Thursday, July 19, 2007

So Near, Yet So Far.

Boris Johnson writes in the Daily Telegraph
about the regulatory nationalisation of pre-school education.
In particular he writes about the use of regulation to ensure that all nursery teachers have a degree.
It makes no sense to him.
It makes sense to me.
Universities are the living(dead) repository of the science of co-option and intellectual inversion by means of semi-commercial induction.
I have recently quit a contract with a University-sponsored company, where it became clear that the boss was operating under instruction to subvert and destroy my independent intellect.
The pleasure she took in it was merely gratuitous, but the direction was apparent.
The whole purpose of putting '50%' of people into 'University' education is simple.
They are to be brainwashed by the legions of criminal, beyond-political creeps, the insane demograph with no cure or disease that anybody cares to name, both overt and covert, so that the entire society can be overturned.



Pietr said...

Of course the scions of intellectual solidarity have never forgiven us for Solidarnosc.

Pietr said...

Okay, so she may have been doing it all on her own; poisoned minds can just happen, of course.
But there have been rather a lot of them recently, and you have to wonder.