Saturday, July 28, 2007

Delusions? Of What, Exactly?

This is a Fairey FD-2.
In 1956 the FD-2 captured the world speed record, flying from the South of England to Edinburgh at a speed in excess of 1130mph, piloted by Peter Twiss.
The French Dassault company was impressed enough to build the Mirage.
Fairey doesn't seem to have built any more aircraft, apart from the revolutionary Rotodyne helicopter(which used tip-jet driven rotors with no torque), but I believe that they are still a systems integrator.
The FD-2 was adapted to become a flying testbed for Concorde aerodynamics, with the compound taper wing added.
It already had a 'droop snoot', so that would be one-up for Fairey then.

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