Monday, September 29, 2008

Got Bloomberg?

Then you can watch it on TV.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh, Boy!

Courtesy of Djomama.

Ohhhh, Yeah!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, Yeah.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Official.

Ekiga is okay, okay, okay.
It works well, and offers many attractive features that Skype doesn't.
Skype is probably a more mature technology in some respects, but Ekiga, once tuned, is better and doesn't conflict with other applications trying to use audio resources.
In other words, if you have music playing, you can still hear the ringing tone.
It has to be said that if you hit the lucky sweet spot, Skype will do this too, but only if you are lucky. Ekiga co-exists right out of the box.
All you have to remember is, that like many other Open Source applications, a certain amount of adjustment is required to obtain good performance.
In Ekiga's case this is minimal, and I've probably lost less time with Ekiga than I originally did with Skype.
Plus, Ekiga is compatible with the new industry standard.

More Open Source

So, I decided to persevere with Ekiga. It couldn't really be that bad, could it?
In a word, no.
Ekiga is Open Source down to its boots, which means that unlike the free ride provided by Skype to a certain extent, Ekiga is endlessly configurable.
For example, ring the '500' number to test, and audio works out of the box.
But video can be configured in a multiplicity of ways, and '500' will loop your transmission back to you for inspection.
This works( after a delay), and you can begin to tune your video in terms of bandwidth and quality.
This is very open source, and I'm beginning to think that Ekiga has potential.
I'll get my co-worker to have another transmission session tonight and see if we can't get it working.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Open Source.

The fact is, that some 'open source' stuff is only open source because the developers can't get real jobs.
They pretend to be able to programme, do a little bit which is enough to convince the gullible that their product really is a product, then release some half-baked rubbish into the world.

Example being that 'Ekiga' intends to take over from Skype.
Thing is, boys, Skype really does work, while Ekiga is an embarrassingly poor audio phone which swallows resources whole and tries to pretend it does video by enabling the fake menus, while echoing like a soliloquy recited in a toilet bowl.
While flushing.
It is touching that enthusiasts (wankers) go on saying it is okay, and praising its alleged features, but somebody should tell the two men and a dog (and a monkey) at Ekiga that no amount of TSR (viral) programming is going to entice people to use their crap.
Point in fact: 90,000 people are registered with Ekiga, typically 500 on line at any time. 12 million people are typically online with Skype at any time. And they are both free.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser.

Lured by the links on the anti-CP site, I visited the European offices site.
Here was their art gallery.
Oddly enough, in the paeon to 'strong' women in culture, especially political culture, there is no mention at all of Margaret Thatcher.
So it is a religion, then, and she is its shibboleth.
You may know who we are.
We also know who you are.

Conspiracy Theory.

Over the years, under my own name, I have possibly made an impression in certain circles as someone who opposes the state, as a concept and as a reality, especially all forms of Communism, which changes to evade detection in the same ways as the HIV virus, using the same methods for the same purpose.
I have published many public articles, gotten into many public arguments and stood for public office twice.
Many strange things have happened to me.
I have been approached by total strangers wishing me to join peculiar societies or social groupings, I mean absolutely out of the blue; I have found my ambitions laid bare before unsympathetic people, and people who have watched all this and offered nothing but sympathy. Nothing.
Then there were the times that people seemed to know things about me and my loved ones. Times when I was down on my luck, and found myself 'kicked', threatened, abused, initmidated and helpless to fight back.

I don't think that they understand me.
I think that they hate me.

Who and how?
The who could be these people, for example.
They would fit the bill, but what of these 'methods'.
Item: I was due to become rich, through an invention.
Item: I was swindled, which prevented this.
Item: I enjoyed 15 years of peace at my old home.
Item: A new criminal moved in upstairs and began a personalised persecution which was actually physically dangerous. This happened when I fought back against the swindlers.
Item: I overheard my opponent talking about me wiht pure hatred in the election; he didn't know I was there(old leather jacket, flat cap, no rosette) and so I heard. Bearing in mind I was only expecting 10% of the vote, what was his beef?
Item: They were discomfitted when I moved to a better situation.
Item: I saw one of these funny little men hanging around my new street.
Item: A couple of weeks later my new neighbours left and another of these 'funny litle men' moved in.
Item: This one uses Drum'n Bass on an industrial scale to disrupt the house.
Item: Nothing personal, but the police have recently had all their domestic noise powers removed. So much easier and safer than employing criminals, if it is Common Purpose and not paranoia.

Could be a load of nothing.
But I don't expect that I will be suffering these fools much longer. I am making money, fast, and I'll be able to afford a bomb-proof place in a couple of years.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why Ugly Betty?

Why do I love 'Ugly Betty'?
I was just watching 'Wire In The Blood'.
This is essentially a poor relation, juvenile pretense at ersatz 'American' drama, as imagined by the tired old collection of mentally neutered dramatists employed by ITV.
They want to sneer at American drama, as too violent and melodramatic, yet seek to 'prove' that England is just as exciting by relying on the very same drama-bites and throb-cues for an effect which is so much less than the sum of its alleged parts.
There is no plot, no mystery, no characterisation - the non-events are puppeteered by gutless cyphers and the entire process is nothing more than televisual roughage intended to act as a vehicle for the requisite number of advertisements in the requisite number of hours.

The BBC imitates this, but without the adverts.

Oh yes. And everybody looks miserable to convince us of the seriousness of the non-proceedings.
Even Doctor Who has to be pimped up by using a full blown symphony orchestra to play the theme tune.

Ugly Betty is actually very, very good.

British drama is badly acted, badly written, and boring.
The talent exists somewhere, but it is all pissed up the walls of the studio executives offices in the name of keeping egos down.
It is not for nothing that Patrick McGoohan lives in exile in America. This country was too small-minded to hold him after 'The Prisoner'.

