Friday, August 01, 2008

When Will I Ever Learn?

So here we are, halfway house, and it's time for the Summer Party.
I go to the barby, and fill up on chicken and Hamburgers; the beer is plentiful, reasonable, and there are three kinds (!) of Tetleys, so I'm happy.
Good talk with the senior member.
Half an hour talking frankly with the boss.
Then it happens; I think Big Al is a safe bet, and he is, but the poor bastard finally got hitched, and she's showing her true self.
She's a piece of work.
I say I've got a mystery package at the sorting office.
Could be the big score, the photo of my ex from Arizona, the establishment of dipperlomatic relations after all this time - and the bitch says "Blow up doll" as she walks away.
Totally hammer between the eyes, but she's Al's missus, at the company do.
Another pint then home.
Won't be fooled again.

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