo).

Why is it insidious?

Because it borrows the 'good sense' of yesteryear, the ambitions of decency such as giving a fair hearing, being just, being generous, being tolerant...it takes our minds and stretches them past the limits of Hookean Law, past the elastic limit, to the stage where they don't work any more.

And these people try to do it without being noticed.

Well, I notice from time to time, if only in the unfortunate deficit of the symptoms.

This is why we must always return to our work. For in work we find the 'reality check' they so often shrill at us to take, as they spatter our eyes and ears with arrangements of words designed to mutilate and cripple; their motivation the 'thrill' of turning reality on its head, the challenge, the 'game', the chortling jollity of the slaughterman who confuses cattle with people(and in denial of this they stand reality up again by becoming vegan).

To score this thrill they will bend over backwards.

Play up and play the game?
Not bloody likely.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just A Lot Of Them.

In between the two types I mentioned yesterday?
A vast mass of people who are either apparachniks or fellow-travellers, the sympathisers and useful idiots of those who exploit the civilisation-gap.

These people believe that rules are necessary, not to combat their own evils(for they are vituous), but to protect the innocent masses from themselves and from the huge number of evil-doers just waiting in the wings.

These people used to be the fag-ends of Conservatism, the vociferous minority tolerated for their loyalty.

But these people were betrayed by the genuine pursuit of liberty in the seventies and eighties, and it is to these alienated bums that modern socialism appeals.
The message has changed, the means remains the same.
In Canada, the United States, Britain, Spain, the method has been to borrow the clothing of 'common sense' and appeal to these savages in the sure knowledge that they will parrot any glib catchphrase that appears to promise fulfilment of their sordid disciplinarian dreams.

So liberty perishes under the onslaught of halfwits from the suburbs who shriek when a Mars Bar wrapper appears behind their privet hedges, and are all too easily taught to gag when a smoker lights up in a public place.

Of course, such sloshing sentimentality dies out eventually and there is a reaction; but the socialists are prepared for this in the way they bury any possible return to former times.

This is why the 'Millenium' was such a big deal(to them).
And why Mrs. Thatcher is still 'Thatcher' and a bad thing.
And why every lie must prevent popularity for George W.Bush.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Schizophrenia-The Adults Aren't All Wrong.

One word that we don't hear all that often anymore, is 'Civilisation'.
There was a time when civilisation was recognised as an enormous benefit, an unquestionable 'good', something that could never be doubted.

Anyway, thirty or so years ago there was a bit of a mess, a bit of a scandal, and our good friend 'civilisation' disappeared into obscurity and retirement, presummably leading a quiet life of pained silence and genteel poverty.

What was the essence of the scandal?

Well, after the second Great War, when we were finally sold via state penury into slavery, civilisation was reduced from the state of 'being civilised', ie describing a society worldwide that respected its constituent individuals, to merely being a referent to a degree of non-murderousness that distinguished us from Pol Pot or Ho Chi Min or Mao Tse Tung or Stalin or Hitler.

It was an embarrassed fig-leaf of a word that (according to Captain Kirk) restrained our natural urge to assassinate the good and made us conform to various rules and taboos.

All for the good of these 'individuals', the 'individuals' that English lovers of 'eccentricity' proclaim to be the quintessence of various wholesome-sounding (national/notional) characteristics.

But there are two types of people in positions of power today; thank god.
The first regards the constraints of this forfeit to embarrassment as a resented obligation that yet enables them to compare favourably to monsters of actual murder.
Their murder spills much less blood, and then only through the indirection of 'fairly secret plots', and then only at the insistence of individuals who actually want to be free.
This sets them apart from the plain butchers.
But observe the hypocrisy of the trial of Saddam Hussein, as opposed to the summary justice dealt to the Ceausescus.

The second type of power-monger is genuinely desirous of doing good(and genuinely disappointed when, inevitably, the opposite happens). This person sees in the existence of a reasonably potent State, the possibility of creating defensive organs which can actually survive in the face of the 'fairly secrets', and actually, sometimes, grant protection to those self-same individuals who so love freedom.

At this stage, we rediscover in these statutory remnants that which was- Civilisation.

