Thursday, June 14, 2007

Raise A Glass. Go On!

Today is the 25th anniversary of victory.
It was victory in the Falklands that told the world that Maggie wasn't joking.
Victory in the Falklands told the world the Britain was a leader, somewhere to be watched for what was coming, and boy, did it come, for the whole of the eighties.

Maggie is still here, contrary to baby Hague's proclamation, and she spoke today on the British equivalent of AFN, to military personnel all over the world.

But victory in the Falklands set the style for the decade and the trend for 30 years, up to today when any creep can 'fear' a problem and using force is 'okay' to solve it.

But the Falklands War really was 'okay'.
It was about Freedom, and Life.
And we all won.
Thanks to the thousands of men who travelled thousands of miles and fought the forces of tyranny, the forces that felt emboldened by decades of surrender and support from every quarter.

Forces that found themselves knocked on their ass, by one woman who was not a tyrant.
And by a country that 'got it'.

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The Dude said...

"Raise a glass Victor" ?

Me and the boys raised the landlord into a lock - in !!!

More like a barrel then a glass.

Good picture Sir.