Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dull-Che et Decor.

The byline in the Yorkshire Post talks of youngsters 'queuing up to serve queen and country'.
After about a decade of conditioning in schools ( which were made compulsory in preparation for the Great War), and having had the last remnants of individuality stifled by their compression under the heel of family 'life', these kids honestly think that joining the army will represent freedom?
There, they will be taught one thing and one thing only; to kill on command like attack dogs.
Sure, they will be looked after, while they are in, and given support systems.
But the lonely day will come when they have to pull the trigger.
Some will enjoy it. They are headed for great things.
Most will suddenly find that they are getting ready to return to civilian life, if they they can face their demons all alone without the company.

At this point they realise what courage is.

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