Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conspiracy? Hardly. ?

The civilised man, having isolated and removed all that he can of 'society' from his life, will still need to work.
And it is here, in a world vastly more sinister and real than a Dilbert cartoon, that he will find himself assailed by what is patronisingly referred to as mediocrity, but which is in fact the essence of the subjugation of the free man.

On starting a new job(one that involves the acquisition of sensible amounts of salary, responsibility and talents), he will find that he is inducted on a one-to-one basis via the application of arbitrary and unfollowable instruction, the use of authority itself as a blunt instrument with which to beat him about the brain.

This in itself is not the major attack.
This just serves to confuse, demoralise and bore him.

The next stage is to inject small and controlled amounts of responsibilty into his job, and then take it away again as soon as possible, with the proviso that he may lose his job entirely.

The giveaway at this stage is when the boss tries to claim he or she is doing the employee 'a favour'.
This is the lie that proves the rule.

When the bluff is called, and the job continues, the next step is to keep on distributing little snippets of work that cannot possibly be integrated into a whole, and then come down to the side of the employee like Moses from the Mountain, and demonstrate (preferably while proving the employees incompetence) the 'right way'.

Obviously, now that the boss has established the rules, the playing field, and the ownership of the ball, the boss is Pele and employee is made to appear(in remote context) as stupid and incompetent.

At this stage, the boss believes that the employee is 'at their mercy'.

As an employee of more than one of these creatures at different times, I now hold them in a contempt so great that all that is required is perfect manners and the poise to ask the 'money question' at the right time, just to prevent the boss from enjoying any illusion that he(or she) is running my mind.
For example, after a session of instruction(given grudgingly with oft looked at watch, over an unnecessarily extended period)I ask exactly when I am supposed to carry out the work.

This ensures that accounts are kept.

In this country(and others) there are huge numbers of 'people' who exist in cells of irrationality and foster their ambitions to 'dominate' above all else.
I just keep earning until they sack me.

The proof of the type is in the actual outrage they feel if they think you have a selfish motive for doing the work.

That and the crap about doing you a favour.

The ultimate proof is when they threaten you with legal action for discussing any of this.

Happy holidays everybody

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