Monday, August 04, 2008

Well, Have You Ever?

Ever noticed something?
You tell some guy who's really been cooking your cool, asking for it- you literally tell him, "Fuck off you miserable piece of shit, and fuck your mother."-you tell him this, and does he get mad, like some kind of a man?
No. And here's the weird bit.
They look at you, disappointed, and say something like, 'you would'.
As if you are in the wrong for using their tactics against them.
As if you are in the wrong.
Such creatures exist. I punched one out, years ago. They are the storm-troopers of the faggot-world-order, a sort of sick brethren that congregates and decides who and how they're going to bring down today.
The more you hold out, the more terrified they become. And the more blindly determined.
Truly, The Prisoner was a parable of the modern age.
I'd love to put a name to this filth and expose it.
If anybody else knows, drop me a line.
By the way, the one I clouted was a Canadian.

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