Friday, September 07, 2007

Best Canned Music Ever.

Good gumment!
DVLA Swansea(Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) had the usual multi-option phone.
Eventually I reached the point(using, not abusing, the system) where I needed an operative.

The recording apologised for a potential wait of '2 to 5 minutes'.
They played Ian Dury(Reasons To Be Cheerful) then started on classic James Brown(Get Up off'a That Thing).
But I didn't hear it all as I was put through to two highly efficient and polite Welsh gentlemen who said that there was 'absolutely no problem' with my license and it would soon be here.

One congratulated me on remembering my number off the top of my head(photographic memory), and then said that I was one of the first to change details successfully online.

So apparently it worked that time!

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