Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Journaholics Nonimous.

Djomama is concerned that newspapers don't seem to be capable of accurate reportage.
In the USA.
Today, the Toronto Star and the New York Times said nothing about poor Britney, which is decent.
But the UK?
Here in the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, there was a report about Richard Hammond.
Apparently news had to be made of a bog-standard racecourse crash that didn't even immobilise his car.
It was notable due to the persistent journaholic symptoms which are the equivalent of an idle 'Eeeek' of interest, like the boring dinner guest who carries on talking past all embarrassment.
The report suggested that the crash "brught back terrifying memories of a year ago".

Terrifying? To whom?
Richard Hammond had already bantered on about the slight coming together, and how he then got on with the race; Hammond is a professional driver.
So it couldn't have been him then.
Or was this imaginary, second-hand terror supposed to be ours?
We should care?
It was emotion placed into the non-existent repository of 'concern' known as 'society'.
Something which cannot feel because it does not exist, but something that can be used to set apart human concern from humanity and turn it into the lifeblood of fraudulent oppression.

So much for Journoholics.

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