Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Species

Yes, but which one?
We assume that the people setting off bombs are another species.
They exist in a parlous state of prurience, hoping and suspecting that their miserable actions will be remembered by some sort of miserable posterity after they have detonated a few women and babies in the name of their 'cause'.
And as living proof we have their collaborators, the press-breed, not the old-breed of news reporters, but the creatures that feed off the bombs without setting them off; they are the opposite side of one debased coin.

Today I saw pictures of a burning car at Glasgow Airport; and I saw a happy 'journalist', happy with the ugliest self-satisfaction I have ever seen on an allegedly 'human' face, a face gleaming with the unexpressed news which, nevertheless, was held back by habit to no more than the usual words of import, self import.

Now, if the bombers could blow up all these, and themselves, the property damage would be worth it.

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