Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Shakespeare Conspiracy.

At the ceremony, Derek Jacobi, best-known known for television's I, Claudius but also a noted Shakespearean actor, said he subscribes "to the group theory. I don't think anybody could do it on their own ... the leading light was probably de Vere."

That would be Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, a well-educated, much-travelled nobleman and theatrical patron. He was first put forward as a candidate in 1920 by the unfortunately named J. Thomas Looney, whose book convinced, among others, the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. "The man of Stratford seems to have nothing at all to justify his claim," Freud wrote, "whereas Oxford has almost everything."

This courtesy of today's Toronto Star.

Looks like the Mother of all Looney Tune conspiracy theories to me. Complete with an unhealthy dose of modern contempt for the reality that ability exists and is needed.
Still, when these swine are all wearing rags and eating shit, they will be comforted by the fact that they don't have to look up to anybody, or even further than their blistered, naked toes.

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