Monday, September 03, 2007

Your Starter For Ten?

I mean, what the Jesus H.Christ?
"Edinburgh University, whose alumni include Gordon Brown..."

"In which country did the early American WW2 defeat of Kasserine Pass take place?"
"Duh, Spain?"
"Duh, Cyprus?"
How about a country that actually took part, oh brilliant ones?Such as Tunisia?

"The definite integral of X-cubed between 0 and 1 is equal to?"
"Duh, x?"
"Duh, 1?"

I am an average mathematician. I owe what poor understanding I possess to kind gentlemen such as Newton.
But I shot out the answer "one quarter" while these dumbasses were still congratulating themselves on 'looking cool on tv'.
God help this country.
These morons are supposed to be the elite.
They are supposed to come from the same school as the (prime minister?) Gordon(is a moron) Brown.

Incidentally, for all those genuine readers who sat bemused by the wailing and screeching of sadistic 'mathematics' teachers, the 'rule' of integration is that 'x'(the very, very simplest quantity you can integrate) goes up one power, and is divided by that power.
To integrate x-cubed, causes one quarter X-to-the-power-four to result, and between 0 and 1 means 1/4 minus zero which is one quarter.

Even if you don't understand the method, or have forgotten, the rules are easy enough.
I could answer that question aged 12.
And I was a desperately poor mathematician.
These piles of fat and stupidity are fucking undergraduates.

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