Sunday, July 22, 2007

One More Time....

An officer arrives for a 6 month tour of duty in Afghanistan.
The sergeant shows him around the camp.
"Hofficah's quarters over there sah. And the sergeant's mess is just here. And that there is the canteen sah."
"Excellent sergeant. And what do the men do for recreation?"
"Well, sah, we have satellite telephones, satellite TV and radio and computer games."
"Very good. What about sexual frustrations?"
The sergeant leads the officer around the corner to where there is a tired-looking, flea-bitten camel.
"They use the camel sah!"
Time passes.
After 3 months the officer is getting frustrated himself. So he tells the sergeant to bring the camel around.
The sergeant leaves it behind his tent with a little step-ladder. The officer climbs up behind and starts to shag the camel.
He spends the next hour making insane love to it.
Eventually he climbs down.
"Is that how the men do it, sergeant?"
"No sir. They generally ride it into the village and find a woman."

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