Friday, June 01, 2007

How Much?

How much is incidental? Coincidental? A symptom of the social environment?
And, how much is still a symptom, but under direction, delivered with deliberation and malice in mind?
How much of what?
I'll tell you what.

The pressure.

The pressure to conform?
The pressure I'm talking about is the pressure to apologise for being good.

And I don't just mean the people who can't take a moral position on evidently simple matters of right and wrong; this is understandable, as these matters are no longer simple and it is the complication by government and society that makes them ambiguous.

I mean the times we actually do something we know to be good, and the holocaust of social approbrium closes around us and tries to make us apologise, regret, feel sorry, with threats that neither disappear nor ever end, like the bars on a mental cage placed with care by the footsoldiers of the repression.
But do they know what they do?

I think so.
I think that there are more people with more secrets in this world than can ever be determined so long as a shred of ignorance persisits, and it does.
So these bastards look and learn.
They try to remember the one thing, if anything, that has given us pause, and they use this, over and over and over, not just against you or I , but against hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people who may have shown an instant of rebelliousness or true loyalty to their consciences; these bastards are fighting a war against us, the freedom loving peoples of the world!
It is undeclared, and the front line can be anywhere from our front door to the face we show the street.
Fact is, sometimes they are organised.
Not by name, but by nature.
Into loose associations.
For example, a 'neighbour' started aggressing against me the instant he moved in.
I didn't know him.
He knew me.
And when I fought him electronically I received repeated demands from a Southern electric company to come into my house and perform safety checks; they didn't even know my name.
Enquiries at the council reveals they aren't allowed, and if they were, they would know my name.

Now I may still be proved mistaken.

But that looks to me like organisation.

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