Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well Who Would Have Thought It?

After Hitler showed the way with sterilisation and mass murder, and the Americans and Swedes with sterilisation of the mentally ill, Britain had it own ways and means of dealing with the chronically 'dangerous'.
Of course, the Labour Party hated the Thatcherists for closing and destroying all the asylums, the less to threaten incorrigibles with.
Maggie is my favourite aunty.
I particularly get the bit about the people being locked up sane and going mad later. I was locked up twice and escaped three times.
Eventually I threatened them with court action if they didn't fuck off. They let me go.
But then, I'm an 'unmutual' .


Anonymous said...

congrats on escaping. My father ran a psychiatric ward in the 60s, he later told me - when i was having a protracted nervous collapse - that if i saw a psychiatrist i'd be locked up and never get out. In his words "once you go in you never get better."

Pietr said...