Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Editor's Note:

To all those ex-employees of Pinky and Perky, some of whom may be regular Lurkers on this blog, perhaps you are suffering from some sort of delusion or deficiency in your misguided loyalty to those little gobshites.
And if they don't think I know who they are or why they come here, maybe they should have the guts to say something?

The truth isn't going to 'just go away'.
It's a rat trapp Judy, and you've been caught.

Are We Not Men?

Are you a 'regular guy'?

I have been tilting at windmills for about a year now; I mean applying for jobs, jobs I can do, jobs I want to do, to make money, to go away.

Occasionally I get replies from the Black Monolith which comprises the facet of Society on the receiving end, but mostly it just sits there with an invisible, sneering smile on its thin-lipped mouth, silently chortling at my efforts without venturing even irritation at my repetitiveness.

Today, I spoke to one of the recruiters.

Ever have the feeling that somebody is speaking to you representatively?
That his words inform the thinking habits of many men?
That was what I felt today.
Apparently there is a problem. A problem with my resume(Curriculum Vitae).
I dropped out for seven years in the eighties and nineties.

I was told that 'they won't like that'. They will 'ask questions'.
I replied that I used the time to learn Philosophy, Art, Literature, Politics, to travel, to run a little business for a while.

I didn't say that I repossessed my mind and life, but that is what I did in those years.

Apparently this amounts to doubt about my commitment to a career.

In other words, like an Ayn Rand character, I'm 'not a regular guy'.

I'll take it as a compliment.

Are we not men?
We are Devo!
(We're all Jocko Homo).

No fire without smoke.

This was the scene in East Leeds at around 11am today.
The first thing you see when there is a fire is the Fire Engine racing off in some direction or other.
They couldn't quite get there first time and had to circle the York Road roundabout to gain access to the block.
The fire started on an area of the roof being renovated by workmen.
The building, being the highest point between Leeds and York, is also home to an array of microwave base-stations; it is not clear whether these were knocked out of service.

Incidentally, the building was saved. Within an hour the fire was extinguished and inspections were being carried out on the roof.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Deustchland Ist Nicht Kaput!

  • How do you view the statement that a woman should obey her husband, and that he can beat her if she doesn't?

  • You learn that people from your neighbourhood or from among friends or acquaintances have carried out or are planning a terrorist attack - what do you do?

  • Some people hold the Jews responsible for all the evil in the world, and even claim they were behind the attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York. What is your view of this claim?

  • Imagine that your son comes to you and declares that he's a homosexual and would like to live with another man. How do you react?

The new measure is the brainchild of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Interior Minister, Heribert Rech.

All immigrants to Stuttgart will be asked these questions.

They will answer!

Resistance is futile, pigdogs!

But seriously, the man in the picture is attracting a lot of criticism from the German Left, mainly because he has actually codified their avowed value-set into a qualifying test for would-be immigrants to Germany.

And I think that these questions are excellent, so much better than the US visa-waiver.
It really does make sense to ask people coming to live in your country what their views are.
To say(as some do) that these questions discriminate against Muslims, says much mmore about Muslim bigotry than any other sort.
And if you look at the questions, bigotry and violence are precisely what they are designed to weed out.(Thanks to the BBC for this news).

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Children And Old People.

This is something I should have showed you a while ago; it is an original 'Smart' Car, designed jointly by Daimler-Benz and Swatch, and introduced in the nineties.
Inside is a little old lady.

Now, referring back to the degenerate art representing Democrat children, it seems to be widespread.
The power of delusion is such that one particular advert for a mothering product here in the UK replaced a baby with a cartoon of a baby, presumably because no actual human child fitted the monstrous construct that was designed to represent that particular set of 'brand values'.

And so we are treated to the cliched ideals of helplessness and futility, the young human being taught both by experience and parents (and, hopefully, jumping psychotically to the wrong conclusions), that he is helpless and a dependent with no release or desire to achieve such.

