Thursday, July 05, 2007

Somewhere....The Immigrant Song.

I'd like to hear experiences. Other people's experiences. The experiences they had while trying to emigrate.
You see, I have a theory.

The theory runs like this:
The Soviets had a massive project, rather like a KGB version of the Microsoft Campus; the purpose was to 'Russify' Western technologies, to crack the intellectual codes and render the hardware amenable to copying by the Russian equivalents of the National Coal Board, British Steel and the National Health Service.

My theory is, that in Britain, with its history of subversion, the clandestine, and co-option, there is a project which seeks to 'discourage' emigration.

It is very subtle.
It doesn't seek to discourage in every case.
Some are positively encouraged, representing as they do the export of an image which would reflect 'well' on the mother country.
These people retire to warmer climes(no threat in talking about the weather), or want to play golf, or sail, or present to the newer worlds that bracing quality of Britishness that so infects foreign attitudes to Britain.
These people are safe, and furthermore the ease of their escape allows the British to hold up their national liberality as an example of freedom, the ease with which, regretfully or not, the mother country lets go.
They are the proof, the rule which justifies the exceptions they make of anybody less...amenable... to Britain.
There are even organisations(both ends against the middle) which allegedly aspire to promoting the interests of the desperate.
Like the 'men who escaped' in Running Man.

My theory is that the truth involves the careful and untraceable persecution of the ones who have the very best of reasons to emigrate(such as American reasons), to beat them down until they no longer have the ability to know why they are leaving, or to simply prevent them by lack of resources, from getting to where they want to be by any legal means; once this happens they can't go legally, but if they go illegally they will be sent back!

Yes. I believe that Britannia is a sick and evil bitch that plays the psychopathic cow to any ambition, with the chuckle and chortle of the appreciative audience of fairly organised civil manservant-services in the background passing her intstructions down to the lowest squeek of the frightened collaborator.

Do they think we will appreciate them all the more?
They are insane.


jomama said...

Why single out your country?

They're all fubar.

Pietr said...

I suspect you are right, but as a newcomer to, say, Canada, I would discover that they have different ways of doing things, and different motives, and less inclination to do anything since everybody and his auntie started out foreign.

Pietr said...

ps.According to my Big Book Of Linux Programming, it's 'foobar'.
At least it is in nearly every Python example.
I like Python.

jomama said...

You weren't aware that Canadians
are more Socialist than 'murikuns?

'murijuns are the only non-
furreners in 'murika, last I heard.

Fubar: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

Whoever coined 'foobar' is just
that...and prolly a geek like me.

jomama said...

Damn, I hate blogger commenting.

I feel like a monkey fuckin' a
football when I use it.

Pietr said...

While I'm sure that there would be plenty of 'people' in the Newer Worlds who would try and tape me, they would be dealing with a veteran of the British Way, which means that at the very least there would be loads of misunderstandings.
Confusion slows attacks down.

Also, in Canada, just drive somewhere and you will run out of people altogether.
Do you realise I am 46 years old, and I have never experienced actual privacy?

jomama said...

Also, in Canada, just drive somewhere and you will run out of people altogether.

You didn't see those Mounties behind
every tree the last time you were
there? :)

You're so right about confusion.

Pietr said...

Mounties?Why would they bother me? There I am in my luxury cabin, and a Policeman comes up:"Everything alright here eh?"
"Certainly ociffer.Drink?"
"Not while I'm on duty. But if you're ever in MuckMickLuckluck after five, look me up."