"You Are Experiencing A Road Traffic Accident!"

Here it is!
An old Reliant Scimitar, the classic, cracking-good sports estate with the Ford V6 from the makers of the 3 wheeled Robin.
Sort of like a Pigeon keeper suddenly breeding a hunting Hawk.

Anyway, I'm in a bad mood; drove a difficult day, pulled a blinder, and relaxing on the way home, I got caught out and went into the back of a hesitant Jaguar X-Type at a junction.
Thing is my car was badly damaged but there wasn't a mark on the Jag.
So considering that all 'modern' cars are designed to give, why didn't the Jag?
Slick, if it was arranged.
But who can be bothered?
The higher they build their walls, the taller I get.
Or just have another beer and suck it up. Shit happens.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Horbury-Gateway To The South

Horbury Town nestles on the side of a deep river valley in the South West of Yorkshire, near the Pennine Mountains.
The town is famous for the 'Scuffler' a square-ish breadcake of soft, white bread which is ideal for delicious sandwiches filled with local produce.

Horbury Bridge, the industrial offshoot, is nearby(at the bottom of the valley) and is home to an enormous rail depot, main roads and the Calder River and canal, which are all bridged in one place.
Right next to the bridges is this old, stone house, which was a meeting place in 1865 when 'Onward Christian Soldiers' was given its world premier.
The composer(who's name I can't quite make out-forgive my photo) lived to the age of 90 and died in 1924.
So he was born in Georgian days then.Nineteen years after Waterloo.Maybe his dad fought Napoleon?

I don't know about you, but I think that's rather interesting.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Lost?What Do You Mean, Lost?

The devil you say? You have to have the right numbers to win the £85 million?
And if I stole the winning ticket and took the money, they would say I was the bad guy!

Roll Me Over In The Clover!

Today? Why, today is European Lottery day!
I've bought my ticket; it is possible I could win the whole jackpot.

That's £85 million.

Or $190 million Canadian;
Or $165 million US.

Quite a tidy sum, eh?

I could buy a dozen ivory backscratchers every day for the rest of my life! And my capitall would still grow!
A house in the Yorkshire Wolds.
A high-level apartment in Toronto.
A small coastline bungalow in Northern California.
A Lamborghini in Leeds.
A very best Volvo in Canada.
A Hemi on the West coast.

Flying lessons!
A really high-end computer with the most expensive version of .NET.

And then, a business to keep me busy.

Can money make you happy?

Takes One To Know One.

Why is this guy wearing make-up?
Is he queer or something? No skin off my nose, but when he starts going on about 'sex-offenders working in schools', it is somewhat embarrassing.

A newspaper got all upset about rumours that people 'on the sex offenders register' were working with children.
This 'sounded bad' so the government, in the person(I think) of Ruth Kelly, made a supine apology and promised not to let it happen again.
Furthermore, stage-lesbian Kelly said that anybody even cautioned for a sex offence(not convicted) would be sacked.
So, perverts are fine as long as they don't break the law.

One man sacked was 22 when he fell in love with a 15 year-old girl. They remained married for 19 years and had 3 children, and, according to her, did not have sex until it was legal, after her 16th birthday.
Nevertheless, the man was placed on the 'sex-offenders register' or the 1980 equivalent, 'List 99'.

But that's all right as long as people like Kelly can wear trouser suits, talk and look like the man they are not and lord it over the little guy, at the behest of any stray dog from the press.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Busy Day

While walking to the bus stop from work, I came across this example of the Smart Sportster 'Fastback' I mentioned earlier.
Nice eh?

Then back past the art gallery and the town hall, passing the War Memorial in the twilight.
At the centre of the picture, wreaths from a)The Jewish Servicemen's Association and to the right b)The SAS.
Makes you wonder who actually placed the SAS wreath; was it a proxy?Did they do it in secret?

Anyway, these bring me back to the subject.
Winston Churchill was against the establishment of Israel, as he thought that the priorities of the post-war world should be arranged for the benefit of those 'who actually put up a fight'.

So all at once the Jewish people murdered in the holocaust stopped being Poles, French, German, Russian etc and were merely 'Jews'.
Also the 100,000 Palestinian-Jewish volunteers were forgotten, and the British and Allied Jewish combatants were slandered.