Observe the animation story-line, where the baby attempts to feed, and gets some of the mush on his face.
Anybody who has seen a real baby will know that this would be irrelevant; but not to this baby.
This baby starts to grizzle and cry, until 'mother' smilingly wipes his face and takes him up in her arms.
They aren't selling baby-wipes.
They're selling Socialism, or rather an endless reservoir of self-pity that will feed it for generations. And attempting to foster the cause of 'childrens rights' by foisting adult evaluations into the alleged behaviour of children.

As babies say, 'children never work with animators'.

If they want to make their product stand out, they should make the child vomit.
After all, I came close just watching.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Desperate Dan and his Merry Man.

Pinky is supposed to be a well-connected pillar of the community, nay, Society. He has brothers who travel to places like Hong Kong on business unstated, and access to social pedigree unlimited.
But he's just a little bludger.
I'm with the Conservative Party of Great Britain.
They beat Hitler. In 1982 they iced the Argentinian State along with the General Belgrano.
In 1990 they liberated Kuwait and helped finish off the USSR.
What 'facts' do we have?
The old 'one-two', getting threatened then dubiously attacked by a dog in the same week(for the first time in my life), in ways that were calculated to send out the message that they were 'very clever, very nasty, and not to be messed with'.
The Public School Mob.

I'm not impressed.
So here it is.
Pinky has been supported by a large caucus of mugs who have been persuaded into the fraud by the old school tie and a large dose of 'enthusiasm', but the fact remains that he is insane and given to acting out fantasies with other people's ideas and money; he isn't dangerous, he's pathetic.
I don't have any school ties, but I do know a few people who have the right to wear the Berets and a few from some very tough schools indeed.
Thing is, we don't make sneaky psychological attacks.

I suppose they will go on being pathetic, if only to lure me into a false sense of security, or even more pathetic, a false sense of insecurity(like the junkies in Earl's Court),in their strange paternalistic defence of this reprehensible villain.

It goes on, planned to be indistinguishable from the noise of social disfunction endemic to British life, so I guess I'll be tempted to send another rocket up somebody's arse.

Anyway, Pinky knows where I live.
And vice versa.

It goes on, and sooner rather than later Pinky will go bankrupt. Big time. And then watch the favours get called in.


This beauty is?
An Aston-Martin DB9.

Aston-Martin lives in a factory in Newport-Pagnell and is now owned by Ford.
When David Brown owned it in the fifties and sixties, they started giving their cars the 'DB' initials.
David Brown(Limited) used to manufacture agricultural tractors originally.
There are still a few examples lying around. I'll try and get a photo of one.

It's interesting that Lamborghini was also originally a tractor builder.

As you can see from the photo, they still haven't found a way of getting the owner to turn off the lights when he leaves.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Executives Get Together

The Harrogate Central Committee meeting, Conservative naturally.
An opportunity to dress up and visit the palacial South Leeds Conservative Club to sink a few pints of delicious John Smith's while discussing the future of the nation.

And, as a guest, I wasn't allowed to pay for my beer.
That's the Law!
A few smoked; they still can.
That is also the Law.
The Chairman went on. And on. And on.
But it was all good-natured enough, although if pedantic meetings continue there may well be complaints.

We told tall stories of our spats with the ruling elite, and networked for all we were worth.
Cross-fertilisation of techniques was definitely in order.

