Monday, July 16, 2007

Can You See This Happening Again?

Fred Handley-Page (Sir Frederick) started a 'band' in his garage in about 1912.
Then, the new Rock'n'Roll was aircraft.
35 years later, his corporation produced this:

This is a prototype Victor, a bomber which was designed to carry Britain's nuclear weapons beyond the ability of interceptors to intercept.
It could also carry 35 one-thousand lb bombs.
Okay, so bombs aren't exactly something to boast about, but what a technical tour de force this plane was-and a civil airliner version was designed.
Along with the corporation's own transonic(Mach 1.1-1.5) transport.

Nobody was interested.
But the Victor was built.
And ended up only a couple of years ago looking like this:

It still looks so modern, that when it was deployed to the First Gulf War, US aircrews thought it was some brand-new type that the British had just released on the world.

Thing is, there were three competing British Strategic Bombers in the fifties; four if you count the Shorts Sperrin(built in Belfast).
They were completed in about ten years of development.
They were completed without Churchill's government being asked to submit to embarrassing budget scrutiny.
They were all designed and jigged/engineered for mass-production- in time of war.

They were built because we weren't ruled by a bunch of faux-nappy-wetting health-and-safety wankers, with oversight by a treasonous press corps.
They were built because engineers still knew what engineering was.

Then came 'the white heat of technology'.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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Pietr said...

Which means that when a socialist avows something, the exact opposite is achieved.
Every time.