Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good News And Bad News

The government is powerless to steal Sir Fred's money.
However, U2 has played a rooftop concert at the BBC.
Quoted(not really), Bono said "Wuy wanted to do somethin' that's never bin done before. So we thought of this."
A spokesman for the BBC said, the Beatles are nothing without U2, and U2 is nothing without the BBC.
Me Neither.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What A Hero!

Sir Fred Goodwin.


The bastards are gathering. They made the deal, now they're whining. The journoholics state, plainly, without evidence and slanderously, that Fred 'ruined' the bank.


And now they're trying to persecute the victim. He's absolutely in the right.

Tosser Brown says he didn't know(surprise surprise).

And isn't it funny, we now have a City Minister, just as the City collapses. 


I think not.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

New Zealand Herald ha ha ha ha 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Hah hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

This country is Impious.

Filthy Bastards!

In 2002, a musical bench was placed in Poet's Corner, near Pembroke Lodge, within Richmond Park, South-West London, being a favoured viewing spot of Dury's. This solar powered seat was intended to allow visitors to plug in and listen to eight of his songs as well as an interview, but has been subjected to repeated vandalism.

This was Ian Dury's memorial seat. Vandalism? Hang the little fuckers. Slowly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I Take It All Back.

Mono is as shite as it has ever been.

Why don't they just give up and stop wasting everybody's time?


Hilarity Clinton made some prize lunatic remarks in China.
Ignoring the essential murderousness of the Chinese Communist regime, she appeared to state that America needed to create business for China by going further into debt; this apparently will have the magical effect of boosting the Chinese economy by causing Americans to spend money they don't actually have.
But wait.
It's all right, because the Chinese government will buy the American government debt!
Hilarity has invented the Perpetual Motion Machine!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Game Is Up.

When we defend British Citizens, we are the Little Satan.
When we don't, it is 'collusion'.
Pull the other one mr. 'Hassan'. What do you take us for?

The Game Is Up.

If there is any future which regards this period as history, then there will be some confusion over why so few people were allowed to realise that this, today, is a Dark Age.

Example: I sit downstairs for a change and decide to watch some TV.
Everything looks hopeless. I am not in sufficiently charitable a mood to allow myself to flatter the producers of this pathetic selection that their 'produce' is interesting, so I select Channnel 4 News.
The very first image that strikes me is a useless picture of the back of a politician's head, while the alleged personality that sometimes describes the 'news' sat there facing both me and the politician while nodding his head and wearing that special, composite expression that British news creatures have, namely, respect, insolence and seriousness all at the same time.

And I thought, 'this is not news'. News is factual reportage of events, not the verbal masturbation of crooks.

So I turned it over to ITV3 rather quickly, where I saw a period 'drama' of some sort. One detailed facsimile of a 19th century gentlewoman spoke to another, then the camera concentrated lovingly on the actress doing actual embroidery.
Paint drying?
Far more interesting. What on earth possessed the director to delude himself that pictures of faked embroidering were even slightly interesting? And who gave him the money to pretend with?
I hope it wasn't me.

If there is a future, and it cares to look back on this age, it will be with absolute horror at the ignorance that gripped the will of the millions.
I say if.
Not when.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arsehole Talking Convention Is Redundant

If you want to make Mono Visual Basic work on Hardy Heron, add the following repository:

deb hardy main

The GPG keyfile is inadequately documented, so if you click the link you get a display of the actual code, but no fucking file.

Wild goose chase; the lack of the silly file just means that your luvverly Mono stuff is 'Unauthenticated'.

It still loads and works just fine.

For VB go to synaptic, install anything found under 'vbnc' search string, and run your Monodevelop. The VB sample application will now actually build and RUN!

Yes folks! You can now do actual VB on Linux!

Friday, February 20, 2009


From the San Francisco Chronicle

So It Goes.

Good news everybody.
I find out I'm qualified for Irish citizenship.
Not that the English cunts are monitoring me or anything, but when I phone a friend with the good news, the 'thump thump' starts up maximum volume, and the 'processing' continues.
Make mine a pint of Guinness boys. I'm off.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama's Next Speech