Maybe the 'Old Girl' isn't finished yet.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Roaring Fordies

This lovely specimen is a Ford 'Zephyr' from the late fifties.
Okay, so the paint may be a little bright, and the wheels certainly are a bit of custom nonsense, but the car is essentially complete.
This is one of the more dignified designs to come out of Essex.
The next version had a low-slung appearance with big fins at the back(or was that the Zodiac?), but eventually 'Zephyr' came to mean the huge, long-bonnet boxy square machine that kept going into the early seventies.
The Zephyr died when Ford brought out a 'EuroFord' called the Granada/Consul.
The Consul was a stripped out version designed to appeal to surviving brand loyalty for the 'Consul Classic'.
Innovations on the Granada/Consul included rubber suspension bushes to cut down noise and vibration form the road.
The Granada was eventually termed Scorpio in the late nineties, before Ford Europe finally quit manufacturing large, 'executive' models altogether.
By then, terms such as 'lawyer's' or 'doctors' or 'bank managers' car were dead.
Now all we have is 'aspirational' branding like BMW or Audi.
What a bore.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Place For Every Man And Every Man In His Place

It is vital for the conduct of bigotry that people know their places.
They must be swept under in a flood of chronic persecution due to the diuretic self-expression of rubbish, so that they aren't wiped out exactly, just overwhelmed.

They can see what goes on, but they mustn't look.
To discourage looking, the Dogs of Discipline bark(or snuffle) at every evidence of perception, every movement of genuine interest.
We must be reduced to the state of blurred, blank staring, at nothing in particular and everything in general.
Only then will our tormentors release us from their 'reign of snot', while they look for someone else whose apparent liveliness is still apparent.

They generally do this from behind.
So that 'they can look at us and we can't look at them'.

An ideal venue for the persecution of the living is Public Transport.
Here they have a captive population of whipping boys onto which they can project their misery.

That is why England is the land of the car more than ever. And our torment continues after we escape from the Snake-Pits of Public Transport in the financial persecution of the motorist by the representative Government.

The tormentors are winning.
They must be.
They want to drive us out of the social space of the 'world', and the extent to which the government represents their evil in policy is the measure of their success in doing this.

The government knows this.
The government understands.
And soft-pedals while behaviour deteriorates, whether through deliberation or blind rebellion.

The government is the Iron Glove into which the dirty Velvet Fist fits.

It won't take 'one good kick to bring the whole rotten structure down'.
The structure is well and truly down and around our ears, and has been falling for decades.

There's nothing left to hold it up.
So it rests on our shoulders.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

London Calling.....London Calling.....

Thanks to the London Fog
for pointing up the book cover above.
Pretty horrifying, isn't it? Sample pictures inside the book show these fluffy little creatures enjoying 'sharing' games, while the actual humans are depicted as callous bastards who leave their compatriots shivering(helplessly) on park benches.

Well, in 1993 I was on the run and I had no money. I had one cigarette, which I smoked, then I had none.
It was a cold Winter night, so I found an abandoned corner. Got some old carpet out of a builders skip, and some scrap wood.
I still had a lighter, so I lit a fire and made the rolls of carpet into a tent.
I slept soundly.
I wasn't some snot-nosed little bastard who sat on a 'park bench' looking increasingly miserable until 'somebodyhelpedme'.

But I digress.
In a democrat world we would all be forced to give our toys away; my lighter would go to a group of meths-tramps who had none; we wouldn't wear any trousers or cover our lower bodies in any way,so that abuse would become normal. Then again with big, thick, furry legs like that, phallo-human-centric society would be done away with so much quicker, they wouldn't need compulsory castration for us thought-rapists. Unlike the charming prison guards described in Solzhenitzin's 'Gulag Archipelago'.And note that we would all have radio-sond transmitters built into our ears, to pick up control waves from the President.

Particularly nauseating are the quasi-humanised expressions on the life-forms' faces.The child is in the thrall of helplessness, dependency and worship, while the 'mother' is staring with a knowing look of wisdom into the indeterminate space of the middle distance.

Kind of feeds your Stalin-fantasies doesn't it?

Don't believe me?
Look for yourselves!

You Know I'm Going To Lose.....

...And gambling's for fools,
But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever!

Ban smoking.
Ban drinking.
Refuse to treat the fat.
Refuse to treat smokers.
Refuse to treat drinkers.

And when we die (for we will all die),
they can write on the death certificate:
"Cause of death-Good Health".

