Thursday, September 13, 2007

The New World Order.

When it was invented, the 'New World Order' was shorthand for the victory of Capitalism that had been and was yet to come.
But lo, here we are 15 years later, and it means something else entirely!

The New World Order is a phrase they don't bandy about much any more; today it stands for the tyranny of the 'New World Polite Society', a huddle of belligerently terrified dwarves calling themselves our 'leaders' while all the time bending before any shadow of populism, bending but not breaking or retreating, munching through our few remaining freedoms like demented Political Pacmen with Power Points and the appetite of the insatiably foolish and greedy.

Polite Society has replaced Principle across the globe, so that a mere shake of the head from his friends will prevent any of our leaders from reacting to his own self-induced nausea with an original thought.

In the light of these people, the activities of Putin's Russia look almost like a blow for freedom.

They alone are uncowed by the New World Polite Society, alone and unbowed.

Things are beginning to get interesting again.

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