Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not So Pleased Now.

So I went out.
The first place had old men singing Karaoke to ancient songs I'd never heard before.
I went next door.
Sitting outside were some junkies smoking Ganja, swearing and carrying on and on about how 'Ganja isn't a drug'.
The scrapings of the country.
I went back inside to finish my beer, where the psychopaths were merely drunk.

Proceeding back up the road, I saw a bar full of women.
Obviously I went in.
Obviously they were all on the point of leaving anyway, which they did.
So I sat in the empty bar drinking beer from a plastic glass- they obviously have a lot of trouble there.
So then I walked home.
Had a nice cup of tea.
Yes. I'm really living it up.


Wiggysan said...

Sounds like a great night out Victor.

Love the plastic !

Pietr said...

Apparently things picked up about an hour later.
Probably did an imitation of 'Thriller'.