Thursday, August 16, 2007


Coming soon to Channel 4: yet another collection of 'resting' twenty-thirty actors, now being paid for resting and pretending they are in a sitcom which has a situation and comedy.
You too can buy into the alleged life in this style; 'young' people failing to grow up in homes, cars, shops and workplaces.
'Young' people doing nothing but pretend to do nothing, in a vain attempt to postulate that the misery in the twelve-year-old mental age they portray makes them more mature than the rival Americans who are childish adults rather than ancient children who choke every joke and dissipate the efforts of the so-called writers in a lowest common denominator of flatness which is the only chance they have.
The only chance to tie together the aborted strands of disjointed gibbering which possesses no fluency and consists of one five second span after another.

Bloody rubbish.
If this is the best they can do, cancel everything and spend the money on decent imports.

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