Monday, July 02, 2007


This afternoon in a well-earned idle moment I thought of my works, rejected today, and how they might look in the world of the future, the tomorrow in which we have overcome.
I would be long gone.
I would be remembered as a hero of the revolution, someone who endured and persevered despite the knock-backs received from the entrenched, self-satisfied numpties that the security forces really appear to secure.


What fantasy do the suicide bombers really depend on then?

I don't think it is 'virgins in paradise'.

I think it is the same as mine.
Mine requires that my works outlive me, which requires that 'civilisation' survive. So these people must also want civilisation to survive too, in order that they be recorded and preserved in repute for the future.

Which brings us to this; since we both fight on in the same hope, what matters?

Apart from the fact that I hope to have a good life anyway?

Simply this. We have to discuss and determine who is right.
Our Muslim brothers are terribly wrong.
But by their (presumed) motivation(and it is a fair one), they really are our brothers.

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Pietr said...

Of course I could be wrong.