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Normal Service Will Be Resumed.....

And now you must hiss with hatred; Big Brother says that this man is evil and must be hunted out of our hearts and minds.

Meanwhile I am downloading the new Visual Studio 2005, 'Express' version, free for one year.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Traffic?What Traffic?

It may be Winter(officially), but somebody seems to have found a way of having some fun on the way to work; the engine is chromed and bigger than it looks in the photo, at least 500cc, possibly a twin, possibly a four-valve single.

I know I'd like to go to work on one.

Criminal Scum.

It's a girl with a cigarette.
Banned as of yesterday, from all pubs, clubs and restaurants.
The filth has overreached its authority this time, but what are we to do?

I don't smoke. But I do like girls, especially girls like the one in the photo.
Now that the bastards have banned smoking, where will I go to find them? I believe smoking may still be allowed in Wales.
Maybe I'll move to Cardiff and enjoy the smell of tobacco with my beer and women there?

There was going to be a partial ban; smoking would be allowed if there was no food.
My favourite pub stopped serving food in anticipation, but to no avail.

An organisation claiming to be for Publicans(British Beer or somesuch nonsense), but definitely not the Licensed Victuallers Association, had campaigned for a total ban, because they said a partial ban would give an unfair advantage to smoking pubs.

In other words, you come to our pubs for our benefit, not yours. Screw the public, eh?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I met a man today, somewhere in the old Empire,who definitely was one of the 'old school';somebody who'd been a soldier in the African campaigns of the twentieth century, and is now best known as a businessman of considerable standing and a philanthropist in the sense that he advises people on how best to make their fortunes.

He does it for the greater benefit of the Empire, a true patriot.

I can't help but like the man, although his value judgements about the fate of the nation are not my own.
But meeting someone like him is enough to remind me that once upon a time there was no shortage of people willing to devote themselves to the cause.

Which makes the rebellions that broke up the Political union even more remarkable; one has to ask what this breed of men has learned, and yet I cannot call them people of the past at all, despite their being old-fashioned.

I carry away two enduring images:first, the look of disgust on his coldly staring face when a vulgar ringtone went off on somebody's mobile phone.
Second , the evident pride when I noticed his Guard's Tie.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh, The Humanity...

Whenever the Left champions a cause, I look.
I look closely.
They usually do it for reasons that are obscure and darkened, camouflaged against the searchlights of Reason.

One such cause is being 'Gay', homosexuality.

And look for the inevitable inconsistencies.
Such as:
"Being Gay is involuntary."(No moral consequence)
"We must allow Gay marriage."(Moral consequence)
"We must promote Gay rights(Moral consequences for people who aren't even involved)
And so on. I'm sure you can think of other examples if you put your mind to it.

But you see that, the more they claim that homosexuality is not a matter of choice, the more they insist on the recognitions usually associated with choice.

I have my own theories about the deep, fundamental subcultural psychotic influences that can cause homosexuality.
On a simple level, 'playing the game' with females over matters of purest morality reduces all our finest emotions to relativistic impulses, a deluge of humiliation amounting to an embarrassment, that our best men will turn into a homosexual attitude(if not necessarily 'drive').
What about the line in the song Vincent(this world was not meant for someone as beautiful as you), which, with the complex simplicity of poetry says exactly what I did?

What about the age-old delusion that sex is 'dirty', so that normal desires are bootlegged into furtive encounters?

The Left does understand and know about matters like this, but what they know and what they do have always been at odds.
That is their particular corruption.

And, there is no difference when it comes to Gays.
Maybe some of them are genetic. I don't believe it.I think that they are normal men and women overwhelmed at an early stage by the subliminal evil of popular psychological exchange.

The Left knows this and yet still sees in these victims nothing more than tools whose suffering can be used to undermine life.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

British Ambition

Eddie The Eagle, in this season of the Winter Olympics, should be remembered as the English failure that the crowds took to their hearts.
Here in England, this working class hero was 'adopted' by the class-ridden echelons of the British sporting scene, and used for all he was worth.

