Friday, June 15, 2007

Yorkshire Calling. Yorkshire Calling.

Citizens of the British Empire will be happy to hear of the progress being made here in Yorkshire.
The news.
This morning at 9 am I started out for work in my splendid Dutch car.
The journey of five minutes took half an hour, as far as I could tell due to three factors;
1) It was raining and everybody on the roads seemed to have lost the ability to drive due to some sort of spontaneous de-generation.
2)The trunk routes South and West were blocked by accidents, breakdowns and flooding, and
3) Some very high-profile villains were being transported through the city centre.

As I reached the railway station, I stopped to allow a convoy to pass. The convoy was a full-on, sirens wailing, blue lights flashing affair consisting of four police cruisers and an armoured transport van.
The police cars were all 'City of London Police', which isn't even the Metropolitan Police, but a separate force in the Square Mile.

Considering that we were in the centre of Leeds at 9.30 am, this was unusual.
They headed off South.
Anyway, when I saw the Yorkshire Evening Post(Wakefield Edition), it suggests that the 'butcher of Liberia', ex-president Taylor, will be incarcerated at Wakefield Prison.

It could have been connected.
More likely, the connection was with the news reported on the radio, that six Al-Quaida operatives who planned outrages in Britain and the USA have today been sentenced to 136 years of prison(not each unfortunately).
As the City of London would have been a target it is highly likely that they were responsible for security around these swine.

Don't get me wrong; I'm no lover of the established order, but blowing up innocent people in office buildings when they are trying their hardest to make ends meet is the action I would attribute to total scum, not freedom fighters of any complexion.

And that concludes the news.


The Dude said...

Dutch car?

I thought you had a Swiss Volvo?

The only car brand from Holland I thought was the Carver.

I may be wrong !!!!

pietr said...

Some types of car are made in Holland by foreign companies.
And quite well apparently.
Still, I've made up my mind; when I'm rich I'm going to buy a Weissman.

The Dude said...

Good choice on the Weissman Victor, however I'll sl but the Brit brusier version and go for the TVR 350c.

Sod the warranty pack. Its a big straight 6 for me, fibre glass body & the smell of a canoe factory when I drive it!!!