Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Beast Is Insatiable-Why Even Try?

You've reached the stage where the evil is so sick, so obvious, that you decide to give it a good beating.
You do it again and again, until one day, tired and beaten, you find yourself out, down and bleeding.
You can take the pain.
You've given it too.
But what the bastard-beast does next is a real eye-opener.
Because you resisted, because you were not 'one of us', because you've reached the post-Thunderdome trance of inner Peace, it keeps on coming-but never getting there.
It keeps on trying to mount you on a string, not a pike, but it is still your head it is after.

It brays and brays about your fate, and how all-powerful it really is, but the fact is that the beast is terror, terror of you, terror of knowing what it is, terror of being seen.
And you've seen it.

It tries to turn itself inside-out, and fill you with terror while absorbing your mind.

This is where pacifism is born.

But never forget you knew how to fight.

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