Friday, August 08, 2008

Aren't Mothers Wonderful?

Wonderfully stupid, that is.
I remember mine in 1968 when the Home Service announced that the Soviets had invaded Poland:
"Oh my God!"
Like that was some sort of surprise?
Like it wasn't true to form?
That nice Mr. Gromeko!
And today?
"Oh, son, I'm watching the Olympics. It's wonderful! They haven't mentioned the Cultural Revolution at all in their instant 5000 years of Chinese history. And the things they invented! Like the Printing Press!"

Don't worry folks; next week a 'committee' of 'eminent Chinese archeologists' will come together and announce that China invented the Gas Turbine in 1785, along with the first all-steel ships.

Of course, despite having invented the printing press, there is no documentary evidence.

I mean, fuck off!
What the fuck do you take us for, you inbred, miserable, lying examples of mental illness?
The Chinese also invented gunpowder, but had to develop martial arts, 'cos nobody was able to have a gun.
And then they .....
Oh sod it.
They are pathetic.

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