What a stupid, racialist bastard.
No wonder the Tories lost the 1945 election; people in this country must have seen past his avowed love of freedom to the ingrained bigotry underlying it.

Monday, January 16, 2006

No Good Ole Fashioned Lynchin' Today.

Take a look at the picture.
That is Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party.
The Nazi-liberal press sent undercover reporters to a meeting of the BNP to garner evidence of his alleged statements inciting 'racial hatred'.
They then took this 'evidence' to the establishment so that a legal penalty could be imposed.

The trial started today in Leeds.

Attempts were made to have the trial removed to another place, because the fact is that it deals, however ineffectively, obliquely and nonsensically, with issues subject to taboo.

I go to Leeds every day. Every day I meet 'white' people, from Beeston in particular, where the bombers hailed from, who are learning to hate with a passion everything to do with Moslems. Not Irish. Not any Indians(Sikh, Hindu).
Just Moslems.

What Mister Griffin may have been doing was articulate and subvert these resentments for his own party-political ends; what he did not and cannot do is incite 'Racial Hatred', old Westerns about 'lynchins' notwithstanding.
He is being singled out for persecution by the Inquisition of 'Liberal' tyranny, a sacrifice to their own screaming gods of psychological slavery.

I mean, come on! What do they take people for? If he loses, he is a martyr. If he wins, he wins big-time. He acquires respectability.
These bludgers must be even more stupid that they deny being.

As for Griffin, every photo I see shows him with a 'dead' left eye. There is a well-known link between emotional-intellectual integrity and such a split in a human face.
He is obviously maintaining some sort of pretence or pressure against reality.
It may be some sort of general stress.But it is real.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yet On Some Days.....

In my sleepy Yorkshire village again and today there was a friendly smile and a pint of Sam's waiting for me, or so it seemed.
I sat and was left the hell alone, even accepted, and enjoyed my beer while laughing at the conversation of other people.

This is how an English Sunday was always supposed to be.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Channel 4 Gets It Right- At Last.

I am used to turning off Channel Four documentary programmes as quickly as possible.
They are worse than Michael Moore and The Daily Show, because they present themselves as 'authoritative', rather like very bad newspapers.

But tonight I saw a show about the growth of Iraqi Commercial TV as told by Iraqis.
Ordinary people are going to extraordinary lengths to lead ordinary lives, in the face of actual killing and intimidation.

There was a long sequence about an Iraqi 'Idol' show called Iraq Star.
In a moment of unwitting comedy, a young girl with great talent said "I hope I get to the final.Then I can go from Baghdad to Beirut!"

Really, she wasn't trying to be funny.
And when you think about it, really, it isn't.
I had tried to get her picture here, but I can't find one.
There are two pictures of the show and hundreds of foaming USA-boosting bits of nonsense.
(I mean, the US would do a lot better if they trusted the Iraqis to speak with their newfound freedom).

Anyway, one thing struck me more than anything else.
The old are cynical.They are weary. They back nobody.They are ragged,they are poor, they are still fearful.

But, even in the worst neighbourhoods, every little kid has a clean, white shirt to wear (at school?) and a neat haircut.
Somebody must still believe in a better future.

Forget Islamo-Fascism.

I've come down with a dose.
A mild dose.

Of Albionic Poisoning, otherwise known as the British Disease or Anglo-Fascism.

Albionic Poisoning is typically contracted by detatched or actually foreign persons who tend to lapse into moments of 'out-of-context' experience in Britain.

So, when I walked into the Hunter's for a pint, I saw the morons in vests (in mid-Winter), piling into the pub ahead of me, I thought it looked grim.
I went in.
Very crowded.
Very noisy.
It was a rugby club.
And then I had an 'out-of-context' experience.

Because I had never paid any special attention to Rugby, not being particularly interested, I forgot everything I had observed over the years.
I did not ask why, when going to the best Real Beer pub in Yorkshire, these morons ordered Foster's Lager.(I mean for Christ's Sake!)
I waited patiently in the crowd, thinking(as so often) that I was anonymous.
I gave the attractive barmaid the once over while her back was turned, and my thoughts were interrupted by a braying squeal of faux-laughter from a plummy young thug on my left, part of a group of four.
This is not supposed to cause a fight. Because it's four to one.
It is supposed to engender in me the same sexual impotence, and especially mental,sexual impotence, that the weakling of 'manly' sport has surrendered himself to.