How was he used?
Ever hear of the 'exception that proves the rule'?
Eddie was one such.
He was the exemplar of classless popularity in a country that fair stinks with snobbery; he was the benign face of England adopted for his ability to be precisely that.

The reason I have never been interested in the marvels of Winter Sports(or most other sports for that matter),is that in England sport is aspirational, the ambition being to meet with our alleged and self-appointed 'betters' in a way which permits them to feel superior in wealth or breeding if they lose, or just 'superior' if they win.

They've killed the fun.

And the mass of sportsmen aspires and aspires and aspires, hoping upon hope to reach the day when they 'belong'; but they never will, for what is a skilled man but a servant in this culture?

And so the desperate game goes on, snobbery with no saving graciousness, snobbery without humour, without hope.

And when they are rejected?
They in turn find someone else to look down on.

To hell with them.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


....we have plenty more jokes as good as this.
But of course, this is strictly for protecting my back garden.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Come One Come All......

Come on...come and get your Islamic Tea-Towels.....who'll give me three quid for the pair?
Three quid a pair.
That's what I sell 'em for up West.
But today I'm not selling them for three quid;I'm not selling them for two; how about this, two Islamic Tea-Towels for a pound,or one Euro to you luv!

Full colour, quality gear, picture of the twin towers on one, picture of Iraqi prisoner on the other.

Who'll give me a quid for the pair?

What's that?
Beer towel?
Nah,mate, we don't drink. We're Moslems.
What's that?
Maybe we should try once in a while?
I don't Adam-and-Eve it!
I'm trying to do you a favour 'ere mate, two towels a quid.

What's that?
Wear them on my head?
You're 'avin' a larf, incha?
Two towels a quid....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This Just In...

Any English football fan caught in Germany doing the Basil Fawlty Goosestep will be arrested.
Komen Hier!
Arrest me,herr Polizei Leutnant.
This is visible in Germany, and I have several valued German clients who may spread the 'disease' beyond British shores.

Achtung Baby!(To borrow a terrible catchphrase from the awful U2-who 'swept' the Grannies.)

Oh, well.
Don't mention the war.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lessons Learned

And so it came to pass that Mr.C., my teacher, taught us the lesson of Nazism and Communism, the use of propaganda to stir people up for support, democratic or otherwise; how people would be planted in an audience, how bright, simple colour schemes would offer instant 'identity', rather like visual 'soundbites', how parades would make the activists appear special and make the people think that they were seeing something special, being special themselves just for being there.

Sorehead, the madman, naturally waited until the next official class debate.

Then he put the techniques taught into use.
And won by a landslide.

At the next debate, he learned the other rule; that the process fails eventually and the landslide is reversed.
The Communists knew it:no debates, no votes.
The Nazis knew it: change the constitution, absolute rule.

Hamas knows it;or soon will.
They have a choice.
They can either go on with the same old crap, and be replaced by even more savage lunatics, or they can realise that they have to deliver.
And this is where they will be desperate to wring progress from the teeth of disaster, as long as Europe and North America don't give in to giving in.

They have to find something that gives meaning to all the bullshit and murder.

Land Of The Loony

Loonies.And I don't mean the Canadian Dollar Coin.

It is my freedom.
This is my freedom, what I am doing right now.
What you were doing then, in the picture, that is my freedom also.

You express hatred for freedom, because, you say, a few mild coercions by servants of the state
amount to the ultimate expression of freedom.

This implies that you have no fuller concept of what you would do yourselves.

The fact is, we are not attempting to entice you with offers of freedom.

We already have it.
We are not going to let little hate-filled bastards take it away. You're just the lastest in a long line, god, you're not even original.
You're not radical, you're not even extreme, you're just empty, clapped-out slaves to a faith which has already failed you, and which you already doubt and resent, and you just can't stand to see anybody with a better form of belief or a better life.

