Friday, July 27, 2007

Now It Must Be Told.

Driving today up to my favourite Chinese restaurant, I thought back over the past two years; fuck me sideways with a plastic prawn if I'm being obtuse, but there comes a time when you simply must put all the facts on the table and see what, if any, pattern emerges.
The facts are these.
In 2002 I began publishing under my own name various opinions and statements of truth which will always remain anathema to communistic types of all colours and persuasions.
In 2004 my job was revoked by a soft socialist company owner, who then tried to lead me a merry dance over the money owed.
I got the money.
In 2005 I tried, without success, to obtain sensible work.
In January 2006 a new neighbour moved in upstairs; he set straight to work in a sustained and sophisticated manner to try and destroy my morality, my mentality if you please.

I would not have been hard to find, either by repute or my name on the ballot slips for two years running.
Simple brute intimidation was the first method used, and when this was stood on end and counter-terrorism employed, reinforcements were called in, until one day they tried to provoke a fight on the staircase.
I ignored them, but after I reached the outside I saw three people, one of whom had threatened me before, come out and get into a van; presumably I would have vanished for 'resisting' the commune.

All through 2006 I went through channels; the first complaints were met with sympathy, then without reason the council contact stopped talking to me(or answering the phone at all) and the officials tried to shut down my complaint entirely and in writing.
The police actually laughed at me and said I was paranoid or delusional.
They ignored all attempts I made to ask for rehousing, except for the bare minimum 'busy work' to make it look as if I was being dealt with fairly, and this only after I had written to my Conservative Party colleague heading the council.

Then, finally, after sustaining this intolerable state of offence for far longer than they intended me to, mainly due to my personal developments in professional skills in my own time, I was offered work by an avowed member, a real communist of personally known repute.

At this stage, this person tried to destroy my abilities in any way possible, especially with the threat of financial ruin hovering over me.

I quit and they still haven't paid me for the work done.


There are several ways to look at this;
one says that this is all very unfortunate, a consequence of living in a poisoned world where 'shit' happens.

Or one could conclude that when after 15 years of the quiet life, all hell breaks loose as soon as you gain even the slightest peer recognition for being one of the good guys, that there is definitely an organisaiton, an octopus with tentacles spread throughout the usual places, such as local government, universities, the medical profession and various other hospitable locales, an organisation that delights in playing a deadly serious game to gain control through the holes which have been driven in the bulwarks of Jeffersonian civilisation, which seeks to behead the heads above the parapet, secretly, stealthily, and even overtly.

They have limited resources, but they are not afraid to commit them, and they have an endless supply of sympathisers who can be cajoled into committing atrocities by the application of a few select lies about their victims.

I think that it is long past the time when we can permit the pretence that nationalistic boundaries and political parties and soviets represent the threat; they are a communist diaspora, the ideologue equivalent of a fleshy internet, spread across the world.

I'd just love to know who controls them.

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