Sunday, June 03, 2007

Swings And Roundabouts

And I do so like to play!
Today I went from serving up my new website on Linux to finding that the only approved Dynamic DNS provider for my router type(that I could reach) was only (apparently) supported on windows. So I set up a client on Windows.
Then I set up Apache2.2 and PHP5 on windows using their MSIs.
What a dream! Fully automatic set up and it all worked together straight out of the box!
Much nicer experience than I had with Linux.

Then I discovered that there is a generic DNS client for Linux; this was easier again to install, much nicer than the windows experience.
So now I have two complete server systems, and we can transfer the web files by Samba network link-up.

As I said, swings and roundabouts, and it's a lot of fun.
Obviously, I want the final edition to run on Ubuntu, as it is a Server outfit from the start.
And has a higher associated 'Kudos' factor; within 4 months of Linux arriving in my house, I'm doing an international interview for a European contract which requires experience at any level.

And that is my second.

So it is certainly worth knowing, eh?


The Dude said...

Victor old lad.

I have no idea what you have just said, but it did seem to to favor linux, so that ok in my book.

Pietr said...

Well, Dude, I like Linux too, but I can't deny the horrible utility of Windows-the server software was great and still free.

Pietr said...

Not so enjoyable.
Upgrading from 2000Pro to XP, I found my entire operating system destroyed.
What a waste.
Anyway, I'm currently installing NT4 on the wreck to use as the basis for a clean install of XP.
And I thought Linux had problems?