And, no.
It's not 'my freedom' to make fun of, sorry, 'torture' (poor ikkle tings) captives.
But telling you to drop dead would be.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's A Funny Old World.

so anyway, last week I has a real toff in the back of my cab...nah,nah....seriously......so I says, "Are you a son of Mohammed?"
and he says,
"No, I'm the Archbishop of Canterbury."
so I says,
"Come the glorious day we will pull out your eyes and cut off your goolies."
and he says,
"Take me to Lambeth,please, cabbie."
So I does. Bastard eh?
Anyway, you've been a wonderful audience....by the way, any Jews or other sons of Zion in the house tonight?
If there are, kill them! Kill them now!
But seriously, you've been a beautiful audience.
Thankyou and good night!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors.

Diss is de Brittish Gubberment.

We don wanna do nuthin about the Muslims as we prefer cheesecloths.
Anyway, to conclude, nobody livvin ere has to be Brittish, just as long as dey keep votin fer uss.

At all, at all.

Talkin of tanks, we have a couple hundred o dem, bu we don do nuttin wit em.
So, to conclude, if ya wanna drive a tank over a mocka(suicide bomba), join the army and see de world.
Over here, over here, for the tanks are runnin, de tanks are runnin...

Oi don drink coffee, only Mocka.
Aint dat funny.
Moi name is Kelly, an Oi am etnic Oirish, so I'll start making jokes about blowin ya op if ya make a funny picture about de head of de Inquisition, de Pope.
"Zanks,Ruth, for you ZE WAR IS OVER!"

Well, dats what you tink!


Well, there goes the embassy.
The UK Police have officially adopted a soft approach to demonstrations to 'avoid riots'.
That's a loser.
We will have increased civil attacks from the 'indigenous' population, with a severe crackdown on those occasions, followed by riots in any case.

The state will disintegrate in a few years at that rate.

If only the Danes would burn down a Mosque every time their embassies were attacked; the swine might get the message that nobody gives a shit about their crummy 'religion'.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What To Do?

First, the Vauxhall VX220 I promised.
Arguably the first actual Vauxhall car since the forties;it was designed and built by Vauxhall in the UK, a part of GM obviously along with Opel in Germany and (now) Fiat in Italy, but this car is not part of the unified GM European range, it is Vauxhall.

Anyway, what would I do about the '1933 quandary' that we will be faced with?
Well, the state needs to act positively to defend Freedom;it needs to brook no challenge and engage in no dialogue.
Freedom should be beyond discussion.

The USA is trying to strengthen the state, but this may be simple aggrandisement.
The UK is turning to state terrorism, for example by publicising insidious undercover operations against nobody and everybody;kind of like howling at the moon when all you want is for the neighbour to stop exercising his dog in your flower bed.
This isn't just misguided;it is woebegotten, and the attempt to shove the police commissioners to the fore is an attempt to prevent any backlash against the actual, political instigators.
Spain has already been eliminated.
The rest of Europe is supposed to fall into line, but it isn't.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Why Does It Matter?

This is a picture of President Hindenburg.
He gave his name to the ill-fated airship.
The airship was designed for Helium, but Akron,Ohio was the sole source at that time and due to Nazism, export to Germany was banned.
Even so, the Hindenburg ship was in transatlantic service for a whole, scheduled year before the disaster, kind of like Challenger.

It also had a sister ship called the Graf Zeppelin 2 which Goering had scrapped in 1940. And yes, the Empire State Building was planned to be a terminal.

Anyway, Von Hindenburg will always be remembered as the man who appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany in 1933.
His choices weren't easy; the Communists were huge, the Nazi SA was a private army, and the Treaty Army of 100,000 men was not reckoned capable of holding its own in a civil war if both opposing forces went at it.
So Hindenburg chose Hitler, presumably as the more Germanic alternative.

