Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Tyranny Machine

I read complaints from time to time, which are commonplace enough not to quote, that people lack the will to exercise their rights and freedom effectively.
This is usually described as 'apathy'.

In fact it isn't.
What it is, is a lack of confidence bordering on mass pusilanimousness, a kind of disinclination.

What causes it?
Well, in this country there is a large number of alleged people who take a delight(just watch them smiling as they do it) in destroying confidence, ability and willpower in others, such as employees or people who can't really fight back fairly because they are desperate for money, or work, or the quiet life.
The fact is, like the BBC on the media, in this country they have a grip on authority, with a fear of any real ability bordering on paranoid and obsessive.
They, like any Nazi plotter, are subtle and persistent, beating down minds for the creation of mediocre little self-replications; their victims count themselves as lucky still to be able to appreciate any part of their existences, even if it is only the kids or the car or the carpet.
So they keep their heads down, and do nothing to rock the boat.

Just don't call it apathy.
This note on the current holocaust is brought to you without quotes.
If you need quotes it is because you have already lost your mind, the ability to span time with ideas.
If you need quotes, check out who got you into this state; then you will see the reality.


Mike said...

Well, this is where a few moments of surf time leads you, I mean me, here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana..I find your comments fascinating and refreshing, and if Britain is truly as you describe then it sounds very much like my old home, Australia. Is the US a harbor of sanity and intelligence in comparison? Hardly. Where do you go to escape this hideousness? Inside, deep down? At least that way you can get to at least TRY to rearrange the wiring. And if we are all interconnected in someway..but..again, I find your writing very encouraging, in a..way. Oh my gosh, the monsters that are out there. As my neighbour says, ''whatchya gonna do?''. Mmm. Heh heh. Thanks for your interesting blog, which I will revisit. I do sometimes wonder what the Britain of 2007 is like compared to the Britain of 1979-85..when I spent rather a bit of time there. What is it with people that makes them so afraid and so suspicious of their own shadows?

Pietr said...

What makes them so frightened?
I'd say it was the sheer inability to understand and counter the applied sophistication of the evil that attacks them.
Around 1986 I started my first foray into Philosophy, called the 'Pschology of Self-Defence'.
It no longer exists, but the telling thing was that I sensed that my own character was not at all given to bad feeling, so any I experienced had to come from outside sources.

This led to my one, true tenet from 1986:
"Every evil has a point of delivery."
Which means it all comes from somewhere and can all be traced.
Sorry to hear about Australia.
Obvoiusly I've met more good people, with a stronger vein of freedom running through them, from both Aus and the US, so I infer that things may be slightly better there to say the least.
And if you can't entirely escape, you can at least change flavours to escape the Chinese Water Torture of cumulation.