Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bloody Bastards (Corporate Bastards)

If you are old enough to have watched television in 1975, you might remember the prodigious success of a drama called 'Gangsters'.
John Kline was an ex-SAS man who, on returning to Civvy Street, started a nightclub and soon found himself on the wrong side of, well, just about everybody.

There was the time when he was surrounded on a Birmingham building site by three IRA men; they forced him to jump off the side at high level at gunpoint, then all got into a lift to see what happened on the ground.
Meanwhile, he'd grabbed a rope, swung in on the next floor down, switched off the lift(between floors) and then oxy-acetylened through the cables(splat).

Or the time he was being chased by a huge, but rather thick black druggy with a gun.
They were on a bridge with low iron work, having to duck synchronously as they passed under the beams.
Kline got to the end, and instead of ducking stood up.
The guy following, so used to doing the same at the right time, stood up and promptly knocked himself out on one of the beams as he ran straight into it.

Brilliant stuff.
And the BBC destroyed the show, camping, guying and generally messing it up.

"No no! We don't want to be successful!Please don't take us seriously!"
Bloody cowardly sell-outs.

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