Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are You Serious?

On TV at the moment is a scientific documentary which mentioned that a 'mantle plume' which erupted in India produced enough lava to cover the entire US to a depth of one kilometre.
It then pointed out that the landscape of Iceland was the result of a plume, and that this one had actually modified the motion of the plates leading to a whole new set of characteristics such as ridges and ranges.

At this point I saw that the Earth is constantly in the grip of competing thermodynamic and gravometric influences, which all lead to the fact that our presence here is an amazing piece of luck.
Which could end at any time.

This led me to the conclusion that the religion of enviro-worship-ism is a load of conceited codswallop; the thought that we are as yet relevant in the immense(and proven-to-be-immensely stable) ecosystem of Earth, is a ridiculous fiction, and even if it was true it would be a ridiculous absurdity to suggest that we 'owe' anything to subsequent generations of ant-like humans that will soon, so soon, replace us.
To suggest that I should give up my next beer, next flight or next car to the faked 'responsibility' of action for alleged reaction(as opposed to the benign real one), is nothing less than an attempt to kill joy via guilt.

The enviro-fraud is the most massive attempt to enslave that the Earth has ever seen, and considering that the USA could be buried to a depth of a kilometre under molten rock with all the dust and gas that would accompany it, by a mere accident of nature, then the thought that the grubby guilt-games of environazis could be regarded seriously, is utterly fantastic.
Especially as the Earth's ecosystem survived, even prospered.


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