Generally, America is also filled with a surfeit of very bad television, but occasionally the talents get together and produce something good. Of course, Ugly Betty is based on a Mexican soap, but sometimes it takes talent to know talent and adapt it.
Similarly, underdog films in America, such as 'Thank You For Smoking' and 'Crash', are absolutely superb, while the vast majority of mainstream Hollywood produce is pure shit which is not worth watching. Recycled shit at that. But at least it doesn't rely on nauseating English whimsy like most domestic crap, and at least two or three good films are produced each year.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maggie Come Home

There's nothing to forgive.
Courtesy of commenter Wiggysan, the bald man of Japan, and his Daily Mail

Come In Mister Brown...We've Been Expecting You

After co-manufacturing the greatest collapse since 1929 - twice - Gordon "The Moron" Brown has started berating his victims for putting 'Profit before responsibility'.

Actually, it is the responsibility of every living being to make a profit in one form or another.
But not Gordon.
So what is he then?
A dying being?
Are we all being asphixiated by the creeping death which is the British establishment under Gordon "The Moron" Brown?
Looks that way, doesn't it?

But the cunt won't sleep sound of fear until he's convinced us we're the ones responsible.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On The Record

Ten years on, and the longest pyramid scheme in history has finally reached it's inevitable end, the swindling of billions based on bad credit.
The end of boom and bust in the name of prudence has proven to be two spectacular busts based on recklessness and irresponsibility.

As we have become further divorced from consequences, we have gained a Ministry of Justice, like a 1960's South American military Republic, with our own version of appointed succession in the junta, from Blair to Brown.
While we have a ministry of justice, the police have grown ever more enfeebled, backed up by a militantly useless 'plastic policemen' organisation which wanders about in blue-rimmed caps looking almost like policemen but being utterly useless. They might as well wear billboards with 'Policemen' written on them, these £18,000 a year scarecrows.

And in the Welfare State, we are told that unemployment has risen twice as fast as benefit claims.

Please, please, please, throw these useless government criminals out.
Don't vote for parties.
Vote for individuals. Clean the toilet.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ugly Betty

Was just beautiful. I no longer have doubts that the original writers are back in the room.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Har har har!

Courtesy of Djomama

Anus Channel Four.

Channel Four news is the news that amplifies its own self-opinionated bluster to the point where it believes it is serious and possesses gravitas.
This truly awful collection of fraudsters is in its own mind an instrument of a state which doesn't exist, thank god, except in the flaccid imaginations of those who perpetrate it on a defenceless public.

Observe as Zenab Badawi (or whatever her name is) goes on the offensive against people who are merely expressing their rightful opinions, her slanderous imputations that they are lying just this side of criminal law.
Observe as sympathetic co-establishmentarians are brought in to simper in mawkish victimhood for any cause of the minute that the crooked news team wishes to ram down our throats.

Everything is just so, from their grovelling facial expressions to their slightly edgy stubble to their trendy oblong spectacles.

This isn't a news service. These are orchestrated theatricals on behalf of a one party state that hasn't quite arrived yet.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sadly, It Is Too Late On A Weekday

A very underrated film.
I can't stay up to watch as I have work tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Official-America Founded By Asshole

The incident started on King Street in the early evening of March 5, in front of Private Hugh White, a British sentry, as he stood duty outside the Custom house. A young wigmaker's apprentice named Edward Gerrish[2] called out to a British officer, Captain Lieutenant John Goldfinch, that Goldfinch had not paid the bill of Gerrish's master. Goldfinch had in fact settled his account and ignored the insult. Gerrish departed, but returned a couple of hours later with companions. He continued his complaints, and the civilians began throwing snowballs at Goldfinch. Gerrish also exchanged insults with Private White, who left his post, challenged the boy, and then struck him on the side of the head with a musket. As Gerrish cried in pain, one of his companions, Bartholomew Broaders, began to argue with White. This attracted a larger crowd.[3]

From the splendid annals of Wikipedia

Monday, September 08, 2008

You Don't Kow How Lucky You Are!

Back in the USSSA!

You Don't Kow How Lucky You Are!

Back in the USSSA!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Do You?

Do you ever discover a film on TV, or in the privacy of your own home, which you know to be excellent?
And you can't watch more than ten minutes?
Because they've trained you like one of Pavlov's Soviet Dogs, and your concentration cannot bear to last more than ten minutes?
When was the last time you went into a public cinema? How long did you go before being 'mugged'?
Was it some life form trying to assert it's imperial will by mimicking your laughter to destroy spontaneity?
Or some creature throwing something hissing and heavy past your ears in the dark?
Or just something grunting or coughing every time you move?
These are the means they use to enslave you, to make sure you pay attention to them and not to the film you paid for.
The cuntery of England is filled to pustulent bursting with such filth.

These days, I generally can't sit through a movie - unless it's in Canada.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Is a cuntery in Europe.
It is the duty of all remaining human beings (such as occur due to the gene pool) to escape.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


They wonder why they can't sell music these days.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good News Everybody!

The new FRED is in.

Spot The Deliberate Mistake?

"Divorce Genes discovered"
So if all these people are procreating with multiple partners, why hasn't divorce predominated?
Oh, wait, it has!
This is just another load of allegedly 'scientific' shit which is being used to promote the 'evil humanity' fiction for the benefit of the people who see nothing to be done, and the benefit of the people who want to bash us all on the heads and make us behave.

What a load of bollocks.
The rise in divorce is due to emancipation from bad decisions, as well as the difficulty in finding anybody remotely human these days.

Hell in a hand basket?
Don't be pathetic.