I sat and drank my pint. I even laughed out loud at the thought of jabbing my thumbs into his baby-blue eyes and side-kicking his knee to end his sporting career for good.

But then I'd be the bad guy, right?

We have no guns in England, except for the criminals and the police.
The rest of us are supposed to be kept in line by the smiling, well spoken and trendy storm-troopers of Albionic Poison;

but you can always spot them. They are clumsy in everything they do to the point of full-on malapropism.
Trouble is, we forget.
Because who wants to keep the image of a louse in his head, as chronic reminder?

Productive Day!

The old, very venerable, MG Midget. This is a late one. In the seventies, the American, particularly Californian, regulators, had a lot of mischeivous fun chopping, changing, and threatening new laws on car 'safety'.

The British manufacturers who relied on the market had plans to produce new ranges to take over, but with the uncertainty generated by these legislative terrorists, the plans came to nought.
Eventually, the legislation was more or less confined to changing bumper height, and so the old, knackered models soldiered on with ludicrous,cheap plastic mouldings and spring height stepping.
By then the car industry was dying, strangled by terrible management, terrible workmanship and communist strike action.

But this is still an MG Midget.
From happier days in the forties, this is a Ford Popular, a cheap, basic, competent, nice car that Ford built in Britain.
Ford UK ceased to be the central driving force of Ford Europe in 1971.
The honour went to Germany, although a lot of research work still goes on in Essex.
Why? The communist penetration of the company, as with BMC.
This example is non-restored, completely original and ever so slightly tatty.

Now, for all those idiots who play 'X-Box' or 'Playstation' or even PC games, this is a real game.
It is a video game.
And yes!
That is a real Vickers .303 Heavy Machine Gun connected to it.
No bloody fear!
It's in the Royal Armouries Museum, in Leeds.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Used To Be The Case...

It used to be the case that if we were to be rendered helpless in the face of some alleged 'importance', it would be somebody on the level of Brezhnev who would create this state of affairs.

When he visited the USA and drove at 70 mph down the middle of the road, it was because he expected to be given a private, priviledged access to so-called 'public' roads.

It didn't happen in the US and he was persuaded to refrain from driving American cars.

But is was the norm in the USSR.
And for many years.

Today, returning from a hard day at work, and only fifty yards from home, I was stopped, as were we all.
This went on for fifteen minutes, with only the distant, blue flashing light of a Police Motorcycle to explain.
Then, suddenly, a prison bus with a massive escort sped by, and after a few moments more we were allowed to proceed.
In the prison bus?
An alleged cop killer.
So if you kill a cop in this country you are treated like a head of state in the Soviet Union?

Is this the New Royalty?

If it was up to me I'd hire a Leeds passenger bus.
The guy sitting behind the criminal(alleged) would have a loaded gun and if anybody tried to rescue him, BOOM!
It's not brain surgery.
My father once escorted a dangerous Italian from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum on the train.
All he did was put a bullet up the spout of his Lee-Enfield, and point it.

Needless to say there was no escape attempt.
.303 bullets seriously damaged anything they hit.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Nice Work If You Can Do It!

My friends at London Fog had this to say:http://thelondonfog.blogspot.com/2006/01/art-of-possible.html
I don't think I've anything else to add at this stage.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It Gets Worse-Show Some Respect!

First we had Aretha Franklin singing about respect. That I could appreciate, even though it was a little overblown.

Then we had George Galloway starting an entire 'party' called Respect. That was just embarrassing, although he got elected to parliament on the strength of his anti-Labour credentials.

Now we have Darth Blair declaring a 'new' policy-called, for those simpletons who would like to see the rebels win, 'Respect'.
It must be important, or it wouldn't be on all three news channels, would it?(well, two, since ITV stopped altogether).
Oh yes.
The new 'anti-social' behaviour policy.
Under which you can be turned into the street for making too much noise(not stopped-evicted)

What's the bloody use? The government is going to start forcing us to behave the way it wants us to behave, citing the existence of any complaint as excuse for executive action.
They already shoot dead people getting on trains in generally terrifying manner, such as not conforming to police descriptions and other traumatic abuses, so this should come as no surprise.