What about it then?

Well, in the UK today we have a vociferous Islamic movement with links to paramilitary training camps worldwide.
These are the 'Communists'.
We also have an increasingly popular and 'respectable' Nationalistic movement in the BNP.
The Muslims are feeding the BNP with fresh fuel by seeking to repress freedom of speech at the same time as the government is trying to do the same, directly, to the BNP.

As Nick Griffin (the BNP fuhrer) says, most Muslims are born to it.
This makes them a captive Meccan diaspora, seething with Islamic ambition.
The BNP is drawing on emotions identical to those that fed the Nazis.

There is a risk that large-scale unrest will erupt. In fact tests have been made in Burnley and Bradford.
The risk is that, far from allowing the police to deal with it(as they may well be able to), the British malcontents will either counterattack or more likely elect the BNP to a position of relative strength, at which time it definitely will be the opposite side of the coin to the present 'democratic' oppression.

The responses of Western governments to the Islamic Demarche over the cartoons are not encouraging.
If they appease, they will be replaced by some form of Nazis.

Concluding, the absolute insanity of Islamic activism is made plain by a poster being held aloft at a London protest:

"Freedom of expression go to Hell!"

The mind boggles.

Pompous Trash.

I don't know the man in the picture or whether he is particularly pompous.
But he looks it.

I would not have published the cartoon if it wasn't for the fact that it was reported on Channel 4 television last night.

The had a semi-literate 'advisor' on Muslim 'affairs', a Dr. Something-or-Other(a doctor no less! Aren't they always?)
He was asked "Do you feel offended by the cartoons?"
Like this would be news?
Obviously, he said he was, and went on to describe his feelings of outrage.

Like who could give a toss?
Some barbaric ape in a Western suit peers through his Western spectacles on Western television, in the Western country where he squats (because dues are usually paid and they don't have to be money), and tells us what we are all doing wrong and why we should be afraid.

I mean, I'm all growed up now, so save it for the youngsters you abuse in your murder-training camps.

Italy is a 'Catholic' country, but they took it upon themselves to annihilate the Catholic Inquisition militarily a hundred and fifty years ago.
In 1848 they had newspapers and still the Roman Church kidnapped Jewish children and brainwashed them to Catholicism.

If Europe (especially with Napoleon)could divest religious superstition of corporeal power, then it is about time (but certainly not too late) that the 'Muslim' world did the same.

Some Kind Of Danish For Breakfast..

Or not.
Courtesy of German newspapers via The London Fog

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stop The Presses.

The trial of Nick Griffin and Mark Collett of the British National Party, ended today.

The jury returned a 'not guilty' verdict.
Two days ago Phoney Tony failed to vote on his own 'religious hatred' motion, so it was rejected.
By one vote.

Anyway, the BBC sent an undercover reporter to try to catch out Griffin, which was what the entire case was about.
The meetings at which the speeches were recorded were private, invitation-only affairs, and even then the bigot 'authorities', sorry,the bigot orthodoxy, was unable to convince a jury that any crime had actually taken place.
The judge in particular is to be commended for stemming any influence towards a lynching and instructing the jury to remain objective.

Now the BNP has been validated, god help us, if not actually made a part of the new orthodoxy of the political firmament(assuming the rest of it can stomach populism of this sort).
A new reality confronts the oppressor, the reality being that his endless soundbites about 'democracy' have been taken at face value and come home to roost.

The lesson is this: there is a large and real swelling of opinion against the destruction of actual lives in the name of nameless 'principles', principles which are swallowed like purgatives by the ruling elite and without being chewed over.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thought For The Day.

It is the duty of every officer to escape.

Pinky does indeed appear to have been suffering from delusions of adequacy regarding this country and the 'life' on offer here.

As for myself, I realise that I and my kind are entirely alien to this country, though not without sympathy among some of the types that seem to be able to reach an accommodation here.