Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Has Never Happened Before?

In the early years of World War 1 when the USA was neutral, it is a fact that the US armoury and docks in New York were destroyed by German insurgents using powerful bombs.
How many Americans were killed by this is unclear.
The Germans were welcome to buy American supplies, except the Royal Navy was blockading them.
Still, they used American neutrality well, for smuggling terrorist insurgents into Russia along with funds(dollar funds) to destabilise Russia.

Eventually the mounting American death toll was sufficient to goad the USA into declaring war on the rogue, terrorist state, Germany.

25 years later they were again attacked, not by Germany, but by Japan.
A number of Americans equivalent to the Twin Tower outrage died at Pearl Harbour, and this was again enough to lead the darling of the Left, Roosevelt, to declare war on Japan.

The Japanese insurgents didn't blow up tanks with suicide bombs.
They used 400 mph planes as suicide bombs and took out entire ships.
Meanwhile the Germans declared war this time, as they were being loyal to Japan.

These were (obviously) also defeated.

This time America finds itself at war with a terrorist movement.

This might require different methods and the abandonment of fascist anti-drug policies, but they will win this one also;
that is, unless the traitors in America are allowed to score easy points over the next duly elected government.

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