Respect will only lead to one thing:rage!
But don't worry. None of us has guns any more, and we are all being watched all the time.

So who will stick up for us?
Labour Lite?
Headless Chicken Democrats?
Or the bad-cop even-worse cops of Labour.

There's A Lot of It About.

Flu, that is.
Anyway, what do you say?
If Pinky 'demands' the removal of a simple statement that a)In January 2005 I was threatened with legal action and b) My mother was threatened in May 2005 and c)third time is a 'charm'(ie something's up-as Scarface would have inferred), then what can you conclude?Is it an admission?Is he trying to establish free passage and secrecy for the threats, his or not?

Looks like it.

Well he can just go away. For now.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brave 'New' World.

In the Sunday Torygraph magazine today?
1)Article about the late Johnny Cash, now that he can't reply.
2)Article about everybody's favourite Welsh lefty 'comedian'. How populistic, eh?
3)Article about a woman who is a soap star in Red China. That way we get three parts soap-gush to two parts cover-up.
China is so wonderful.
And now, in order to make sure that no Chinese civilians can read this blog, I will incorporate the forbidden words:
Human Rights.
That ought to get me banned.
For further data take a look at last weeks London Fog.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The bastards!

It's enough to put you off Killkenny beer forever.
What do you do to a madman?
If you are sure he is a physical danger to you or others, you lock him up in isolation.

What do Absolute Property Rights do?
They throw the mad into isolation in the most humane possible way, in that they cannot remove our property.
Why do the mad fear and hate property rights?
Because they represent justice and the 'judgement' of 'society'.

Why must we not 'take ourselves too seriously'?
Because people who take themselves 'too' seriously are intolerant of petty death.
Petty death is the 'little' murder committed by mad bastards to fuel their psychopathalogical appetites for other people's impotence and suffering.
They want living death to be induced in others without the necessity for actual killing-just yet.

My attitude?

Every evil has a point of delivery.
Every delivery can be resisted.
At this stage it usually turns to violence of some sort, which is to say that evil will keep ramping up until it surrenders or commits violence.
Evil needs us. We (definitely) don't need it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I've lost my taste for teasing 'Pinky'.
The realisation is that the man is actually insane, so that no amount of attempting to induce a rational value-judgement will work.
This man is actually insane, so I won't waste any more effort either taunting or being upset by this unfortunate person.
That is not to say I am 'just going away'.
But it isn't sport any more. It just isn't funny.
A lunatic is running around with a loaded litigious gun.

It can only fire a blank, but the noise is distasteful. As for sympathy, I have none to offer; when the dust settles, the suffering and heartache and wasted life due to this bastard renders all such impossible.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And Now The Good News.

In this country, some people are not especially a part of one group or another.
Like democratic 'loyalties', the authority of the 'powers that be' is divided and largely concensual; a man may do the bidding of the spiders, one day but not the next.
Obviously the closer he is to the centre (knowingly) then the more likely he is to be a life-thrall.
And then there are the many who have nothing to do with this. To their knowledge.

Also, there may well be many groups of these people at many levels, in continually shifting alliance, neutrality and emnity, mainly neutrality, as envisioned by Bismark and his system of dependencies and threats.

When Mohammed Al Fayed suggests that 'MI6', the Secret Intelligence Service, was responsible for the deaths in Paris, I believe that he is guilty of gross over-simplification.
What do we know about MI6? Not a lot. Except that the pattern I described is largely consistent in that they do use people who are, literally, agents, which means that there are people doing their work who do not possess a FO Civil Service Pension or holiday benefits, but who do, let us say, find certain things in British domestic life a little easier.
If they need 'muscle' they call on something they refer to as 'the Increment', a collection (rather than a unit)of well qualified and experienced military men. And probably women too if SOE was anything like.
But the point is this.
Living in vagueness may be an effective method for hiding a political executive arm in open view, but there must be many, temporarily non-current, retired and 'wannabe' fairly-secrets, hovering around the action(especially the lack of it), like Fruit Flies around a Whiskey Bottle.

