Friday, August 31, 2007

Thought For Two Days

(This is the British Railways symbol. The thing with the arrows isn't.)

The more that authority is applied, the more it is rejected.
"People," they wail, "have changed!"
The world of yesterday is gone. No longer are rules made to guide us and keep us out of trouble.
Today, rules are there for one purpose and one purpose only; to be broken!
Of course. The rules are just an instrument of control, the means by which we are corralled and sheparded to the extinction of anything enjoyable in life.

But what a life.
What an enjoyment.
Drunken excess is normal where once alcoholics stayed anonymous in order to confess to their brethren their dreadful crimes and so work their way back to sobriety and respectability.
Amy Winehouse? Yeah, right.

But are we the only thing to change?
What has really changed?

More rules/less rules, so what?
More law, less law, so what?

But what law?

Law has been replaced by rules. Law protects us. Rules govern us. And the biggest law of all was the Law Of Property.

Around seventy years ago, governments abandoned all pretence at law-making when they abandoned all pretence at preserving our property.
When they(flagship project) stole the railways in 1947, they destroyed one of the biggest and most complex single examples of property there was.
More followed.
Coal. Steel. Utilities. Aircraft. Broadcasting. Airlines. Ports. Cars.
All stolen in an orgiastic display of wanton property destruction.
And when Margaret Thatcher came along to sell the remains of the loot off again, the resistance was strangely isolated because the establishment had already made its point, and the remaining failures were a reminder of the lie excusing their thefts.
An embarrassing reminder.
Point made about the mutability of property, they let the rubble go.

With a quiet reminder in the nineties about the railways; mutability had to be in the reminder, so the establishment reversed.

Confused a lot of people, that.
Kept them guessing.

I guess there won't be much happening in this country until another Thatcher comes along who is even better prepared and willing; someone who understands the establishment but doesn't have the distraction of war, cold or shooting.

And of course, to prepare the way, a few good men to tell the truth about the establishment, which is still sucking at nanny's blanket.
Incidentally, the thing with the arrows is called 'Intercity'. They actually tried to make it as a passenger service in oh, about 1968, after they had destroyed most of the freight business and infrastructure.
Even the Victorians didn't try that.

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