Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Now That They're Out Of The Way

Now that's over with. Do you really think I went to public school for all those years so that somebody could come along and set people free?
Everything's back to normal.
We've got Blair - or Cameron - and Putin is in his Kremlin, the poor man at his gate.

Of course, 'Maggie' was invaluable in showing that the class war was all an imaginary thing, a persecution by those indecent socialists and their camp-followers, a supremely effective obfuscation which swallowed up any genuine desire for freedom and set it up in opposition to common sense itself, something which chopped the head off any possible movement towards liberty.
She did very well for us, but of course once we found out that she was one of them, she had to go.
Think of the damage!
We go to school, we learn our place in the world(well, the country anyway), and we rule.

That's the natural order! That's what we're for!
These useful bastards have to keep us solvent! They have to keep on promising us the means to continue.

In return we promise them a slice of the British Dream. Sliced? Thinner than Truffles!
But the scent is enough.
Stroppy councillor? Golf club membership here, speeding ticket there.
Outright revolutionary? Beat him up, beat him down, let him become a pillar of populism-as long as he knows he's beaten. You can watch it on TV.(Always wanted to say that! What would James Bond be if he wasn't loyal to us?)
And the funny thing about it is, literally millions of them are loyal to us. They know the score. And they sell there brothers, mothers and children into our hands for a sniff of Truffle - or Methadone - or whatever, and we're laughing!

Rule Britannia everybody!

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