These are the sort of people who would murder Thomas A-Beckett to gain the approval of the King, or shoot a rival gang-member to gain peer-approval, or generally try to make a 'name' for themselves in (fairly) secret circles.

Of course, the actual MI6 will regard these fruit-flies with contempt and amusement, except where they actually join a serious power bloc which potentially poses a threat. (But not internally- MI5 is the one with the motto 'Regnum Defende').

Trouble is, and precisely because their antics are allowed, tolerated and possibly even encouraged(as cover),the flies get drunk on the irresponsibility of their living lie, and try to convince the many, many, all too gullible public around them that they are the genuine article.

And so, two men and a dog(a fairly secret dog) can all too easily wield intimidatory 'power' over a swathe of people. And these dupes become, in turn, their agents.
?Just look at the case of the fraudster who stole a million by pretending to be from MI5. He almost founded a cult-and a cult of secrecy is what allowed him to do it for years.
(But he is now in prison).
So. Maybe MI6 killed the man who crashed into Diana. But not Diana. And they probably are obliged to flex their muscle like that, occasionally, to keep these fuckworts in their places.
But know this-they don't operate in the UK without Secretarial approval, and the ones that do-MI5-don't have any legal executive powers.

Which brings me back to the main subject:power blocs. The summary is that no single group rules the social roost( hence the term 'concensus', whether or not political), and most of life is unaffected-they only penetrate or go active for specific reasons.
They may pursue specific people.
They may defend specific people.
But if they go for the test of Law, in public, these people are on their own.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Eliminate The Impossible.....

...and whatever remains must be the truth.
So said Sherlock Holmes.
So what is my cause for belief in a giant 'powers that be' conspiracy?
Too many convenient rearrangements? Of facts, people and reality? All for the benefit of the ever-encroaching enslavement of the free. All based on real-life,hard-life experience of the sort of 'people' who would actually die before allowing a free individual to flourish; but such people are a minor inconvenience, because for every one of them there is another person who would kill and for the same reason.
The people who would die suffer from the delusion that they would be sacrificing for some common good.
The others believe that they would be sacrificing you and I for the common good, and they would believe this right to the end.
Compared to these people Hitler was an honest man.
They are instruments-of god, of the people, of the 'revolution'. And the more evil they do, the more heightened their 'state of grace'-to the public image they hold in their heads.

But when they act they know. They know the truth. From time to time it comes to them in brief flashes, but don't look for the obvious, you won't find it.

At the top levels, these crooks are sublimated, distilled out of worldliness to a point where their illusions of integrity become realities, realities of conscientous pretence.
Their ivory towers are surrounded by lakes of bleach, and when they wear dress gloves, the gloves are rubber.
No blood touches their remote skin.

To meet them is to remain singularly unimpressed, perhaps even to wonder what possible fuss could be associated with them.
But their slightest breath becomes a zephyr that engulfs the souls of the violent, (without prejudice) and delivers evil to your door, untraceable, impersonal evil.

In other words, slavery has gone 'legit', and while you may stop particular outbreaks, it will keep on coming so long as the upper echelons can 'live' without visible means of support.

And yes, it might be systematised.

Rare Beast Captured In The Wild.

This enormous Black Beauty is?

A Volkswagen.
A Volkswagen Phaeton. Very rare. Very expensive.
The badge on the back told me it was a 3 litre petrol.The 55-plate says it's less than five months old.
Whoever owns it, congratulations, you must be doing well.

Volkswagen was started by Hitler; the original VW badge was identical except it contained a swastika.
Of course, an awful lot of people realised that the 'powers that were' really were.
Hitler blamed the Jewish People, which was a deliberate lie; I believe that the Nazis hoped to cash in on the status quo eventually, they didn't want to challenge it, they merely wished to exploit the real wish of people to fight back, so they cynically presented themselves as a 'new' and 'alternative' means of fighting back. After they won power, they culled the deluded among their own ranks in the 'Night of the Long Knives' when the SA was destroyed.
Towards the end they went through Count Bernadott to try and contact the 'powers that were', whom they still couldn't believe wanted to terminate Nazism.
Which is a bit of a giveaway,eh?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Why Everyone Should Care About Diana.

