Monday, July 30, 2007

Apparently Something, Something Apparently

It is official.
I have obtained useful paid employment in Engineering, somewhere near the English coast.
I will have to relocate.
It gets better.
My salary will double.
I am viewing my first flat next week, and according to descriptions, it has a harbour 300 ft to one side and a beach 300 ft to the other, with a train station 300 ft inland.
The flat is 'large' and split-level.
The kitchen, bathroom and lounge are on the first floor and the bedroom is on the second.
There is nobody above.
Apparently I can afford it.
Apparently I can get all my stuff in.
It has a phone line already and free Sky tv(Freeview is dodgy on the coast).

I won't take it necessarily, without seeing the competition, but it sounds promising.
Could be things are getting better.

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