My fellow Americans. I had an American Dream; this dream was one of hope, a hope that one day we can all pretend to buy our houses then complain to the government when we get found out.
I had a dream. An American Dream, a dream where there is an apple pie in every garage and we plug our cars into the street lighting in the morning.
We as a nation must dream the American Dream of putting a man on the Whitehouse by the end of this decade.
I see a dream in which all Americans can engage in rapid eye movement. I see a dream where we will all be Berliners in the Russia of tomorrow's Germany, a Germany which buys American. I see a dream in which the world no longer looks at America. A just America. A happy America. An America which sees the world as a sacred trust put there for its duty; a world of America which is no longer indifferent to the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners, but seeks to make them prosper, dreamily.
I see an America which owns all of its homes yet consumes only one fifth of the oceans by the end of the century.
I see an America which no longer sends troops to cover foreign wars, but instead obliges journalism and the internet to assume their proper responsibilities.
We must all dream the same dream.
It is an expensive dream.
A long and stable dream.
A dream of equal opportunities for both rich and poor.
The American Dream. The dream that we all want.
Thank you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The good old Yorkshire Post is on strike.
My sweet natured friends in the transport division are no longer there. The presses have been shut and now they're culling the reporters.

It's like seeing an old friend die.

The YEP was my home for nearly three years. The men and women I worked with were like heroes in a legend.
We all had nicknames.
I was the Nutty Professor. Or on a good day, Buddy Love.
They sacked all the managers who stood up to them. They killed the 'Post.
Johnston Press is in trouble. That's all. They can't make enough money any more from Newspapers.
I hope the old thing survives; I've great memories of the people and the job.
Scotty, playing bagpipes in the frosty air at one in the morning on a Saturday, whenever we were waiting for the presses to roll out the Post.
Driving like a maniac to Scarborough. Pitch black. The most dangerous trunk route in Britain. Hitting speeds of 90 miles an hour in a fully loaded Sprinter in the dark. And all through we were well within our abilities, because we became that good. Except once; I was going 88 round a curve on the A64 and misjudged. I had to tighten the turn. The heavily laden van started to fishtail.
Remembering an old piece of advice from flying days, I held the wheel rigid and didn't attempt to correct.
The vehicle recovered. Just.
I sweated. Then I laughed. Then I stopped at the all nighter for an extra strong coffee.
We always got through. If the vans got destroyed, too bad.
We'd check up on retired Post employees, popping in off our routes for a cuppa, to see the old lads straight.
It continued even after they installed satellite tranceivers in the vans.
We were a family.

Murder In The Comfort Zone

The Albany Aircrash Tragedy.

Stick shaker/pusher activated, indicates stall.
Plane hit ground opposite facing to original direction of flight, indicates spin.
Autopilot on, indicates crew had no chance to respond/didn't see it coming, indicates irrecoverable flight condition without warning.
Particularly heavy snow.

Now the Dash-8 is a Canadian plane, designed to take whatever is thrown at it, so I don't believe icing was a factor.
What is a factor is that the plane was at low speed, for approach; if it flew into a microburst, even a snowy one, it would have behaved as it did.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Real Lesson

Just saw a most excellent discussion on the only news channel I can stand, namely Bloomberg.

The stats were from the Japanese economy. The Japanese economy is a predictor of the world economy; the lesson learned by the idiot governments of the world is to assume that the state assistance to businesses in the bubble-pop of the late eighties was in some way responsible for saving the Japanese economy and fostering the erroneous assumption that it is in some way insulated.

In fact, they demonstrated that Japan has suffered ( so far ) the worst GDP collapse since 1974. Anybody who remembers 1973-74 also remembers that the slump lasted ten years. But back to Japan.

Japanese companies are unable to make money domestically due to the state interference in the slump of 1989, which allowed a huge number of Japanese companies to remain in competition for a saturated and diminishing domestic market without ever having to take hard restructuring decisions.

This is the model being actively pursued and imitated everywhere else today.

In the nineties, Japanese companies were able to export their way out of the Doldrums on the back of a resillient world economy; if the fools like 'Barmy' Obama and 'Chocolate' Brown have their way, we will finally have reached a world in which it is no longer possible to blame the failure of socialism on the fact that it isn't universal.

In fact, worldwide stagnation or collapse is assured, and if Japan is anything to go by, it will be collapse.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Always Knew It

There has been a collision between a 'disused' Russian military satellite and a US Phone satellite over, wait for it, Siberia, resulting in the Russian junk being junked and the US communications satellite being destroyed.
Freak accident they say.
I'll say.
What are the odds of a communications satellite - American - being destroyed over Siberia at no cost to the Russians?
Who would it benefit? Oh, of course, they don't have a free press in Russia, and they still like to control things like telephones and the internet. Apparently a Chinese satellite nearly took out a European one recently.
Dry run, anybody?

And what about GPS and military ssurveillance?
I expect they're leaving those alone until they absolutely have to go to war with us.

I Always Knew It

Once Proud Fathers Act So Humble?

You should have seen my old dad once the shrinks threatened me. He turned into a little old man overnight.
I tell you this is now, here.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Discovery

I've discovered Guns 'n Roses today.
I beg the court's indulgence while I change my plea to guilty as charged.


