Saturday, August 09, 2008

Feeling Pleased - With Myself

Tonight I'm going out. It's pissing it down, but a short walk gets me to a waterside bar with good music and an interesting crowd.
Earlier, I ran up the Ruby version of KDevelop on my box, and cleared all three sample programmes to running status.
That's Ruby, Ruby QT and Ruby On Rails.
Quite a task, and it needed a lot of extras installed.
Then I sat down and watched a little TV.
And it struck me.
There was a British 'adventure' film on.
The British think that personality is some kind of disease, something to be stamped out.
So these days, when they make a film, a group of dumb-ass no-hopers get together and agree to use all the safest cliches and all the most obviously tired actors, sleep-walking around the usual sets filled with the usual hive of faked activity.
The film was a bore at first sight, lasting, for me, about ten seconds.
The trouble is, there are no personalities allowed in this country, so nobody is capable of being the champion of a vision, because there are no visions, and if there were, they would be laughed at.

There used to be, but the days of Lew Grade and Patrick McGoohan are long gone, one dead, the other(as is usually the case) moved to the USA.

And you can't blame it on business.
It is precisely the lack of personalities that has lost the ability to inspire the business.
In the seventies the last gasp was shows like the Professionals.
Then they went for high production value classics, like Sherlock Holmes.
Since the mid eighties?
About as much imagination as a pea.

No more drama in Britain.

Thanks heaven we still have comedy though.
I think Armstrong & Miller is absolutely brilliant!

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