Saturday, September 01, 2007

Organic Destruction

Have you ever wondered about the amount of absolute bravery it takes to try and run a serious enterprise in the modern world - the modern British world?

Property is abandoned; there is no incentive to profit.
If you manufacture, you have to organise the unwilling into improbable efforts which can collapse like an eggshell at the merest sign of a bad apple in the barrel.

You have to appoint - and trust - men to positions of responsibility.
You have to hope that the life you offer is life enough.

When people work and sleep, work and sleep, you've got to hope that they enjoy the work.
But how is this possible in a climate of malfeasance fostered by the infiltrating hordes of parasites, people who may even in themselves be capable of, but unwilling to, work.
These will drag down the experience of the remainder.
They will attack and inflict in their quest for dominant misery and mediocrity, so that more and more of the able flee to little companies where they can escape the slave pen.

And the grand design dies, due to the lack of interest in keeping it alive, due to the death of authority.
The sanctions are there, but they are not discretionary, due to the protections and machinations of state interference.

In the effort to impose some fiction of fairness on the world of work, we all suffer. There are no sanctions and a company man is an iron-stomached man who swallows any amount of bile for any amount of time.

Yes. He can stand it. But his mind won't.
And where there are no barriers, no walls, no identical authority, then we will find that productivity dies or only comes in accidental spurts or with new blood.

This is why the young are sought.
They still have enough sap to give a couple of productive years to the farm, but what is really needed is an end to the lies of the sociological malfactors when they create working environments suited to nothing productive.

We need offices.
We need walls.
We need sanctions with bite.

Until this happens, there will be no more life, no more progress and no more money or things to buy with it.

Fantasies about a 'cottage' economy notwithstanding.

God help this country. A hundred and fifty years ago it invented large ship manufacture.
But the QM2 had to be built in France.

That is the proof.

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Pietr said...

Stereotypical, I know, but have you noticed in the photo that the 'white' part of the French-built QM2 isn't white like that on the QE2?