The Tories are the new kings of Newspeak.
The arseholes probably thought this a double-plus-good wheeze.

Apple Is Shite.

Apple actively seeks to alienate 90% of the world market by making I-Pods incompatible with WMP.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I Always Knew It.

Thanks to Wiggysan for discovering the truth.

It's out there.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mr. Furious's Big Adventure.

I had to drive from Yeovil to Bristol yesterday.
It took me four hours.
The police were 'helping' in South Bristol, which added 45 minutes.
I saw three accidents; people just banded together and got things moving again through the ice, drifts and blizzards.
All along the only open route, the villagers gathered along the roads to help push cars out of drifts and keep the traffic moving.
As always, there were morons driving, a very few, but that's all it takes.
So on the forty miles per hour stretches, we were bunched behind fearful halfwits doing fifteen- especially on hills, where there was a good chance these imbeciles could strand us all.
Fortunately, we got through.

The meeting, an hour late, was a success.

Rather than go back, I went on to Cardiff to stay with friends.
Within a couple of hours, I was there, in dry, sunny, relatively mild weather, and after dark went to St. David's Hall to see the Welsh National Orchestra perform Elgar's Violin Concerto.

What a contrast.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Let's Hear It For Hackers!

The funniest thing about this is that the hackers in(presumably) Illinois are actually using a 'Zombie' attack to do this.
From the New Zealand Herald.

But Life Is Groovy!

The Real Deal

I'm bored with all these crappy apologies for drugs.
"You drink."
"Dope never made anybody violent."
"It's a victimless crime!"
I drink. Men have drunk for tens of thousands of years, and civilisation has progressed.
The Native South Americans have used Coca leaves, and still go around naked with no teeth, dying of diseases in their twenties and eating shit.
I have never been threatened over a drink, but I have looked at the wrong side of a six-inch clasp knife while the owner explained how much he loved dope.
True, it shouldn't be a crime; but have you seen, smelt and heard the evil scum that uses this crap? By the time they start on dope, they are probably beyond the help of mental health professionals.
Dope doesn't make psychos. Psychos make dope addicts.
And while we're at it, it's easily as addictive and carcinogenic as tobacco. With which it is often mixed.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Somebody Tell The Passengers To Disembark.

The world is apparently in the grip of dunderheads.

The more life goes on, the more they attempt to tighten their moronic, ham-fisted grip.

Point in example; today the BBC tried to link the 'economy' news with the 'weather' news.

It snows in Winter.

Yesterday it snowed in London, so they noticed.

They calculated how much 'productivity' was lost(sic). Then they said as they surveyed the Eastern side of the country, that there would be more snow and more absenteeism tomorrow, which: 'the economy can ill afford'.


We live. The economy is nothing, just a name given to a collection of statistics which are measured in order to estimate the material result of our living and thereby control us.

If we choose to stay at home, the 'economy' doesn't suffer, and we don't suffer.

We've just done something different.

It's like watching them try to build a prison out of sheets of paper, with the gross futility of action that only comes from genuinely delusional behaviour.

These are alleged adults receiving more money that you or I.

No wonder they need guns to get it.

Monday, February 02, 2009


It Goes On.

Who remembers the Simpson's episode where Homer bought a gun?

At the end, Marge keeps it.

But tonight, Channel 4 cut it. She goes to the bin, raises the lid..... then walks out to the Lawrie Johnston Avenger music.

Without keeping the gun.

These bastards are after our blood.

Did You Vote?

We live under the heel of the oppressor.

Each time I talk to people in the street, I hear that Brown should be shot or hung; I hear that regulation is killing business; I hear that we are no longer welcome in our own country. 

In fact, it isn't our country. It is nobody's country, a place where life is forbidden.

A little snow falls in London and buses stop running, banks don't open for business.

Both these businesses continued 'as usual' when it was bombs, not a light sprinkling of white stuff. When I say 'bombs' I include the ones planted frequently by the IRA in the 70's and 80's. As for our oppressors, they lie as they have always lied, big, fat, bald lies, which only win through because nobody has the courage to challenge them.

The press, television, some of local government, the civil service and all their vested interests keep the fiction of a large, popular movement alive; they publish only the views of their supporters, they allow only the appearance of their supporters, they create only the image of the big, fat, lying louse that serves their purpose.

And thus, a small minority directs the entire country straight to Hell.

Their next crime will be to prevent people such as me from having an unlicensed voice on the internet.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Courtesy of Wiggysan

America Ferrera is already one of my favourites, but WOW!

Gordon Says..

Bloody hypocrite! Bloody liar!