Saturday, June 30, 2007

See You Tomorrow...

In the Brave New World.
Tired of the fact that people absolutely refuse to take them seriously, the Bastards Of Rule(TM) have gone 'one step beyond' and decided to really really really provoke us.
Why are we so quiet? Do we really think that passive resistance will protect us? Do we? Do we?
Ban smoking for a start off!
Try ignoring that, you free bastards!

Another Species

Yes, but which one?
We assume that the people setting off bombs are another species.
They exist in a parlous state of prurience, hoping and suspecting that their miserable actions will be remembered by some sort of miserable posterity after they have detonated a few women and babies in the name of their 'cause'.
And as living proof we have their collaborators, the press-breed, not the old-breed of news reporters, but the creatures that feed off the bombs without setting them off; they are the opposite side of one debased coin.

Today I saw pictures of a burning car at Glasgow Airport; and I saw a happy 'journalist', happy with the ugliest self-satisfaction I have ever seen on an allegedly 'human' face, a face gleaming with the unexpressed news which, nevertheless, was held back by habit to no more than the usual words of import, self import.

Now, if the bombers could blow up all these, and themselves, the property damage would be worth it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Funny Post from Ontario

This from UWO.

Bloody Bastards (Corporate Bastards)

If you are old enough to have watched television in 1975, you might remember the prodigious success of a drama called 'Gangsters'.
John Kline was an ex-SAS man who, on returning to Civvy Street, started a nightclub and soon found himself on the wrong side of, well, just about everybody.

There was the time when he was surrounded on a Birmingham building site by three IRA men; they forced him to jump off the side at high level at gunpoint, then all got into a lift to see what happened on the ground.
Meanwhile, he'd grabbed a rope, swung in on the next floor down, switched off the lift(between floors) and then oxy-acetylened through the cables(splat).

Or the time he was being chased by a huge, but rather thick black druggy with a gun.
They were on a bridge with low iron work, having to duck synchronously as they passed under the beams.
Kline got to the end, and instead of ducking stood up.
The guy following, so used to doing the same at the right time, stood up and promptly knocked himself out on one of the beams as he ran straight into it.

Brilliant stuff.
And the BBC destroyed the show, camping, guying and generally messing it up.

"No no! We don't want to be successful!Please don't take us seriously!"
Bloody cowardly sell-outs.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On Second Thoughts...

Read what Nanny has done to scientific thought and teaching; apparently political debates based on newspaper article comprehension exercises are now 'physics', for heaven's sake.

Rejoice! Rejoice!

D'you know what it is yet?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Apparently Not.

I have a few sites at the moment; monitoring all of them is something I can't do for nothing, so OwlsArentWise is once again monitor-free.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Style? It Had To Be..

From the New York Times today- the truth about wealth.

Traditional Sunday-I Got Roasted.

Er...wait on....'Stopped into a church, I found along the way....'

'Well I got down on my stool, and I began to drink.'
I guess Bugs Bunny wouldn't enjoy this corner of Yorkshire.
The beer was fresh, tasty, cheap and came from an Oak barrel. The siren behind the bar sang a song of how good the rabbit pie was, but I was saving money and anyway, Sunday Lunch was already arranged.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just Because I'm Paranoid....

....doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
Sorry to harp on about it, but the IPCRESS File really isn't complete fiction.
It is an allegory, cut startlingly close to the bone.

As I have already stated, I have been somewhat tested by weirdness for the past 18 months, after movement in neighbouring accommodations produced an entirely new and previously (at least for 15 years) unknown set of trials and challenges.
I have told you about the things that go bump in the night- night and day for that matter.
I have told you that I'm over a barrel, as executive action to end the trouble would lead to unacceptable risk, namely a criminal record that would prevent my emigration.

But hey, they'll settle for insanity, right?

I mentioned they kept sending letters from the 'council; repeatedly asking who the 'additional male tenant' was after I left my radio on talk shows during the day when I was at work.
Then the 'electrical safety inspection' demands when I mentioned I was using them with timers.

Last week, I won a contract.
On Thursday afternoon I had to see the client after doing a full days work; on Thursday morning, at 535am, I was woken by somebody trying to open my front door.
I looked out of the peep hole just in time to see somebody urinating in the hallway.
I got some clothes on and looked again.

Now there was three of them.

Came the knock on the door and I opened it to see some scrawny scumbag asking if his mother was in.
I told him no, and closed the door.
He kept knocking and ringing the bell for two hours.

I rang the police three times.
The final time I told them I was going to work in ten minutes, and if the guy was still there things would 'kick off, so if they were coming at all they had better hurry'.

Oddly enough, the creep disappeared, wasn't there and didn't come back.
Neither did the coppers.