Well, Charles, time is passing and we need heirs. Obviously you can't have Camilla, she's married as we told her to stop you being too happy. We have to keep you in line. But you need to breed.Hehe, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!
Anyway, how about this girl?

Time passes.

Right Charles, you've done your duty. Two boys! Excellent!
Now you can have a bit of fun, you big, silly boy.But keep it quiet!
We need to keep you guilty.

Time passes.

That bitch!All over public TV!But we've got some guy to discredit her.He was supposed to control her, but it didn't work. He'll accept this as his duty.

Time passes.

She kicked him to the kerb!And took up with Dodi Fayed?She may be pregnant?
But the grandfather isn't even a British citizen!God!The bastard would be the sibling of the King!

Time stops. For Diana.

Does anybody really think that a heavy Mercedes can be knocked out of control by a Fiat Panda?
Obviously it was only meant to scare her.How were they to know that she wasn't wearing a seat belt?Paul Burrel was, and he survived.
Maybe she never wore a seatbelt.
Maybe they just took a chance at killing somebody.Maybe.

They thought she was out of control. Can't have freedom,now, can we?
Look at that guy...what was his name? You know, a real rebel!Lead singer of AC/DC;Bon Scot.
He died before they got too big, didn't he?
Paula Yates?She's dead.Suicide. And Michael Hutchence.That's the guy that spoiled things for pet punk Bob Geldof;and look at how well Bob is doing now!Certainly shoots down my theory about rebels.Why, he's even working with the Conservative Party now. Post Thatcher, obviously.

All these idiots, talking about 'conspiracy'.It's much less formal than that. More of an understanding.
The 'Establishment'? What utter nonsense!
The Establishment is politicians and civil servants.
Kind of like Sinn Fein to the real powerbase, the IRA of British society, except they don't kill at random, and not at all unless their 'Crackers' fail to control people.
They are humane.
It's for our own good and only as a last resort.
That's so 20th Century.

Diana? She's so..20th century, she's so...nineteen seventies...

Stop The Presses!(If Only They Could,eh?)

Just in from Channel 4 TV News: the Russians have stopped the flow of gas through Ukraine altogether.
It's affecting the whole of Eastern Europe.
They would probably settle for 'influencing' a bit of regime change.
Good old satellites, eh?
Good old buffer zone.
Back to spheres of influence; as in the forties, Western expertise and logistics, due to 'relations' being good(we sit quietly while they bugger their own people and our politicians) has produced strategic leverage in Eastern Europe.

What's the odds our governments try to fight 'fire with fire' by politicising a few of our industries, so they're like Gazprom?

Red Faced With Exertion.

Today Gazprom, the Russian State Gas Monopoly, cut Ukraine's gas supply, because they wouldn't pay four times as much for it.
The Ukrainian domestic gas supply accounts for a quarter of the total Gazprom exports passing through Ukraine.
The other 75% is destined for Western Europe.
The Russians have said that this is purely a business matter, so if they invade the Ukraine, they are 'sticking up for Capitalism'.
Sticking up Ukraine.
Ukraine is the only former-Soviet state facing this price rise.
Ukraine is the only former-Soviet state applying to join NATO and the EEC.

The Russians have also said that there will only be a problem with the Western European gas supply if the Ukrainians syphon off gas passing through their territory.

I think that this is a prelude to a military campaign of occupation designed to 'save Europe from criminal disorder in the Ukraine.'
In the bad old days it would have been to liberate West Germany from the 'yoke of Capitalist oppression'.

By the way, Russia is the Chair of G8 this year.
Reagan would have told the Russians to get lost. As would Maggie. Unless her advisors told her another gutless 'Hong Kong' story about turning off the water, as in 1984.
But Reagan is dead. Maggie is retired. Today we have knicker-twist Blair.
Perhaps GW Bush can help?
But probably not, if he is afraid of all the liberal 'oil' posturing.

Look forward to another Cold-or Hot- War.
Fear not. Michael Moore and Bob Geldof are ready to attack.