Friday, June 22, 2007

The Middle Class Invention.

When a whole bunch of undistinguished (and barely distinguishable) people of a certain prosperity level wanted to set themselves aside and above from people(real people), they invented 'Class'.
They themselves were in the middle.
Like any subterfuge, when you attack with cold, calculating cowardice, you don't appear at the head.
Yet you don't identify yourself too strongly with the hoi-polloi, as that would be unpallatable.
So you are 'middle class'.
You don't like John Major, because he wants to abolish class; you love Tony Blair, because he says everybody is 'middle class'.
But the really vicious hatred is reserved for the real people.
These are the people who actually do everything(anything?) and keep everybody alive in some sense of non-crofting.
You call these people 'working class', and praise them to the heavens!
Just like the BBC re-wrote the reality of the East End with Eastenders, you seek all the while to utterly destroy these people.
Everything done in their name is justified; the illusion of justice at last is created, when in fact it was you who destroyed the justice-that-was.
Observe- go into a poor area of old terraces, and you will see people old and young on first name terms, looking after one another, on first name terms no matter what the alleged 'divide'.
Then go into a modern ghost town and see the wretched ghosts.

Actually the East End was a good example.
What the Germans didn't rearrange with bombs, the bulldozers finished off.
And still they survived, so then the bastards of rule invented 'decanting'.
The claim was that these people being 'decanted' would be set free in the fields and meadows(Arbeit Macht Frei) of Essex, there to lead lives of health(strength through joy) and productiveness; whole sciences were perverted(new Dark Age) to create the myth that open space would lead to industrial efficiency and prosperity.

This was a caucus of fiends, set loose by the self-congratulatory Middle Classes, to destroy those annoying people who were actually useful; when cowardice prevented them from outright murder of the industrialists who seemed to be creating everything, the Armstrongs, the De Havillands, then they tried to destroy the people who worked with them, in the factories, and hope that by some sort of miracle-inversion they would hold them to ransom as the protectors of both sides in the fake conflict of the classes.

After all, that is what being in the 'middle' means, right?

And the New Labour/New Tory/Old Radical SDP alliance is nothing more than the culmination of 100 years work, minus the embarrassing trappings of honesty;
Labour had its 'Clause 4' moment.
The British Middle Class had the betrayal of Margaret Thatcher.

Step by step and hand in hand.
Welcome to the hell they dreamed of.

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