But now, three days later, I find that there has been a certain degradation of my concentration(IPCRESS) when studying my Python PGL.

And I have to wonder at the claw-back they have achieved; they are trying to break me down before I start my new contract.
They will fail.
Now I'm going to do a bit of SQL Server connection protocol.

As 'Cyrano De Bergerac' stated 100 years ago, 'could it have been an accident?'

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Middle Class Invention.

When a whole bunch of undistinguished (and barely distinguishable) people of a certain prosperity level wanted to set themselves aside and above from people(real people), they invented 'Class'.
They themselves were in the middle.
Like any subterfuge, when you attack with cold, calculating cowardice, you don't appear at the head.
Yet you don't identify yourself too strongly with the hoi-polloi, as that would be unpallatable.
So you are 'middle class'.
You don't like John Major, because he wants to abolish class; you love Tony Blair, because he says everybody is 'middle class'.
But the really vicious hatred is reserved for the real people.
These are the people who actually do everything(anything?) and keep everybody alive in some sense of non-crofting.
You call these people 'working class', and praise them to the heavens!
Just like the BBC re-wrote the reality of the East End with Eastenders, you seek all the while to utterly destroy these people.
Everything done in their name is justified; the illusion of justice at last is created, when in fact it was you who destroyed the justice-that-was.
Observe- go into a poor area of old terraces, and you will see people old and young on first name terms, looking after one another, on first name terms no matter what the alleged 'divide'.
Then go into a modern ghost town and see the wretched ghosts.

Actually the East End was a good example.
What the Germans didn't rearrange with bombs, the bulldozers finished off.
And still they survived, so then the bastards of rule invented 'decanting'.
The claim was that these people being 'decanted' would be set free in the fields and meadows(Arbeit Macht Frei) of Essex, there to lead lives of health(strength through joy) and productiveness; whole sciences were perverted(new Dark Age) to create the myth that open space would lead to industrial efficiency and prosperity.

This was a caucus of fiends, set loose by the self-congratulatory Middle Classes, to destroy those annoying people who were actually useful; when cowardice prevented them from outright murder of the industrialists who seemed to be creating everything, the Armstrongs, the De Havillands, then they tried to destroy the people who worked with them, in the factories, and hope that by some sort of miracle-inversion they would hold them to ransom as the protectors of both sides in the fake conflict of the classes.

After all, that is what being in the 'middle' means, right?

And the New Labour/New Tory/Old Radical SDP alliance is nothing more than the culmination of 100 years work, minus the embarrassing trappings of honesty;
Labour had its 'Clause 4' moment.
The British Middle Class had the betrayal of Margaret Thatcher.

Step by step and hand in hand.
Welcome to the hell they dreamed of.

The Jobs-Today Tup-Tups Are Caught!

These splendid little machines are locally made.
In the Far East!
That's right.
We are now importing Asian-built, Asian-designed, Asian concepts.

And using them to advertise employment.

Does anybody see anything wrong with that?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back To The Future

Part 1.
I've just put in a website monitor.
Obviously it is invisible; I'm using Google Analytics.
Information will be released at my sole discretion as Emperor-Incarnate of Owls that Aren't Wise.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Excuse My Icon.

Once upon a time it was possible to feel an unalloyed respect, admiration or even 'love' for Britain.
Today, fewer and fewer people have less and less reason to feel anything but disgust or contempt for this benighted land.

And the politicians and the BBC go on tugging at imaginary heartstrings, playing on the emotions that they presume still exist, using cynically paraded totems of what used to induce patriotic pride;
the truth is we have next to nothing to feel proud about.

Every day is a struggle for survival(diving for dear life when we could be diving for pearls-Elvis Costello), with any joy we do achieve the target for the legions of the disapproving, if they can find us, which they can't always; in any case the victories are small and personal, and to confuse them with any Britishness for which we could be grateful is an grotesque inversion of the truth.

But hey. It works for our masters, eh?
Now, as ever, it is our mates and family that we seek out to share this alien land with, when we are allowed.

But the parade goes on. 'Royal' Ascot; Henley Regatta; Wimbledon.
All excuses for pretentious fools to 'aspire' their way to being permitted onto the hallowed ground, there to wave their little flags for the cameras and contribute to the noxious delusion, so inducting more generations of the young into the service of the blank-eyed zombies of approval.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Republican

Revealed to me by the Yorkshire Post (Porkshire Roast) last week:
Honor Blackman is a member of Republic.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yorkshire Calling. Yorkshire Calling.

Citizens of the British Empire will be happy to hear of the progress being made here in Yorkshire.
The news.
This morning at 9 am I started out for work in my splendid Dutch car.
The journey of five minutes took half an hour, as far as I could tell due to three factors;
1) It was raining and everybody on the roads seemed to have lost the ability to drive due to some sort of spontaneous de-generation.
2)The trunk routes South and West were blocked by accidents, breakdowns and flooding, and
3) Some very high-profile villains were being transported through the city centre.

