Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just Because I'm Paranoid....

....doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
Sorry to harp on about it, but the IPCRESS File really isn't complete fiction.
It is an allegory, cut startlingly close to the bone.

As I have already stated, I have been somewhat tested by weirdness for the past 18 months, after movement in neighbouring accommodations produced an entirely new and previously (at least for 15 years) unknown set of trials and challenges.
I have told you about the things that go bump in the night- night and day for that matter.
I have told you that I'm over a barrel, as executive action to end the trouble would lead to unacceptable risk, namely a criminal record that would prevent my emigration.

But hey, they'll settle for insanity, right?

I mentioned they kept sending letters from the 'council; repeatedly asking who the 'additional male tenant' was after I left my radio on talk shows during the day when I was at work.
Then the 'electrical safety inspection' demands when I mentioned I was using them with timers.

Last week, I won a contract.
On Thursday afternoon I had to see the client after doing a full days work; on Thursday morning, at 535am, I was woken by somebody trying to open my front door.
I looked out of the peep hole just in time to see somebody urinating in the hallway.
I got some clothes on and looked again.

Now there was three of them.

Came the knock on the door and I opened it to see some scrawny scumbag asking if his mother was in.
I told him no, and closed the door.
He kept knocking and ringing the bell for two hours.

I rang the police three times.
The final time I told them I was going to work in ten minutes, and if the guy was still there things would 'kick off, so if they were coming at all they had better hurry'.

Oddly enough, the creep disappeared, wasn't there and didn't come back.
Neither did the coppers.

But now, three days later, I find that there has been a certain degradation of my concentration(IPCRESS) when studying my Python PGL.

And I have to wonder at the claw-back they have achieved; they are trying to break me down before I start my new contract.
They will fail.
Now I'm going to do a bit of SQL Server connection protocol.

As 'Cyrano De Bergerac' stated 100 years ago, 'could it have been an accident?'

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