Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Bastard Freedom Of London.

"Awright mate?"
The cheery cry of the friendly Londoner as he goes about his business of impersonating something resembling a human.
London tolerates many things.
It tolerates the rich.
It tolerates the poor.
The red and the blue; the pink and the green.
It tolerates the Jews and the Muslims. All are welcome to stay, as long as they pay their dues and become 'Londoners'.
London is the great courtesan, the seducer, and the whore, the absorber of all things, that great Suborner,the place that exists to be itself.

All who go to London and stay are part of the scene.
Well, almost all.

You see, there are a few things that London can't tolerate.
Such as Freedom.
A Free Man is given every opportunity to recant, every opportunity to convert to being a crippled facet of the mewling horde, a part that doesn't really work because he 'never really got it', but a tolerated essence all the same, and when he cracks up a little he is an 'eccentric', to be spat out into the counties, if he can accept the demotion.

The more you fight it, the more you lose, until the day comes when you know, for sure, that only the genuinely criminal have any freedom.
The rest are 'nice', and the 'nice' people just earn their contempt and try to keep them in their places so that the hell-ship of London can go on.

Oh yeah! Red Ken has them taped, but good.
He makes the 'nice' people feel radical and caring, and the criminals licensed.
That is his secret, and now you know it too.
But in case you are wondering what happens to those who don't surrender?

They are driven from London, or their minds, or from their very lives.
Because London's game is a 'right little earner'.
Got that mate?

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