As I reached the railway station, I stopped to allow a convoy to pass. The convoy was a full-on, sirens wailing, blue lights flashing affair consisting of four police cruisers and an armoured transport van.
The police cars were all 'City of London Police', which isn't even the Metropolitan Police, but a separate force in the Square Mile.

Considering that we were in the centre of Leeds at 9.30 am, this was unusual.
They headed off South.
Anyway, when I saw the Yorkshire Evening Post(Wakefield Edition), it suggests that the 'butcher of Liberia', ex-president Taylor, will be incarcerated at Wakefield Prison.

It could have been connected.
More likely, the connection was with the news reported on the radio, that six Al-Quaida operatives who planned outrages in Britain and the USA have today been sentenced to 136 years of prison(not each unfortunately).
As the City of London would have been a target it is highly likely that they were responsible for security around these swine.

Don't get me wrong; I'm no lover of the established order, but blowing up innocent people in office buildings when they are trying their hardest to make ends meet is the action I would attribute to total scum, not freedom fighters of any complexion.

And that concludes the news.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are You Serious?

On TV at the moment is a scientific documentary which mentioned that a 'mantle plume' which erupted in India produced enough lava to cover the entire US to a depth of one kilometre.
It then pointed out that the landscape of Iceland was the result of a plume, and that this one had actually modified the motion of the plates leading to a whole new set of characteristics such as ridges and ranges.

At this point I saw that the Earth is constantly in the grip of competing thermodynamic and gravometric influences, which all lead to the fact that our presence here is an amazing piece of luck.
Which could end at any time.

This led me to the conclusion that the religion of enviro-worship-ism is a load of conceited codswallop; the thought that we are as yet relevant in the immense(and proven-to-be-immensely stable) ecosystem of Earth, is a ridiculous fiction, and even if it was true it would be a ridiculous absurdity to suggest that we 'owe' anything to subsequent generations of ant-like humans that will soon, so soon, replace us.
To suggest that I should give up my next beer, next flight or next car to the faked 'responsibility' of action for alleged reaction(as opposed to the benign real one), is nothing less than an attempt to kill joy via guilt.

The enviro-fraud is the most massive attempt to enslave that the Earth has ever seen, and considering that the USA could be buried to a depth of a kilometre under molten rock with all the dust and gas that would accompany it, by a mere accident of nature, then the thought that the grubby guilt-games of environazis could be regarded seriously, is utterly fantastic.
Especially as the Earth's ecosystem survived, even prospered.


Raise A Glass. Go On!

Today is the 25th anniversary of victory.
It was victory in the Falklands that told the world that Maggie wasn't joking.
Victory in the Falklands told the world the Britain was a leader, somewhere to be watched for what was coming, and boy, did it come, for the whole of the eighties.

Maggie is still here, contrary to baby Hague's proclamation, and she spoke today on the British equivalent of AFN, to military personnel all over the world.

But victory in the Falklands set the style for the decade and the trend for 30 years, up to today when any creep can 'fear' a problem and using force is 'okay' to solve it.

But the Falklands War really was 'okay'.
It was about Freedom, and Life.
And we all won.
Thanks to the thousands of men who travelled thousands of miles and fought the forces of tyranny, the forces that felt emboldened by decades of surrender and support from every quarter.

Forces that found themselves knocked on their ass, by one woman who was not a tyrant.
And by a country that 'got it'.

Help Is At Hand.

For those of us wondering what to watch now that Ugly Betty has closed for the next year, help is at hand with the new series of 'My Name Is Earl'.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Is Great!

The New York Times tells the story of a Chinese writer I would be proud to shake hands with.
The man lived under the heel of the Chinese state all his life, being forced to write confessions to totally inventions which were what amounted to 'crimes' in those days.
As he said, 'but I am incapable of writing what people want to hear'.
A real hero.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Thanks To 'Deleted By Tomorrow'

aka 'Resiste!Resiste!'

Bolshevik Bulwark Corporation

I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the BBC; my favourite show on any channel at any time of the week has been(until the end of season 1) 'Ugly Betty', a superbly scripted, acted and produced drama, based on Latino productions which actually own the franchise.
But this weekend the BBC showed the latest episode of 'Doctor Who', and I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic.
The story behind this episode placed the doctor and his assistant well outside the action, stranded in 1969 no less.
The chief agents were a sensible girl and an internet nerd in the present day.
They had these DVD's of the Doctor, which predicted their conversations so accurately they thought they could talk to him.
Plug in an internet conspiracy theory and a romance and time-line theoretics, and the result would have been fabulously interesting enough.
But factor in creatures that killed you by sending you to the past, and turned to stone statues when you looked at them,( but not if you blinked-then they would get you!) and you had the recipe for a wonderful, spooky, scary, exciting and intelligent adventure.

