Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Farewell To Arms....

For two and a half years this van is where I've eaten, drunk, even slept- and especially worked.
It came to me with 6 miles on the clock, and has been around the world three times.
I have delivered an estimated 500,000 newspapers all over the North from Sheffield to Scarborough.
I have nearly lost control on several occasions at speeds which were above the National Speed Limit; I have had two parking accidents and reversed into one telegraph pole.
I have run over one pidgeon.
I have run over one badger.
I have collided head-on with one owl.

The machine is now in the hands of another torch-bearer.

When I get to the gateway to the South, I will say 'I have served my time in Hell'.
Half of it without even a tape player for my AC/DC collections.

Homer Simpson, report for a better life.

1 comment:

The Dude said...

Just think of the new Company wagon you may get in your new job Victor.

Good work on the Gordon Video!