Quite, quite excellent.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Has Never Happened Before?

In the early years of World War 1 when the USA was neutral, it is a fact that the US armoury and docks in New York were destroyed by German insurgents using powerful bombs.
How many Americans were killed by this is unclear.
The Germans were welcome to buy American supplies, except the Royal Navy was blockading them.
Still, they used American neutrality well, for smuggling terrorist insurgents into Russia along with funds(dollar funds) to destabilise Russia.

Eventually the mounting American death toll was sufficient to goad the USA into declaring war on the rogue, terrorist state, Germany.

25 years later they were again attacked, not by Germany, but by Japan.
A number of Americans equivalent to the Twin Tower outrage died at Pearl Harbour, and this was again enough to lead the darling of the Left, Roosevelt, to declare war on Japan.

The Japanese insurgents didn't blow up tanks with suicide bombs.
They used 400 mph planes as suicide bombs and took out entire ships.
Meanwhile the Germans declared war this time, as they were being loyal to Japan.

These were (obviously) also defeated.

This time America finds itself at war with a terrorist movement.

This might require different methods and the abandonment of fascist anti-drug policies, but they will win this one also;
that is, unless the traitors in America are allowed to score easy points over the next duly elected government.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

President Bush Speaks in Prague.

"I never doubted you fer a minute!"

Monday, June 04, 2007

A military official said the Pentagon disagreed with the ruling, saying it had always been “implied” that Mr. Khadr was an unlawful combatant. The official said the Pentagon planned to appeal Colonel Brownback’s ruling. “This is just a semantic decision, is the way we are viewing it,” the official said.

From the New York Times today.
Apparently the US government seeks to override its own legal experts when checked by law or the interpretation of law.

On the basis that these laws are just a matter of semantics and guilt was 'implied'.
So never mind the actual meanings of words in laws, we 'kinda always knew they were guilty as this had been implied by the act of accusation'.

God bless America?
God help America!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Swings And Roundabouts

And I do so like to play!
Today I went from serving up my new website on Linux to finding that the only approved Dynamic DNS provider for my router type(that I could reach) was only (apparently) supported on windows. So I set up a client on Windows.
Then I set up Apache2.2 and PHP5 on windows using their MSIs.
What a dream! Fully automatic set up and it all worked together straight out of the box!
Much nicer experience than I had with Linux.

Then I discovered that there is a generic DNS client for Linux; this was easier again to install, much nicer than the windows experience.
So now I have two complete server systems, and we can transfer the web files by Samba network link-up.

As I said, swings and roundabouts, and it's a lot of fun.
Obviously, I want the final edition to run on Ubuntu, as it is a Server outfit from the start.
And has a higher associated 'Kudos' factor; within 4 months of Linux arriving in my house, I'm doing an international interview for a European contract which requires experience at any level.

And that is my second.

So it is certainly worth knowing, eh?

Friday, June 01, 2007

How Much?

How much is incidental? Coincidental? A symptom of the social environment?
And, how much is still a symptom, but under direction, delivered with deliberation and malice in mind?
How much of what?
I'll tell you what.

The pressure.

The pressure to conform?
The pressure I'm talking about is the pressure to apologise for being good.

And I don't just mean the people who can't take a moral position on evidently simple matters of right and wrong; this is understandable, as these matters are no longer simple and it is the complication by government and society that makes them ambiguous.

I mean the times we actually do something we know to be good, and the holocaust of social approbrium closes around us and tries to make us apologise, regret, feel sorry, with threats that neither disappear nor ever end, like the bars on a mental cage placed with care by the footsoldiers of the repression.
But do they know what they do?

I think so.
I think that there are more people with more secrets in this world than can ever be determined so long as a shred of ignorance persisits, and it does.
So these bastards look and learn.
They try to remember the one thing, if anything, that has given us pause, and they use this, over and over and over, not just against you or I , but against hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people who may have shown an instant of rebelliousness or true loyalty to their consciences; these bastards are fighting a war against us, the freedom loving peoples of the world!
It is undeclared, and the front line can be anywhere from our front door to the face we show the street.
Fact is, sometimes they are organised.
Not by name, but by nature.
Into loose associations.
For example, a 'neighbour' started aggressing against me the instant he moved in.
I didn't know him.
He knew me.
And when I fought him electronically I received repeated demands from a Southern electric company to come into my house and perform safety checks; they didn't even know my name.
Enquiries at the council reveals they aren't allowed, and if they were, they would know my name.

Now I may still be proved mistaken.

But that looks to me like organisation.